Michael Steele says “Fire Nancy Pelosi”

I like Michael Steele.  Lester Holt, NBC, interviewed him on the Today Show.

Holt was kind of worried about this website called “Fire Pelosi.”  He says, “If I click on to your Web site this morning, I see an image of Nancy Pelosi surrounded by flames. “Fire Nancy Pelosi!”  You’ve raised about $800,000 according to what’s on that Web site right now.” ….. Why target her?  Does this do anything to advance civil dialogue on Capitol Hill?”  [ 🙂 so typical, civil dialogue and bipartisanship – as long as it’s on their terms.]

To which Michael Steele replies, “I find it amusing now that everybody’s all of a sudden now this thing has passed, is interested in civil dialogue. I mean the reality of it is, no one paid attention to the American people for the past year. And the American people have been to the point of outrage on this issue.”

He goes on to say that “Nancy Pelosi owns this,  as much as anyone else. And I think that the fact, that the way she’s run the house, the way that a lot of the Republican leadership was not a part in crafting this bill in the House…..”  And for that reason “Pelosi’s got to get fired. And I’ve asked, I’ve called for that the first night this thing was signed. And I’ve asked folks to go to FireNancyPelosi.com and help me do it.”

Yes, I sure do like Michael Steele.

$1,014,465 collected so far.  There doesn’t seem to be a video of this interview, not yet anyway.  If I find one, I’ll put it up.  Transcript at Newsbusters.
Here we go, found it:

Posted:  03.23.10


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8 responses to “Michael Steele says “Fire Nancy Pelosi”

  1. kathy

    I think since the democrat’s want to spread the wealth around. They should start the trend with themselves they could each donate all but 30 or 40 thousand each year that they make. They could give most of their family fortunes, then they could live like the rest of us. Heck they could perhaps pay the national debt off, since they made most of the debt themselves. I really think Nancy could start them off she has millions to give!


  2. Ms. M

    hey Kathy, I quite agree, you know if the top 25 companies ceo’s taking tarp (our money) are going to be sanctured by the government (taking & dispersing our money) sounds like they need to anty up too………maybe those “giving” dems should pass the hat, instead of the buck eh? LOL LOL LOL


  3. Ginger

    The president, congress, and the staff who wrote the bill are EXEMPT from this plan…

    All of this stuff will be coming out on a daily basis….drip, drip, drip


  4. bellalu0

    Ginger, I just heard that the promise about no pre existing conditions for children being denied is not true. But don’t worry, they can fix it by issuing regulations. Enter Queen Kathleen.

    Did you listen to Jerry for the 23rd? He was hitting on some questions I have had recently.


  5. Wakeup23

    We need get rid off the 3 AMIGOS.


  6. Ms. M

    now all of a sudden our “representatives” are hearing threats, maybe if they had heard US regarding our opposition to the way this bill way bullied thru, it being 2700+ pages laden with PORK, no committee hearings, no CSPAN coverage, how teaparty members were labeled, NOW THEY ARE HEARING THREATS….I mean who’s fooling who here? LOL LOL LOL I mean these elites are unbelieveable……..LOL LOL LOL


  7. Michael Steele, I really enjoy listening to you on the various news stations, such as the only news station-FOX NEWS. Can you arrange to have Nancy Pelosi and Sir Harry Reed both placed in a Birdcage together and sent to the moon. That would be 2 down, or should I say up up and away, at least. You are so REAL AND GENUINE, SOMETHING VERY RARE IN THIS TOWN!


  8. Ms. M

    John, couldn’t agree more & it looks like the Rinos have crawled off his stance but I am still skeptical about contributing to fire Nancy as I have NO idea what races would be supported………NO MORE RINOS, fiscal conservatives willing to repeal, take concessions & be insured no better than those they represent would be no only refreshing, I think more along the lines the founders intended! I find Michael to be not only refreshing but a truth seeker & teller!


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