“Maybe Obama’s afraid somebody will ask him for his papers”

Laugh of the Day from Rush Limbaugh:

“I can understand Obama being touchy on the subject of producing your papers.  Maybe he’s afraid somebody’s going to ask him for his!”  🙂

It. is. a. joke.  “Think Progress” is making an issue of this comment, (pulled out of a 3-hour show) audio and all.  Maybe they should just “think.”  You have to point these things out to those with no sense of humor.

I just “love” it when these little drones sit around recording and listening to each and every word targeted conservative commentators and talkers have to say, each and every day, to pull out one word, three words, one sentence, two sentences, so the MSM can broadcast it for one reason and one reason only, to try to hurt them.  Frankly, it violates my “basic notion of fairness.”

Limbaugh was discussing the new Arizona immigration law SB 1070, full text.

Put this in the context of the riot police called out yesterday on the peaceful assembly of tea partiers,  you see the “regime” and their mouth, the media, protecting the “basic notion of fairness” for illegals and at the same time harrassing and trampling on the rights of citizens.

You think just maybe the word went out – use the theme “show me your papers,” and make people think about Nazis when they think of the Arizona law?

MARTHA MACCALLUM:  Critics have said that it’s akin to the Nazis, in terms of demanding people’s papers.

F. CHUCK TODD: …The party of “show me your papers.”

KEITH OLBERMANN:  …the “show us your papers act.”

CAMPBELL BROWN:  Show us your papers.

RACHEL MADDOW:  Papers, please.

LESLIE SANCHEZ:  Stop and show us your papers.

HOWARD FINEMAN:  Let’s see your papers.

RICK SANCHEZ:  …to show papers…

PHIL DONAHUE:  We’re walking up to people and saying, “Let me see your papers.”

“MAUDE” BEHAR:  This very much smells of, “May I see your papers?”

PAUL KRUGMAN:  …apocryphal regimes where the police are always saying, “Hand over your papers.”

ELEANOR PELTA:  A let-me-see-your-papers environment.

CHRIS MATTHEWS:  Can he stop the car and say, “Let’s see your papers”?

GERALDO RIVERA:  Can you say, “Papers, please.”

SETH MEYERS:  Can we all agree there’s nothing more Nazi than saying, “Show me your papers”?

LIMBAUGH:  (German accent) “Your papers, please!”  It equals Nazi.  That’s why Obama’s using the term.  I can understand Obama being touchy on the subject of producing your papers.  Maybe he’s afraid somebody’s going to ask him for his!

Transcript of Limbaugh’s program yesterday is Here.

I heard Governor Brewer state her position on Greta Van Susteren.  She was strong and resolute, and I love this woman.




Posted:  04.29.10


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5 responses to ““Maybe Obama’s afraid somebody will ask him for his papers”

  1. Joe Scarborough and Mika’s radio show was canceled on 77WABC “Banjo Boy” mocks Imus and his Listeners…that’s us ladies. We don’t know good radio when we hear it LOL!

    Chickaboomer has the audio -video.



  2. Ginger

    Barry might be afraid they will ask more than something about his papers….



  3. Ginger

    This is getting weird. I didn’t realize that the National Enquirer story was an old one.. duh…something is very strange here…where is Larry Sinclair when you need him?…LOL


  4. Ginger

    Okay, well, I just listened to the first of Alex Jones’ radio show of today and he commented on this Enquirer story…Jones is saying about the same as hillbuzz..that it could be a distraction to a certain point because so many more reports are coming out about Barry’s bisexuality.

    “When it comes to cheating by politicians, I’ve never seen The Enquirer to be wrong.” says Jones…also,
    Jones says that The Enquirer has a better track record than CNN or Fox…well, we’ll see!

    Yes, it’s getting interesting.


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