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Obama “Amused” at tea parties

   That pesky old Constitution and Freedom of Speech, sure is a riot, isn’t it? 

But…..Thank you for the crumbs.  I believe it amounted to about $13.00 a week. 

You would think somebody would stop and consider what all these citizens are saying.  I guess it’s that socialist left brain thinking.  “Just say thank you for all I have done, and shut up.”  I don’t know why but it makes me think of maybe an abusive husband or parent, who smacks and then says, “Oh, look at all I have done for you.  What would you do without me?”

President Barack Obama struck a hyperpartisan note Thursday, telling Democrats that he was “amused” by the Tax Day Tea Party rallies.

Obama, addressing a Democratic National Committee (DNC) fundraiser in Miami, did little to endear himself to the Tea Party groups protesting around the country, saying “they should be saying thank you” because of the tax cuts he has signed into law.


 Prime Minister of Israel

  Prime Minister of Canada

Above – friends and allies

Below…..haters, kings, rulers and socialists

  King of Saudi Arabia

  Hugo Chavez, Socialist

  Daniel Ortega, Socialist


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Posted:  04.16.10


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