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Who Is Registered Owner SUV Containing Times Square Bomb? (Update2)

It’s all over the internet that the police have located and interviewed the registered owner of the SUV containing the Times Square bomb.

QUESTION:  Who is it?  Is he/she a suspect?  Not a suspect?  How did a bomb end up in this vehicle?  They know who it is.  Why the secret?

They have released the video of a suspicious man changing his shirt, but not the name of the owner of the SUV.  Why not?

Am I the only one who is curious about the owner of this vehicle?

Wouldn’t that be an important piece of the investigation?

The Taliban has taken credit for it but Janet says, “Nah.”  It’s “amateurish.”  I don’t know, but box cutters seem a little amateurish to me.

But who owns the vehicle?

UPDATE:  Just heard that the owner sold the SUV to  man who looked Asian? and I didn’t catch the other description, for a few hundred dollars.  But when you sell a car, don’t you sign over the title and the registration?  So the car should not have still been in the seller’s name, right?

The police say he is not considered a suspect.  They still have not identified him.   I wonder how the seller and the buyer came in contact with each other.

UPDATE2:  ABC reported that a person of interest has been identified.  The sale of this vehicle was online for cash about 3 weeks ago.  This led authorities to a possible suspect who is a naturalized U. S. citizen with ties to Pakistan (of Pakistani descent).  His name is not released yet either.  This is not the person observed on the video, supposedly.

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