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Obama and Biden attend memorial in W. Virginia

What with a meeting with Billy Graham in the morning and the memorial service for the miners in West Virginia in the afternoon, President Obama got a good dose of that ole’ time religion yesterday.

Fox ran the memorial service uninterrupted and without narrative, so one really got a sense of how purely Christian it was with no attempt to take the guts out of it and make it “acceptable,” and also to realize just how long it was.  Leave out the media mouths and their constant anaysis of everything, it is easier to see the full picture and make up your own mind.  I think Obama and Biden get many points just for sitting through it.  But then they had to, they were last to speak.

In my opinion, they moved up in the polls a bit, at least in my poll, more for attending than for what they said.  I didn’t think they made it too political, not too bad.  The most political speech was by W. Virginia senator, Rockefeller.  And I really like the governor.  I would have some advice for Obama at this point if he by chance wanted to give some effort to being a president to all the people,  but I’m sure he wouldn’t be interested in what I had to say.

Posted:  04.26.10

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