Czar Sunstein wants the internet (video)

This one is worth listening to.  Cass Sunstein, just another Obama czar.  That name is popping up a lot lately.  The two that always get my attention are Cass Sunstein and John Holdren. A look into some of their beliefs will chill you to the bone, things like population control and “human” rights for animals.  There are other czars who are radical, too, but just google these two to start. (See a couple of links at the bottom.)

This video is Michael Savage talking about Sunstein’s scheming to get control of and/or mandates on the internet.

The internet and talk radio are so important to bypass the MSM and their lies.  They cannot have the internet.

It goes without saying that they are not interested in providing the progressive with a dose of a conservative blog or website.  No, they want to try to indoctrinate and influence anyone reading conservative material.  They just can’t stand not having control over all information.  They have the mainstream media.  This is so NOT American.  These dictators have to be stopped.

Some background on Cass Sunstein – a very troubling character:

Posted:  05.20.10


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