Short delay in Obama’s trip to Indonesia – Muslims showing some love

In February it was announced that President Obama, accompanied by his family, would make a trip to Indonesia in March to “reach out to the Muslim world.”

Washington – US President Barack Obama will travel to Indonesia in March to broaden relations as part of his plan to reach out to the Muslim world, the White House said Monday. Obama plans to visit the Southeast Asian nation with the world’s largest Muslim population in the second half of March. He will also travel to Australia to celebrate 70 years of formal diplomatic relations.

He will be accompanied by wife Michelle and daughters Malia and Sasha, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said.

He was to leave on March 18th but the trip is postponed for three days in order for Obama to “focus like a laser’s beam on jobs.”  Oops.  I mean focus like a laser’s beam on ramming health care reform down the throats of the American people.

I guess he thinks he can get that done by next Sunday.

And apparently the family can’t make the trip.

Robert Gibbs “twitters” the confirmation.

Here is Gibbs’s confirmation of the delay on Twitter:

The President will delay leaving for Indonesia and Australia — will now leave Sunday — the First Lady and the girls will not be on the trip.

He may be, once again, “reaching out,” but I just don’t know about this response.

A Muslim student kicks a banner of President Barack Obama during a protest against his planned visit in Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia, Friday, March 12, 2010.

A student holds a poster of U.S President Barack Obama as she protests against Obama’s plans to visit Indonesia, outside the U.S. consulate in Medan, Indonesia’s North Sumatra province March 12, 2010.

Posted:  03.12.10


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14 responses to “Short delay in Obama’s trip to Indonesia – Muslims showing some love

  1. So who do you suppose he will be bowing down to now?


  2. bellalu0

    Maybe his little statue – if he can find it.


  3. Ms. M

    well, I think the family will not be coming cause it looks like it may not be a welcoming situation, I’d like to think it would be for their safety but why show them reality? we may buy the talking pts that this is to improve relationships but I’m seeing the other side views it as more yankee imperilism LOL LOL LOL can one miss what one has never had?


  4. Ms. M

    Ree getting ready to go to Cripple Creek for the night……..figured I might better squander my savings vs the govn’t doing it for me….. LOL LOL LOL


  5. bellalu0

    Time: March 16, 2010 from 9am to 6pm

    Location: Cannon House Office Building

    Street: Independence Avenue SE and New Jersey SE

    City/Town: Washington, DC

    Event Type: lobbying, against, obamacare, 2.0


  6. That sounds like fun MsM wish I was going too.

    Bella, Ed from Hot Air went to one of those rallys today and posted the photos.

    This is what won’t work for the coffee party – astro turf won’t come out in numbers in freezing weather without getting paid for it 🙂


  7. bellalu0

    This is good. I guess there won’t be any tv coverage on this. MSNBC is doing “Lockup” and CNN is replaying the Stephen becomes Susan doc. Fox is on Huckabee. Maybe Monday they’ll get to it??


  8. bellalu0

    “”This weekend marks the kick-off of the Coffee Parties across the country— which has been billed as the liberal response to the Tea Party movement — and I stopped by one of the Washington D.C. area gatherings Saturday morning at Peregrine Espresso in the Eastern Market area — only to find a small gathering of five activists huddled at a small table.””



  9. Ms. M

    Bella, I bet that coffee is starBUCKS! LOL LOL LOL
    survived Cripple Creek, the govn’t may end up with the family farm yet LOL LOL LOL


  10. bellalu0

    MsM, astrograss kopykats. 🙂

    Hope lots of teabaggers show up in D. C. on Tuesday.

    There couldn’t have been a better play on words as the real thing – Slaughter slaughtering the constitution. 🙂 She’s the one who told that bogus story about somebody wearing her sister’s dentures. Question: is Obamacare going to cover dental care and dentures??


  11. bellalu0


    “The one thing I am sure of is that the American people don’t know or care much about the sequencing of parliamentary procedures. They want an up or down vote after a year-long debate to bring this to a close.”


  12. Axelrod : Constitution we don’t need no stinkin Constitution… on the wall when Axelrod is advising the President….it only counts if they catch us not up holding the Constitution…

    It’s like a tree falling in the woods if nobody hears it does it make a sound.

    Axelrod’s problem, there are people including the Supreme Court paying close attention to Constitutionality – people are scrutinizing this Bill…..

    I really think they are trying to patch something together that won’t hold….so why are they going to this extent? On Hot Air we have been speculating the UNIONS are pressuring them and they can’t give up on this Bill.


  13. Ms. M

    Ree, if it is the unions pressuring the adm. the leadership of unions are quite like this adm……& the membership better plan on doing alot more STRIKE time in the future, as the way I see it, companies will NOT be able to bear the burden of the costs associated with this bill, which means come time to re-negotiate contracts benefits will be cut…………& I would futher hazzard a guess that the teaparty movement is comprised of large numbers of retired union membership………..


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