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Nancy Pelosi is now instructing Church leaders

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said she has told Catholic cardinals, archbishops and bishops that she wants them to speak from the pulpit for immigration reform and tell Catholics who oppose it that reform “is a manifestation of our living the gospels.”

“I would hope that there’s one thing that we can do working together as we go forward that speaks to what the Bible tells us about the dignity and worth of every person — and that is on the subject of immigration,” Pelosi said in her remarks. “Because I think the Church is going to have to play a very major role in how we, in how people are treated.”

“The cardinals, the archbishops, the bishops that come to me and say, ‘We want you to pass immigration reform,’” disclosed Pelosi. “And I say, ‘But I want you to speak about it from the pulpit.’

Well.  Can you believe this?  What “gospels” is she talking about?  I think she must have written her own, because if she is so concerned about what the Church teaches, how can she stand for abortion in direct opposition to the teachings of the church?

There’s only one gospel, but maybe to her there are many gospels.  That way she can pull one out here and there to manipulate people.  But it is beyond belief that she is now instructing the cardinals, archbishops, and bishops.

I believe if the Catholic Church (or other churches) want to advocate for immigration, they should first of all advocate for legal immigration.  And if they want to accommodate illegals in any way as a humanitarian gesture, then the CHURCH should provide for them, as in food, housing, shelter, and pay for any health needs they may have, not send them down to sign up for federal assistance.  While they are providing for their needs, they should be teaching them English, teaching them the laws of the country and how to abide by them, teaching them respect for America and American customs and way of life.

“I WANT YOU to speak about it from the pulpit,” Pelosi says.  From the pulpit?  I guess she wants to forfeit the tax exempt status of the church as well, which they should lose if she gets her wishes.  I don’t think they should be exempt from taxes anyway.  But if they are, then it is that tax money that they would normally be paying in taxes that should be financing their care for immigrants as they assist them on their way to law-abiding citizenship.

“The dignity and worth of every person that the Bible tells us about” comes from God, not the food stamp office.

But when did Ms. Pelosi develop her intense concern for the dignity and worth of human life?

All this is, is an attempt to USE religion to achieve liberal/progressive goals.  It will be interesting to see how far they will take this, and how many times you hear this approach popping up from others and from the MSM.

Story and video:  http://cnsnews.com/news/article/pelosi-says-shes-told-catholic-cardinals-archbishops-and-bishops-they-must-tell

Think of the nerve and arrogance of this woman instructing the leaders of the church, when she herself is in danger of excommunication.

“Pope Benedict warned Catholic politicians they risked excommunication from the Church and should not receive communion if they support abortion.”



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