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Barack is Kagan’s “Hero”

No wonder her good friend, Barack, has nominated Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court.  Here she is praising his “brilliance” in 2005.

During a 2005 Harvard Law School award Luncheon now-Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan lavished praised for then-Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) and explained the “privilege” of attending the 2004 Democratic National Convention. “I have something of a political background, myself,” she began. “When the Democratic National Convention came to town, I asked some friends of mine for some tickets and I went each night to the convention,” she said.

Kagan said no one paid attention to the speakers, until the night Obama spoke. “He opened his mouth, said a few words and the place was mesmerized. You could of heard a pin drop. In part that is because of all the rock star qualities he has: the eloquence, the magnetism, the great looks, the brilliance,” she praised him. “When he opens up his mouth, you know you’re getting the real deal,” she continued. Kagan called Obama a “hero.” She concluded that Obama is “truly one of the great public servants of our time” and gives many “hope” in the future of the country. (Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts, Sept. 17, 2005)

See video of this syrupy hero worship Here.

Now that we have experienced about a year and a half of his “magnetism and brilliance” we know he hasn’t a clue what he is doing, and if he does know, it’s even worse, since he is conducting the destruction of the country.  It seems Ms. Kagan has just about as much experience as he does.

We do not need an Obama rubber stamp buddy on the Supreme Court.  Please, Republicans, do your duty and oppose this nomination.

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