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Barack and the tar balls

I just heard this for the first time with the sound and it hit me – dog-gone it, he is making fun of the tar balls.  “See these lil’, these lil’  balls?  These are the tar balls that they’re talkin’ about.” (Picking up tar ball, making sure the white dress shirt does not get soiled.)

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Up with Angle for Nevada (update)

I hear Harry Reid and company are so happy about Sharron Angle becoming his opponent.  Just laugh on, Harry.

I guess they thought Sue Lowden would beat him, and she would have been a good opponent, as far as I know, but as stated in the excerpt  below, the Dirty DNC thinks they can really get their teeth into Sharron Angle.

It should be about the most interesting race out there.  Harry Reid is the Face of the hated health care legislation, top briber and arm twister, career pol who probably has never had a real job, snob, mealy mouthed hypocrit, and Obama pet.

Sharron Angle, is a Tea Party candidate, (I believe the first one in a national election) and the exact opposite of Dirty Harry.  My intuition and crystal ball tells me she will beat him in a landslide.  This will be the test case for whether or not Americans are as disgusted and mad as I think they are.

One thing I have learned recently is that every single legislator from every single state is important – to me.  Previously, I was focused on my own representatives, but it is abundantly and sickenly clear that any one or two votes from absolutely any state can change the life of every single person in this country.  They can wheel and deal and get a senator from Nebraska or Maine who will be the instrument to pass a bill against the will of the people.  It has happened time and time again just in the last 18 months.  And some of them won’t even allow an email from someone who does not reside in their state.

Remember, there are only about 20% Harry Reid type progressives in the country.

So though I can’t vote in Nevada, I sure as heck can support Sharron Angle and want her to kick Harry Reid out of office.

The DNC in its present configuration is a master of Alinsky ridicule and lies and half truths, so they are making their diabolical plans, but those in Nevada should know above all others that this man has to go.

And, by the way, it was so down low to go for six weeks or so calling Sue Lowden a chicken woman, et cetera, just because she suggested barter as a means of getting around bowing to the master called health care.  Nothing funny about barter.  It is a good alternative and one which I have heard mentioned more and more recently.  It may come as a surprise to the elite, but many people use the barter system now. And believe it or not, the American people will find a way to keep their self-respect and independence.

So my advice to Dick Durbin and Chuckie Schumer – don’t give up yet, keep working on who will replace Reid.  Probably won’t be there for long though, because come 2012, you will be replaced.  (Oh, yeah, I know they don’t want my advice.)   🙂  They are way too smart for me.

I do believe Bill Clinton (not Barack Obama) helped Blanche Lincoln pull off her victory.  You can say what you want to about Clinton, but he has the It factor in connecting to voters.

The Democratic National Commitee this morning issued this press release about Sharron Angle’s victory in Tuesday’s Republican primary:

Since the Republican Party establishment was backing “Chicken Lady” Sue Lowden in the Republican Senate primary in Nevada last night and was desperately hoping to avoid nominating the Tea Party-backed Sharron Angle, we thought it might be worth showing you the doomsday scenario Republicans were hoping to avoid.

Angle, as you will see, is so far out the main stream she needs a telescope to find it.

Sharron Angle wants to abolish Social Security, Medicare and the Department of Education. She wants to pull the U.S. out of the United Nations, repeal the Affordable Care Act and apparently she has at least toyed with the idea of making alcohol illegal. Oh, yeah, and she wants to mandate massages for prisoners.

Believe me, the old people are going to be sacrificed on the altar of the Complete Lives System or QALY anyway.  (Think Cass Sunstein and John Holdren, and Dr. Emanuel – and probably Kathleen Sebelius, too).  That is the progressive plan.  But, that said, I’m certainly not going to take the DNC’s word on anything..

And the Republican establishment has thrown their support behind Angle.  That’s what I want!  The Republican Party and the Tea Party working together to save America from the progressives/democrats/liberals.

See previous post on the tremendous Tea Party rally that was held in Harry Reid’s hometown of Searchlight, Nevada, in March.  He didn’t think much of it.:


Updated:  Angle takes a 11 point lead:


Posted:  06.10.10  Updated:  06.11.10 @ 12:26 a.m.

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