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Congressman Paul Ryan tells the truth about health care reform (Video)

Paul Ryan, R/Wi, before the rules committee on March 15, 2010.  This could be a speech that will go down in history to be studied as future generations look back on the country that used to be the United States of America.  IF health care is passed.  (I jotted this down on the 15th when I was hoping the bill would not pass.)

March 23, 2010 – Now that it has passed and signed into law, this speech should be listened to because he lays out the truth.  This is a great presentation.

A female representative said on the House floor on March 21, 2010 the following:

“123 people will die today because they do not have health insurance.”

A lot of people will continue to die for lack of health insurance since this law is not fully implimented until 2014.  I don’t believe this though because “no insurance” has never been on a death certificate as a cause of death.  So this number must be grabbed out of thin air since there would be no statistics to back it up.  They just make these numbers up.  But if we accept this as the truth, another 123 will die today.  And the day after.  And the day after.  And the day after.

The point being that all the scare tactics, all the sad stories, all the empty promises, will now be all forgotten.  I expect the next tactic will be to reduce expectations.  And what will be going on behind the scenes with tremendous power vested in the Secretary of Health and Human Services, I don’t want to think about.

It would not surprise me if Sebelius is replaced.  May be wrong on that, but she holds a position that this law gives all manner of leeway, many agencies to establish, many panels to appoint, many decisions to make about how this thing will work.  And it remains to be seen if Obama wants her to be the one or maybe he has someone else in mind.  It’s something to watch.  He might rather have Holdren or Sunstein in that spot.

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Michael Steele says “Fire Nancy Pelosi”

I like Michael Steele.  Lester Holt, NBC, interviewed him on the Today Show.

Holt was kind of worried about this website called “Fire Pelosi.”  He says, “If I click on to your Web site this morning, I see an image of Nancy Pelosi surrounded by flames. “Fire Nancy Pelosi!”  You’ve raised about $800,000 according to what’s on that Web site right now.” ….. Why target her?  Does this do anything to advance civil dialogue on Capitol Hill?”  [ 🙂 so typical, civil dialogue and bipartisanship – as long as it’s on their terms.]

To which Michael Steele replies, “I find it amusing now that everybody’s all of a sudden now this thing has passed, is interested in civil dialogue. I mean the reality of it is, no one paid attention to the American people for the past year. And the American people have been to the point of outrage on this issue.”

He goes on to say that “Nancy Pelosi owns this,  as much as anyone else. And I think that the fact, that the way she’s run the house, the way that a lot of the Republican leadership was not a part in crafting this bill in the House…..”  And for that reason “Pelosi’s got to get fired. And I’ve asked, I’ve called for that the first night this thing was signed. And I’ve asked folks to go to FireNancyPelosi.com and help me do it.”

Yes, I sure do like Michael Steele.

$1,014,465 collected so far.  There doesn’t seem to be a video of this interview, not yet anyway.  If I find one, I’ll put it up.  Transcript at Newsbusters.
Here we go, found it:

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