Rewind: What Chris Matthews was saying last July (2009) video update

(04.25.11 @ 09:26 a.m.) Well, I have finally found this video that was taken down on You Tube with these assholes calling their fellow-Americans full mooners, rocks at the bottom of the river, in the ergenous zone of insanity…….

This was obviously before the tea party sweep on November, 2010.  I think they are the insane ones.

Final Question:  Where the hell is the birth certificate?

I just love to go back and review what has been said previously and compare it with the reality of today.  This is a video of Chris Matthews and Howard Fineman ranting on about “Birthers” in late July of 2009.

Funny.  Fineman says the August recess is going to be engulfed in questions about the Obama birth certificate when the “White House wants the conversation to be about health care.”  Well, now that we know that the conversation was all about health care at all the Town Hall meetings, I’ll bet they wish it had been about the birth certificate.

He says something to the effect that the Republicans are at a very low ebb and when this happens it exposes the “rocks at the bottom of the stream.” This referring to a tea party he had attended in Kentucky.  Is there just a glimmer of that elitism showing?

Republicans at a low ebb?  My how things have changed since last July.

I don’t know what they were trying to do here, since it was they who brought up the birth certificate issue to begin with.  Were they just trying to get out in front of what they really thought would be the most troublesome aspect of the summer recess and Town Hall meetings?  MSNBC carrying the Obama water.  That bucket has gotten a whole lot heavier since last summer.  Plus, this is a very good indication of how disconnected the MSM and Washington has been and is with what is really important to the people.

As the Congress and the administration plods ahead vowing to do “for the American people” what they don’t want done.

Posted:  03.18.10

Hang tight, Mr. Stupak. Looks like the Loving Left has made his life a living hell.
I was not able to get through at his WH number, but I got an answer at one of the district offices. Here’s a bunch of numbers at his website if anyone wants to call to encourage him.

(Well, Stupak turned out to be a low life liar.)

Updated:  04.25.11


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38 responses to “Rewind: What Chris Matthews was saying last July (2009) video update

  1. Alan Epstein

    I am enraged at the “hanky panky” the “demorats” are engaging in in an attempt to pass a health care bill that the american people do not want. I am hoping that at this time you will also focus on the rift that President Obama has created between the United States and Israel. It is not in Americas best interest to turn against our only true ally in the middle east. In a futile attempt to appease our enemies, Mr. Obama has adopted a hostile stance towards democratic Israel (as well as various eastern european nations) while currying favor with autocratic and terrorist sponsoring states such as China,Syria and Iran. Go figgur!!


  2. bellalu0

    Rate Bret Baier’s performance in his interview with Obama:

    Take Poll


  3. Jersey McJones

    Like when Medicare and Social Security were passed, there are always plenty of dunderheaded curmudgeons that are against any and all change. These are known as “conservatives.” But change will come and it when it does the people will learn to love it, and what they don’t love about it will change until eventually we have universal, single-payor-esque healthcare like every other civilized nation on the planet. We can’t be a bunch of backwards, dunderheaded, curmudgeonly conservatives forever. Conservatism always fails in the end, and change, a fact of the universe, always wins the day.



  4. bellalu0

    Hanky panky indeed.

    Unconstitutional tactics
    Jiggling the numbers around so much as to be fradulent, counting money twice, projecting out years when nobody knows what will happen.
    The people don’t want it.
    The biggest problem to me is the fact that the government does not have to turn a profit, so it will be this huge program run with borrowed and printed money. We already know that because medicare is going BROKE.

    I am sick of the bashing of insurance companies. For God’s sake, they are a business in business to make a profit. The federal government will be much worse when it comes to denying claims. If you don’t like your insurance company, you can change companies. You can sue an insurance company. Try suing the U. S. government!!


  5. bellalu0

    Nancy Pelosi is at this time LYING at a press conference. Nothing will ever succeed that is based on a lie.

    The CBO said:
    “Although CBO completed a preliminary review of legislative language prior to its release, the agency has not thoroughly examined the reconciliation proposal to verify its consistency with the previous draft. This estimate is therefore preliminary, pending a review of the language of the reconciliation proposal, as well as further review and refinement of the budgetary projections.” (CBO Director Doug Elmendorf, Letter To Rep. Nancy Pelosi, 3/18/10, P.1)

    They are trampling on the Constitution, the will of the people, and the TRUTH.

    Look at the key words: reconciliation PROPOSAL, preliminary, pending, projections, estimate.


  6. Ms. M

    Bella, particularly when Ins co’s are ONLY 4% of the pie…………………………we gave up being a Republic eons ago, now democracry is being hijacked too………


  7. Well lets see the Progressives claim that Health Insurance is a “Right” but the truth is it’s a Product. And Products Can’t Be A “Right” not under our Constitution….which many will be using to file law suits against this legislation, and using that very Document – The Constitution.

    Social Security maybe has 4 years left, the cost of the retiring baby boomers is going to bust the entitlement budget…no way around it, even the Progressives admit it, that’s why it’s so important that you know Baby Boomers exit as soon as they can – exit stage right 🙂

    Walgreens: no new Medicaid patients as of April 16. Look at the article locale “Seattle” Very, Very Liberal Seattle.

    There is no money in the piggy bank, the politicians have been raiding it for years.

    I love the way Gov Patterson was bragging about how New York was handling the crisis compared to other states….He stated we are cutting back on programs – other states have to close down programs altogether. Hawaii is already going to a 4 day school week for their public schools..

    The cupboard is bear, adding another entilement on top of other entitlements going broke is insainity.


  8. bellalu0

    I think Social Security and Medicare are poor examples of successful programs. They are going BROKE. Worse than broke – $38 TRILLION DOLLARS in unfunded liabilities in Medicare.

    When it comes time for the government to make good on its promise, there is no money. They have been collecting this money since 1940 and they have long ago spent it.

    Write down this figure: $138 billion dollars. Check it out in ten years and see if this comes true as an amount saved. Ain’t no way this is going to save any money.

    And the president last night said this would not shore up SS and medicare, the promises that have already been made, so that means they will still go broke soon. I believe that’s what he said…..but he may not know. He’s getting funds for the Hawaiian earthquake together. LOL.


  9. Ms. M

    sounds like the right hand knows EXACTLY what the left hand is doing LOL LOL LOL


  10. This is what Governor Patterson was bragging about when he said New York was tightening it’s belt.

    The states are in real fiscal trouble…and Nancy and Harry want to dump more than the last straw on their backs. With Shamwow Bill.


  11. Michelle Malkin has a Democrat on tape on the record, saying what I just stated earlier in this thread.


  12. Ms. M

    I heard NYS will be withholding tax refunds to pay for debt, not that I ever get a return anyway….LOL LOL LOL


  13. bellalu0

    This is part of the reconciliation bill referencing the student loans program.

    What does this mean?

    Section 2209. Origination of Direct Loans at Institutions Outside the United States. This section provides for the origination of federal Direct Loans at institutions located outside of the United States, through a financial institution designated by the Secretary.

    Link to full text and a summary:


  14. bellalu0

    They fixed the cornhusker kickback by giving it to all the states. Now, I think that means that the federal government will now pay all of medicaid costs forever, instead of the states paying part.


  15. bellalu0

    Oh, I was wrong about that. It’s just on the increase.

    “”–It eliminates the Cornhusker Kickback and covers 100 percent of the increased Medicaid costs of all states until 2016 and decreases each year thereafter.””


  16. Bella

    This is how the Student Loan language got into the Health Insurance Reform Bill.

    Several of the Democrats who are expected to oppose the student loan legislation are centrists who could reconsider their support for healthcare reform if the two issues are joined.

    President Barack Obama has made reforming student loan programs a high priority of his first term, and the savings created by lending directly to students could save the government $67 billion over 10 years.

    But the student loan industry estimates that nearly 35,000 jobs would be lost if the federal government lent directly to students and only let private companies service the loans.

    Sallie Mae, one of the largest private lenders, would cut an estimated 2,500 workers in Pennsylvania, Indiana, Delaware, Virginia, New York and Ohio.
    Nelnet, a student lending company based in Nebraska, has already laid off employees in Indiana and Florida and could cut additional workers in Colorado.

    The employment impact complicates the political calculus in the Senate.


  17. Ma’am is in trouble in California, and the house reps are really thinking about passing this highly unpopular bill, it’s unpopular with the left, the right and the people in the middle.


  18. Ms. M

    Pelousey approval rating a wopping 3% …….LOL LOL LOL


  19. ANON

    “”””Nancy Pelosi is at this time LYING at a press conference. Nothing will ever succeed that is based on a lie.”””””

    This is hereby nominated as the quote of the year on the whole internet..



  20. bellalu0


    All House Republicans are expected to vote no, but President Barack Obama has reportedly called Rep. Joseph Cao (R-La.) to urge him to vote yes. Cao, who is a proponent of the Stupak abortion amendment, voted for the bill in November.



  21. melsgo

    The Dems have no shame. And the fact our President lies so easily and frequently is disturbing…used to understand he was a left-wing nutjob but hearing him blatantly lie is another thing.

    I’m hearing the IMPEACH word everywhere. My husband’s cousin from Boston is in town and even he said his friends who were Obama nuts before have stepped back and say nothing now. They’re still libs but they’re not supporting the charlatan that is our President


  22. Ms. M

    Bella, if he is up for re-election in Nov, & votes yes, I would say that would be ciao LOL LOL LOL unless he gets an appointment, perhaps accounting the deficit with an abacus………..


  23. bellalu0

    MsM, I think you pronounce his name Cow. LOL. I called his office in New Orleans and they hung up on me when I gave my zip code.

    I am sick over the lies and misrepresentations. It is so insulting to hear them say this will reduce the deficit when they have been taking things out and putting things in, all in order to make the numbers come out. The CBO made that tentative statement when they had not even seen the reconciliation bill. The fraud they are engaging in should put them in jail.

    But you really can’t get through on any of these phone numbers, they are all busy. I managed to get an answer at a couple district offices.

    I think they are a lot farther from the votes than they say. The offices I called, they were taking comments, counting the for and against, and said they will forward messages to Washington.

    Everybody was real nice EXCEPT Cow.


  24. bellalu0

    Mel, Joe Wilson should go down in the hall of fame for calling him a liar. They didn’t like Bret Bair’s interview either. Bobby Gibbs said the interviewer should let the president finish. Well, he would have blabbed on for the entire interview with one lie after another. I thought it was good he was finally pressed just a little bit. He has had it so easy with everybody letting him get away with his crap.

    I am really worried because of the boldness they are showing and the number of tricks they are willing to use in order to get around the rule, “demon” pass without voting on it, the more they violate the constitution, the more they will take over. I think he plans to take over actually, banana republic style. What are we going to do??


  25. Bella

    Cao isn’t reconsidering I was watching Rick’s List when they cut away to him. Craig Crawford is appearing on Rick’s List on CNN pretty regular now that MSNBC won’t use him.

    The Same time the rumor of his flipping came out Cantor issued that statement.

    Cantor: Cao Is Still A Firm No
    1 hour ago

    House Minority Whip Eric Cantor told reporters today that Rep. Anh “Joseph” Cao (R-LA) is still a “firm no” on health care reform, despite news reports saying Cao is reconsidering.

    They are really desperate trying to get a fake wave started.


  26. You all can follow the Whip Count here and you will note that Cao (R) is rejecting voting yea for this Bill. This was updated about an hour ago.


  27. Melsg

    Does anyone believe this imposter President has Americans’ best interest at heart? I am really doubting it now. Not to be dramatic but anyone with a brain should be scared right now. Our country has been taken over by these nuts. If they can get Obamacare passed, he’ll keep on doing what he wants. Amnesty is next. He’ll win the next election if he gets the illegals votes.

    They’ve bribed enough people – Obamacare will get voted in without being voted on!


  28. bellalu0

    Did you see him today speaking somewhere?? He acts like he is giving a campaign speech. Yelling and acting the fool.

    I think if they get away with this, yes, they will bulldoze everything through and they’ll have three years to do it.


  29. I brought this article up a couple of days ago on Hot Air it’s not like this Judge didn’t get published in the Wall Street Journal or anything 🙂


  30. Bella

    They won’t have 3 years they will only have till November and they know it but so does everyone else. Right -Left and In the Middle.


  31. melsgo

    They can ruin the country by November…once he grants the illegals amnesty, he’ll be locked in for 8 years and some believe he could do away w/ term limts for Presidents.

    When they break the rules, don’t play by any rules…anything is possible. It is depressing and scary.


  32. bellalu0

    I agree, Mel.

    He already has a shadow government made up of radicals that is completely outside the election process. If he can get away with doing dirty tricks and lies to circumvent the constitution and all that is holy, there is no limit to the possibilities. I am really worried.


  33. melsgo

    Check out those crowds in DC! WOW!!!@@@


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