Oil continues to gush

This is a 6/6/10 video of the gusher.  It was posted about an hour ago on You Tube and if you look at the upper righthand corner, you can see the date of 06/06/10 (I think) although it is blurred.

I read something yesterday that it is said that if they are not able to stop this, it will continue to gush for a “long, long time.”

Posted:  06.06.10 @ 10:00 a.m.


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7 responses to “Oil continues to gush

  1. Bella

    I was watching “Bo” Dietl this week on IITM say we need to blow it up.


  2. bellalu0

    Ree, I heard part of that. Didn’t Imus say something like, “are you outta your mind?” lol

    I don’t understand how it would help, but it might.


  3. Bella they don’t have a lot of options left. BP is drilling two relief wells that won’t be completed till August…when the country is in full campaign mode for the mid term elections.

    The Russians have already suggested we nuke it.


    I don’t see why we have to nuke it there is underground demolition without using Nukes.

    We have engineers we should be using not just who BP is consulting.


  4. bellalu0

    Well, it nukes are the answer, the government is going to have to take over because I don’t think BP has nuclear.


  5. This is so sickening. Why, oh why, can’t someone find a solution? And quick. Incomprehensible.


  6. The clean up of the Louisiana coast line is happening at a snail’s pace and I was watching coverage of Florida and they want to manage their own beach clean up and “Somebody” in the federal government won’t let them…a large bloated federal bureaucracy is not responding in any meaningful way. Volunteers could do more good than the Federal Government right now.


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