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The anti-American Obama administration

Latest Anti-American outrages, compliments of the Obama Administration.

The Obama administration plans to cut 1,100 active duty personnel from the Coast Guard, the smallest of our military services. Funds for port security—our first line of defense—will be cut by $100 million.

The incoming Commandant of the Coast Guard, Admiral Robert Papp, has said he would have to consider cutting homeland security training and operations. This is tantamount to announcing to the terrorists “the coast is clear.”


Eric Holder says Osama bin Laden should get the same constitutional rights as Charles Manson.  I don’t think he should get ANY constitutional rights.  Notice how any mention of constitutional rights or American values from the mouths of anybody in this administration is in reference to terrorists?

Plus Holder says if bin Laden were caught he would have his Miranda rights read over his corpse.  So let me get this right.  He wants to execute him and then give him his rights?   He wants to treat him as a criminal defendant but kill him before his trial? I think Holder is mentally unbalanced. http://www.breitbart.tv/holder-bin-laden-has-same-rights-as-charles-manson/

The Obama administration refuses to fly the American flag at the airport in Haiti along with flags of other countries who are helping. http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/2796052/stars_and_stripes_absent_over_american.html?cat=9

Not even to mention the latest assault against Israel.  After bowing and scraping to dictators and emperors, this administration is showing more respect and deference to our enemies than to our allies.

Constitutional rights to terrorists on the one hand and deeming a bill passed on the other.  Only when it serves their wishes and purposes – otherwise it’s, Constitution?  What Constitution?  It’s just some pesky little procedures to be bypassed.

Posted:  03.17.10

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