Matthews: “The president scares me”

“The President scares me,” (Chris) Matthews said of Obama’s response to the Gulf oil spill disaster. “He’s been acting a little like a Vatican Observer here. When is he actually going to do something? And I worry; I know he doesn’t want to take ownership of it. I know politics. He said the minute he says, ‘I’m in charge,’ he takes the blame, but somebody has to. It’s in our interest.”

Matthews described the oil spill as “the scariest thing I’ve ever seen” and used the opportunity to make a dig at Dick Cheney.

Yeah, the president scares a lot of people, and I hold this weasel, Chris Matthews, greatly responsible for the mess we are in.  Now he’s scared! and he still has to sink so low as to try to blame Dick Cheney, and call Limbaugh a joke.

You know, I don’t care what was done or not done prior to this administration, we have one president at the time.  (I believe BHO said that himself once.)  And who would that be?   Let me see.  The one  incapable of making a decision, of taking any responsibility.  Unless, of course, it’s some disasterous legislation or condemning the governor of Arizona, and then he’s in a big hurry.

It was not hard to figure out that’s the kind of guy he was. Our current (alleged) president I’m referring to.   All you had to do was look at what little record he had, and you would find him sidestepping and dodging, voting present, making an anti-war speech before a radical anti-war crowd in Chicago, and yet getting credit for opposing the Iraq war when he was not even in the Senate at the time of the vote.  That was really making a stand, wasn’t it?  Going around acting like he had made some great decision when he, of course, didn’t vote on it because he wasn’t in the Senate.  And C. Matthews not pointing this, and other important facts, out to the voters so as not to let BHO and his crew to get away with this deception.

And Chris Matthews and his swooning self and the G.E. network he works for are greatly responsible for getting this incompetent elected.  So I hope he is scared.  Real scared.  It’s really good because his kind are such cowards when the going really gets tough, they end up under a desk somewhere in a fetal position.  He made a fool of himself and a fool he will remain.

I wonder if it’s possible that the Gulf of Mexico will become nothing but oil?  And how long will it take at the rate of 70,000 barrels of oil per day?

Day 34

An oil-soaked pelican is seen on an island in Barataria Bay just inside the the coast of Louisiana, Sunday, May 23, 2010.

Posted:  05.23.10

“The second angel poured out his vial into the sea, and it became blood as of a dead man. Every living thing in the sea died.”

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