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Gulf of Mexico turns to oil

While Dear Leader dithers

I wonder if this oil well will ever go dry.  Because I don’t think they are going to get it stopped.

And has our leader even declared a national disaster or emergency?  If he did, I missed it.

If I counted it right, this is Day 38.  He didn’t say a word about it for eight days, then went on vacation in the Great Smokies, running, golfing, eating BBQ and stopping traffic for miles.  And his first reaction was to send lawyers down there.

He moves fast in condemning Governor Brewer and siding with illegals against American citizens.  And so he condemns her while ignoring I believe they said 29 million barrels of oil gushing in the Gulf of Mexico.

I have asked if it would be possible to completely replace the water with oil.  I don’t know, but I think we are going to find out.

And some were so impressed with the “humanity” coming out of the president when he was asked by his daughter, did you plug the hole yet, daddy?  I see it entirely differently in that it just proves once again everything is all about him.  Poor daddy, has to try to answer a difficult question for his daughter, focused on that when there are 11 dead people with families and children who will be wondering where their daddy is, never getting to ask daddy a question again,  because daddy is in the Gulf of Mexico.

He gets up thinking about the “spill” and goes to bed thinking about the “spill” and it is such a burden on him to try to figure out how in the world he is going to cast blame on George Bush or BP or just anybody, an.y.body.  What a opportunity for him, really, to show leadership and maybe make history for rising to the occasion.

I’ll have to say this makes George Bush look really, really good.  He had military rescue in full swing within THREE days of Katrina.  The MSM gave him hell, but gave their lover boy over a month before he was criticized one bit.  Say what you will, but George Bush knew how to respond in a crisis and I would feel a lot better right now if we could get him back.

One thing is for sure – Obama does not care, he absolutely does not care.  He’s going down to the coast today, but is totally irritated about it.  He’s got to get to Chicago so he can break with all hallowed history and NOT put the wreath on the grave of the Unknown Soldier.

What a shame.  What a shame.

Corina, Corina

Katrina, Katrina (on steroids)

Posted:  05.28.10

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