Nancy Pelosi heckled by her supporters (Updates)

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is heckled by Code Pink at an event in Washington, D.C.

“We supported Obama, we supported you, now 21 states are begging for money to help us save the community,” a woman screamed at Pelosi.

Goodness.  I would call it screeching.  Funniest thing about this is that they are on the same side.  I’ve heard of loons, now I know what it means.



Washington Post video camera caught protester up close (a young woman in a wheel chair).  I believe they are chanting, hey hey ho ho, nursing homes have got to go.

 Among the protestors were members of the activist group Code Pink, who were silent but carried a banner with the message, “Stop funding Israel terror.”

Posted:  06.08.10  Video added:  06.08.10 @ 2:25 p.m.  Updated:  06.08.10 @4:10 p.m.



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4 responses to “Nancy Pelosi heckled by her supporters (Updates)

  1. Mel

    I have no respect for Pelosi so heckle away…she’s a disgrace to womankind.

    I just voted – had to vote for my guy YOU LIE Joe Wilson. There are lists that you sign when you vote – Repub or Dem and the Repub side had hundreds of signatures, Dems 5!

    Obama reminded me today of Mr. Potato Head from my son’s Toy Story movies where Mr. PH puts on his ‘angry eyes’ to scare the bad guy. They decided that angry Barack had to come out and play.


  2. bellalu0

    Go Joe. I am anxious to see how the elections today come out.

    I have this feeling about 75 percent of America is against this “regime.” When Obama first started out in his campaign, he said no red state no blue state, blah blah blah. That’s what American wanted as a country I believe, but what we got was the most divided country in my memory. Good thing is that a whole lot of the silent majority is definitely silent no more.


  3. Mel

    I am hearing more and more people speak ill of Obama – the bloom is off that rose for many who initially liked him well enough. Music to my ears…


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