Dirty, sexy money

For the second day in a row, reporter Claire Shipman touted the story of an RNC staffer who submitted expense accounts after taking a donor to a strip club in Hollywood. Shipman’s piece featured a clip of CNN anchor John Roberts gloating, “It’s a story of dirty, sexy money” and of fellow cable host Rick Sanchez imploring, “Someone need to tell me how to spend $2000 at a topless club.”

Other journalist snippets included Chris Matthews chiding, “The latest embarrassment for the RNC during the reign of Michael Steele.” On Monday, after Shipman detailed expenses Steele reported including limo usage and private jet travel, she opined, “It’s the sort of spending controversy that sounds so, well, pre-recession.”

You have got to be kidding me.  “Dirty, sexy money.”  Isn’t it comforting to know that these “journalists” are so cncerned about republican money.  I do believe the money is from private donations, right?  Then what business is it of theirs?  They hate republicans.  You would think they would be happy to see republican money wasted.  But let me say this:  who would have thought the republican party would be associated with dirty sexy money?

And somehow they always mention Michael Steele’s name, when he was nowhere near the scene of this so-called bondage club.  I think it could be a racist attack on Mr. Steele.  It has to be because otherwise why would these “journalists” want to malign him in this way.

You would think they want you to believe it was Michael Steele who was at the club.  So this is a vicious racist attack on him.

And besides that, surely they don’t object to republicans using their own money to try to put a little life in this party of  no.   All they want to do is have a little fun.  🙂  🙂  Why, Meghan McCain may have even recommended it.  Loosen up, like, people.




But as far as I know, and as far as I believe, Mr. Steele is pretty much an upright guy, and I think these newscasters know he is.

Oh, wait, he did say drill, baby, drill.    🙂

I was a little upset with how much money Nancy Pelosi spent of TAXPAYER money for all her travels, food, and liquor while the country is in recession.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco) has spent or authorized spending at least $3.2 million on trips, hotels, food, high-priced liquor, and military jet rides in the past two years.

You think maybe CNN and MSNBC could focus on all the tax money being wasted daily?  Well, no, they can’t, they won’t – until the republicans take the place over soon.  Then they’ll be all over it.

Posted:  03.31.10


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10 responses to “Dirty, sexy money

  1. Really that’s how they describe a visit to Vouyers do they know it’s frequented by celebrities you know like the kind who make videos to support Obama…so the RNC frequented a club known to be a HOT SPOT for Obama Supporters -see how that can be turned…they really make it too easy ;

    oooh dirty sexy Hollywood celebrities- Giggle.



  2. Here is proof Michael Steele is doing a good job members of the Democrat Black Caucus want him fired…Are you listening Tucker Carlson….Michael Steele is a threat to the Democrats. This is the most stupid manufactured outrage I have read about in a long time.



  3. boycotting Glenn Beck – aren’t they getting tired boycotting the top rated cable news program on air? All the usual suspects.



  4. bellalu0

    uh oh, problem loading the monsters and critics page.

    Big Brother took it down? lol

    Hope somebody got a screen shot.


  5. bellalu0

    What??? Maxine Waters wants Steele to go? Oh, no, now we have racist blacks against blacks. They are spinning around in a bed of quick sand. lol

    Please, Michael Steele, do not resign. I like you, baby.


  6. Bella

    My mom figured out how to use my chat box, that’s the good news, the bad news she is answering all the clues we are putting up to our game. I don’t think she gets the idea this is a game, she is giving all our clues up:) Or she really wants the Prize ROTFL



  7. Bella

    I think I have a Rant coming on….The Republicans are really doing their best to skrew the pooch.


  8. bellalu0

    Ree, jst bring it on. 🙂 I need to know what they are doing now.


  9. Bella Cornyn is testing the waters with maybe we won’t go for repealing the Bill after all..I didn’t vote for Cornyn back in 2008 because he voted for the First Tarp along with KBH. He isn’t up for reelection. He is one of the problems with the Republican party so is Kay Bailey but the Republicans can’t afford to lose any seats in the Congress.


    There is a Republican Apologist in the comment section, blaming Allah for his Eeyore style comment baiting, but Allah wasn’t the only one posting about the GOP trying to weasel out of their stance on this crappy Bill.


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