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Holder hasn’t read the Arizona bill SB1070

Eric Holder admits yesterday that he has not even read the Arizona immigration law, SB1070 that has been the subject of much very public criticism by him, the president, and many others.

How is it that the top lawyer in the United States has voiced his so-called concerns about a law based purely on hearsay and what he heard on the news?

It is no small thing to take on the governor of a sovereign state, siding with illegals, claiming this law is probably unconstitutional and encourages profiling, and thereby encouraging an elevated state of lawlessness on the border and within Arizona, and without even reading the about 15 pages of the law.

It surprises me, but I don’t know why it does.  These people are irresponsible.  The president himself said practically the same thing, and I doubt he has read it either.  He could have asked his Attorney General for an opinion of the law, but it is now apparent that he did not, since the AG hasn’t read the law either.

It’s not the first time this president has rushed to judgment on something he admittedly did not have the facts about.


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Obama: “There’s oil leaking. We need to stop it as soon as possible”

There’s nothing amusing about the Gulf oil spill, nothing at all.  But sometimes you just have to laugh because of absolute ridiculousness.

Our leader comes out today to address the Gulf oil spill, the one that has been gushing oil out there now since April 20th, and he makes this profound statement:

“And what really matters is this: There’s oil leaking and we need to stop it — and we need to stop it as soon as possible.”

We need to stop it as soon as possible.  Well, no kidding.  And this is a direct quote from the transcript of the speech provided by the White House.  As Elena Kagan would say, “when he opens his mouth…..it is just such brilliance, such eloquence, such magnetism.” “Barack, my hero.”

We need to stop it as soon as possible, after millions of barrels of oil are now in the Gulf of Mexico, and while at least 5000 barrels gush out each day, with some estimates being 10 times as much.

THIS is what is being described to us as a “spill” or a “leak.”

But this could be the most magnetic and brilliant of all statements, he “will not tolerate any finger pointing.”  Will not tolerate it.  It’s been a spectacle of finger pointing.  And he’s the major finger pointer.  B. H. Obama has pointed his finger since the day he took office, refusing to take responsibility for anything.  He speaks about the federal government as if it’s some foreign entity.  He IS the federal government.  He IS Ken Salazar and the Department of Interior.

He said: “And I’m not going to rest or be satisfied until the leak is stopped at the source, the oil in the Gulf is contained and cleaned up, and the people of the Gulf are able to go back to their lives and their livelihoods.”

Not going to rest?  He’s been on at least one vacation since the gusher started.  And just this past weekend, he was focusing right on that leak – just “like a laser beam.”

Complete transcript of the speech.
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