The Pelosi Perp Walk

Posted:  03.22.10


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7 responses to “The Pelosi Perp Walk

  1. Ms. M

    so the vote was prior to them getting a heart, a brain & courage? LOL LOL LOL GOOD ONE BELLA!

    can I believe that not only excommunication for Stupek, the Catholic church should perform an exorcism on Dorothy er Madame Speaker?


  2. bellalu0

    hahahaha – I turned to MSNBC and Congressman Dingle said and I quote: “First we have to try to assimilate what we have done.”

    Profound statement. This was in answer to the question: What does this mean to the American people?

    They made slop, now we have to eat it. lol.


  3. bellalu0

    Better – THEY have to eat it.

    Everybody today should go to their payroll department and make out new w2’s claiming the least deductions they can, which I think is one. Don’t give them one cent more than you have to and then worry about the rest on April 15th, if you happen to have it at the time. They can’t put us all in jail. The IRS is going to be quite busy anyway forcing everybody to buy insurance. It won’t be long before they hold up the refund checks and pass out IOU’s anyway.


  4. bellalu0

    They better start thinking about the fact that Washington, D. C. does not produce one thin dime. They produce nothing, they only spend.


  5. Bella, MsM

    Congressman Dingle said and I quote: “First we have to try to assimilate what we have done.”

    “that’s what House Minority Leader John Boehner said about the bill can you tell the American People what is in this Bill: Hell No You Can’t.”

    He made a great speech worth watching but it will make you sad…I don’t spend much time being sad though. Don’t get Mad – get Even.


  6. Obamacare the Left’s last hurrah?…I think I made this point on my blog, What do Progressives and Salmon have in common beside both being pink on the inside 😉 This is the Progressive WAVE cresting, I wouldn’t call it a death nell for Liberalism because classic Liberalism isn’t Socialist Lite. Progressives the LEFT hate this country the way it is, that’s why they have done their best to change it to something Hugo Chavez would be envious of SMILE. They have only stuck their neck out so now we know who they all are, and what their scheme is about…they tipped their hand too early, and very clumsily.


  7. bellalu0

    From now on I will not refer to democrats, liberals, progressives, but I will call them what they are – SOCIALISTS. They have been revealed and I can no longer deny it.

    Analyze it, take it apart, look at what they are doing and where they are going. It is clear and we cannot let them get away with it.

    But this sweeping thing they are calling health care, is not at all about health, it is about a vehicle they can use to stretch their tentacles throughout all of society and in all of our lives. It’s a framework they are going to use to take over.


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