Tribute to Tea Partiers – Thank you

An American Uprising



“We have not yet begun to fight”

Posted:  03.21.10


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30 responses to “Tribute to Tea Partiers – Thank you

  1. Bella

    This is Stupak’s opponent in November this man’s facebook jumped 2,000 members after Stupak announced his vote. He went up about 500 members in a minute when I joined. He needs some attention people need to forget about Stupak and concentrate on replacing him next November.


  2. bellalu0

    He suffered their wrath for so long and then caved in. He could have been an American hero. But he got Stockholm fever instead.


  3. bellalu0

    Take a look at this picture. They are absolutely giddy. “Over the moon, just over the moon” lol


  4. And thanks right back atcha. Tea Party is kinda my pet cause now. Never kept up much with politics. I’ve had a libertarian bent for a long time, and don’t like confrontation, so politics have never been appealing. Til we got back stateside last year. I showed up to my 1st Tea Party event b/c, if fiscal conservatives were *actually* protesting, well this I had to see for myself. take care!


  5. Hey Michigan’s 1st District Looking for A New Representative to Replace Stupak?

    Dr Dan Benishek wants to be your new Representative.


  6. bellalu0

    noone of any import: Keep up the good work. You are mightily appreciated.


  7. bellalu0

    These democrats are lying on the floor of the House. If it didn’t make you sick, it would make you laugh. But then their Dear Leader tells the same lies so what could you expect.

    “paid for and will reduce our debt” Can you believe they get up and say this with a straight face?

    And this one does make me laugh: “your children can now stay on your health plan until they are 26 years old. LoL And they are proud of this.


  8. bellalu0

    123 people will die today because they do not have health insurance? What the hey? Where is the proof of this? I have never seen cause of death “no insurance” on a death certificate. So where do they get these figures? There are no statistics anywhere that backs that up. House of cards and it will fall.


  9. Stupak thought this would stop the phone calls to his house…really that’s what he thought caving in to the Progressives was going to do give him relief…He doesn’t get it, he has become reviled. If he had said he had every intention of voting yes it would have been different but he led everyone on.


  10. Ginger

    Yes, many thanks to the tea party people. I include myself as one and will become more active, believe you me. I was extremely proud of the people who showed up in Washington this week-end. As Mark Levin says, they are Paul and Paulette Reveres.

    I love that American Uprising video.

    It’s truly a shame about Stupak. He became tired and weak and who knows what else he was promised? I just became a fan of his opponent and will contribute.

    It’s sad because he will become known as Stupid Stupak…the one who pushed the bill over the edge. He started out so gallantly and yet he didn’t have the strength to stand up for the unborn. It makes me want to cry.


  11. Ms. M

    people better start applying what happened today towards every level of gvn’t because we all know that sh*t flows downhill…………like what I read about stupek’s opponent……….think the tea party better start running its own at every level & be very careful with the endorsements………..stupek must have gotten a promise of political appt from the one’s adm too…….how he could be re-elected is beyond me but then too how what we have at the level of pres was beyond me too……..LOL LOL LOL


  12. Ms. M

    ginger, this bill had it all the drama, the secrets, the promises, blah blah, I don’t believe those who voted have a clue what they voted for but hey they all got sh*t for their state or themselves…….but you all know how I feel about that swing of the power pendulum which is why I hope the tea party comes up with viable candidates or really research anybody they endorse….as far as I am concerned they are a force to be reckoned with & HOPE they don’t sell out……


  13. Ms. M

    Dr Dan, several pts I really like

    a) he petitioned (NOT EASY!)
    b) never held an office (big fng +)
    c) looks like an average guy (& boy could we use more of those)


  14. Ms. M

    pic of Stupeck on drudge, looks like he was hung up wet & wrung out……..don’t we all feel badly LOL LOL LOL he was promised something for that vote, you can bet your a$$….he ain’t going away


  15. melsgo

    The media keeps saying we’ll forget by November, be loving on Obama by then. Fat freakin chance!

    I can’t stomach most on TV, even many of Fox (Shep is such a lib). I am so thankful for talk radio or I’d be insane.


  16. Mel

    The Media says we will be lovin Obama by November? I don’t think so I am impatient for all of these tools to be voted out of office as soon as possible.


  17. Oh and the Doctor is already up to 13,181 on his facebook page, they said on his comments that his electronic donation page would be up today.

    Either a person is pro life or their not, this isn’t a gray area, and Stupak knows it. I heard he got something like 800,000.00 for airports in his district or something…30 pieces of silver.

    The Catholic Bishops were calling on all the Representatives not to vote for this thing, and the Catholic Bishops would be big on this legislation because it would help their congregations otherwise.


  18. Hey Stupak just got some nice grant money for some airports from the FAA. I’m sure it is just a coincidence.


  19. Ms. M

    excommunicate him, no kidding unless his fellow parishioners can forgive & “forget”, push to have him excommunicated……..I think all these shills in Washington are very poor Warhol subjects, their 15 minutes was more than pathetic………..BTW……in case I haven’t mentioned it lately I LIKE DOTS & THE ABILITY OF CONNECTING THEM LOL LOL LOL


  20. Ms. M

    & when these liars & money launderers think we have “forgotten” Barty baby will be appointed to some a$$suck position, FAA money ain’t all I’m sure LOL LOL LOL


  21. Ginger

    I’m sending money to Larry Sinclair who is running for congress in Florida, and let’s get Philip Berg on more “mainstream” radio. It is not unreasonable to want to see Obama’s birth certificate, or his Occidental records, or his Harvard records. I’m really sick of the lies and deception.


  22. Ginger

    Ms. M, I hope the Tea Party stands firm, and I think it will.

    Stupak can get on a plane at one of his airports and fly up Obama’s a$$..enjoy the view, buddy.

    Benishek -14,671 /facebook/as of 12:45p.m. central


  23. I found another one. This time a video of Stupak talking in Oct 29 without knowing he was being taped. He admits that, while he’ll try to get abortion limiting language in the bill, if he fails he may still vote for the bill


  24. bellalu0

    I just watched an interview with Van Hollen on Cavuto. These democrats’ inner troll is coming out. They are arrogant and hateful. They may be on the top right now, but there’s an old saying that “pride cometh before a fall.” They have passed this legislation that is based on a pack of lies. I am beginning to feel like a stranger in my own country.

    I take their attitude towards the “teabaggers” very personally because they are “me.” They are my family and friends, likeminded Americans with the same values and beliefs and hopes and lifestyles as I have. I like the country and I don’t want it changed. I really am very offended by the mocking and it makes me want to fight. Being a lawabiding citizen, I don’t know what else any of us could have done, contacting congressmen, sending money, peaceful assembly. What else??

    The way they treat the tea partiers is a complete illustration of how they hate us, and they wonder why we don’t want the likes of them making decisions on something as personal as health, life, and death, having every personal record available for somebody to call up on a computer.

    Here’s a terrifying thought. Think of Nancy Pelosi or Louise Slaughter, turning up as your nurse or doctor while you are helpless in the hospital. You think they’d be happy to give out a red pill because it was costing them too much money. Of course, they won’t be nurses, but I’m just saying.

    They are acting like a ruling class with no regard whatsoever for opposing views, and you can hear it in their voices, see it on their faces, and they refuse to listen to the people. Not only refuse to listen but spit on us (figuratively).


  25. Ginger

    Bella, you are a wise person, and you were way out there ahead of the clan regarding Barack Obama. You were taunted and made fun of over there at IT, but now you have been proven right, and I know you probably are sad that you have been proven right. This is one instance where we all would like to say ” I was wrong”.

    Yes, these dems are really showing their true colors. They are denigrating common, hardworking people. You can’t build anything lasting upon sand like that. They will crumble, and I hope it’s sooner rather than later.


  26. bellalu0

    We will remember in November.


  27. Ginger

    Remember in November… that’s perfect.. I love it.


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