Where is the health care bill? Is there a health care bill?

So where does the health care reform bill stand at this time?  It’s difficult to understand where it is.

I thought the House was poised to vote on Senate bill (HR3590) which was passed by the Senate on Christmas Eve. See full text here.  I believe the bill consists entirely of amendments.  But while we are waiting to see if they have the votes to do this, there’s another process taking place.  They are writing a Reconciliation bill and may attach the Senate bill to it, so there is never a vote per se on the Senate bill.  Confusing? Yep.

So what is going to be in the Reconciliation Bill?  That’s a good question.  And who is in on the construction of this new bill?  Rahm Emanuel is in on it, for one, the democrats for sure, but are there any republicans in the room?

OR will they do what I thought would happen:  If they could get the votes on the Senate bill with no changes, it would go directly to the president and he would sign it into law.  Bam.  We’d have health care reform.  Then, maybe, a Reconciliation bill would be written to make changes demanded.

Interesting side note is that one idea being talked about is including changes in the way student loans work within the health care reform bill.  They are going to stuff it with God knows what.  What do student loans have to do with health care?  What is meant by the health care reform bill?  Is it the Senate bill, is it the Reconciliation bill, is it the Senate bill attached to the Reconciliation bill?  God knows.  Seems like too much monkey business to me.

I heard that Nancy Pelosi said we need to pass the bill so we can find out what’s in it.  I guess truer words have not been spoken.  Because nobody who votes on it will know exactly what’s in the bill.  Makes you crazy.

Just thought of something funny, imagine attaching over 2000 pages to another some 2000 pages.  This is our government at work.

Take a couple aspirin and read this Politico piece explaining the “dizzying array of options”. 🙂

Obamacare:  Bringing to health care the inefficiency of the post office and the compassion of the IRS.

Posted: 03.10.10


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18 responses to “Where is the health care bill? Is there a health care bill?

  1. anon

    Why WHY why are some of you so afraid of Media Matters for America??

    They just publish transcripts of live words that are on the airwaves….why sooo scared???

    “”””Rush Lays Out GOP’s Objective to “Defeat Health Care”
    Published Wed, Mar 10, 2010 5:47pm ET

    By Zachary Pleat

    At the beginning of his show today, Rush repeated his charge that the Democratic Party is a gulag. He then expressed delight at the continuing problems of retired Rep. Eric Massa and mentioned that Rahm Emanuel was a big topic on David Letterman’s show last night.”””




  2. anon

    Texas Board of Education criticizes Fox & Friends for “highly inaccurate” reporting
    March 10, 2010 3:53 pm ET by Media Matters staff

    In a press release issued today, the Texas Education Agency criticized Fox & Friends for broadcasting a segment this morning with “highly inaccurate information about the State Board of Education’s efforts to adopt the new social studies curriculum standards.”



  3. bellalu0

    “Massa a Dem Rock Star” http://legalinsurrection.blogspot.com/2010/03/rewind-massa-dem-rock-star.html

    “”””Nomination for 2010 Support at Firedoglake: “I live in NY-29 and Eric Massa is the real deal. He’s always cuts through the crap and calls it how it is. He’s also continually gone after the tea baggers on television and in a continual schedule of townhall meetings all over our district.”””””

    And now he is going after the democrats. Eric Massa was A DARLING of the progressives UNTIL they threw him under the bus. Pelosi: “Poor baby.”

    Or did he throw them under the bus? As they say there’s no honor among scumbags.


  4. Bella

    Look at the thread count on Imus Truth. Is it finally being abandoned?

    Comments (15174)



  5. bellalu0

    Ree, LOL. Sad.

    I just heard that the Slaughter solution was knocked down.

    So we are back to actually voting on it, I think.

    March 18 is out. Michele Bachmann planning a protest rally.


  6. Ms. M

    abondoned Ree, I’d say dead & buried LOL LOL LOL but I do think IHO’s are definately missed! LOL LOL LOL


  7. Bella, MsM,

    I don’t think anyone can find the end of the thread on Imus Truth anymore 🙂 They would need a navigation device.


    I am beginning to think everything about this “”Bill” is all for show now” 1st to keep their base from rioting, and 2nd They are trying to bluff the rest of the folks…the folks who they have a difficult time buffaloing.

    If you listen Rahm, he wants deadlines, and Nancy and Harry told him to forget about it…but this thing has a shelf life, that shrinks the closer it gets to the Congress’s spring break…..when they get to go home, and hear from their constituents.

    I was listening to Kyle, on Cavuto say, after this thing goes down, the Democrats will come to them, and a smaller workable bill will be put together and passed easily. First, I guess the Democrats have to pander to ?Who? exactly? The Far Left Hates It, The Far Right Hates It..I don’t know who likes it, except for Politicians getting kickbacks from the Insurance Industry maybe….

    I think it’s all for show now…..Nancy can play the martyr look what the Big Bad Health Insurance Industry has wrought – we fought so valiantly….or words to that effect. They fought the good fight, and the Evil Corporate Insurance Companies who finance their campaigns won, because they really think we are that stupid……I am really tired of politicians.


  8. And this is from CNN

    Health care reform deadlines: Dead on arrival?


    Seems like they are just buying time and letting the clock run out?


  9. I think they are hoping this is too confusing for us to understand. The bottom line the House and Senate Don’t trust each other…and none of us trust either one so they have plenty of company.



  10. Ms. M

    Ree, they have stated it is TOO confusing for US! LOL LOL LOL


  11. Ms. M

    methinks it’s too confusing for THEM LOL LOL LOL, but that speech in PA the other day, about how you young folks can stay on your parents policy til your 26 just slayed me………truly inspirational LOL LOL LOL assuming your parents stay employed, but isn’t it nice the message the leader of the free nation is sending is that it is OK to suck off your parents, the gvn’t, the SYSTEM…..
    I know I haven’t done it for a long time but…

    I WEEP FOR THIS NATION if that is the message being delivered & if the youth think that’s OK…….


  12. bellalu0

    That’s a full 8 years after they become adults at 18, and this is one of the things that will go into effect immediately, if you can believe anything they say.

    I guess that’s the 4 years of college and 4 years of graduate work – doctors, lawyers – but how much more will it cost to carry this coverage?

    I know if they had the votes in the House, it would be a done deal. So if it dies that means a big defeat for them but a big win for the rest of us.


  13. bellalu0

    Plus that’s what I have been thinking, that if Reid’s bill has to be signed into law first, then that’s it, Obama signs it and that’s the health care reform. The reconciliation may or may not ever go forward. Just a trick to get the number of votes they need. But surely they know that. I know they do.

    I guess that’s where the trust comes in. And it’s no wonder they don’t trust each other.


  14. Ree, they have stated it is TOO confusing for US! LOL LOL LOL

    MsM at one point Nancy Pelosi said, we will have to pass the Bill – so we can see what’s in it? WTF? Is she drinking? I listened to her on Maddow last night, and although I didn’t agree with Pelosi, she was on a non threatening program so she wasn’t all bizarre and confrontational….I thought to myself are the Press interviewing her on her bad days – when she is hung over or something? I am not slamming her. I really don’t get the woman. Why make enemies out of the majority of the electorate? It doesn’t make sense. When something doesn’t make sense, I think of you know mind altering substances…which happens but shouldn’t be happening with the most powerful women in the country. Something isn’t Right, and we don’t need to wait to find out in a scandal.

    Bella, they know they can’t trust each other. They know better than us just what dishonest -corporate owned shills each other are…I am just saying they jockey for position to feed at the corporate trough. None of what is going on with this BILL is about the American People. It’s about A POWER GRAB.

    My husband told me, he hopes they do shove it through, because the anger at the polls next November, will reign down an Un- Godly Hell upon them.


  15. Ms. M

    well I am convinced every single one of them are CORPORATE OWNED which is why I want a NEW SLATE of “UNQUALIFIED, INEXPERIENCED” CANDIDATES…..you know REAL FOLKS, that don’t KNOW HOW the SYSTEM works BUT just might WORK FOR US BECAUSE THEY LOVE our COUNTRY & the principles in which it was founded on……………………………………………………….


  16. bellalu0

    I saw part of that Maddow interview, Ree. My impression was she has her talking points memorized to perfection and she does not want to talk about abortion.

    Rachel hates Stupak, he is the evil one holding things up now, but she feels emphatically that he has been defeated.

    Nancy seemed to stop short of criticizing Stupak too badly, blaming everything on some fanthom people who are influecing him, and the republicans. lol. She didn’t get around to blaming Bush – not yet.

    Rachel let her talk and get her full statement in, which was nice of her, but which she would not do for an opposing viewpoint. I think everybody knows that.

    But both she and Rachel misrepresented Stupak’s position. He was on Greta and he presented 8 examples of wording that has already been used in other bills that he would find acceptable. Nancy said that Stupak wants reform, so then why won’t they meet him halfway. Just indicates there is a big rift within the democrat party.

    Paul Ryan said on Hannity, in effect, that it was idealogical and that they really believe it will be best for the American people even though they don’t know it and they will thank them once it is passed. Just hush little children, this is for your own good. lol.

    One of the talking points strikes me as a good example of the double talk – they are going to do the seniors a big favor by (partially) closing the donut hole, but Obama has said in speech after speech that Bush was a bum for starting the prescription program to start with, and not paying for it. If he really feels this way, he should just stop the drug program, then he would be consistent.

    I get absolutely sick when I hear about all the money that has been borrowed and spent on wasteful things.


  17. MsM, Bella,

    Ed Morrisey is putting it very well this is toward the end of his post on Hot Air.

    Does Pelosi have enough votes to carry the bill to victory? Perhaps, but listen to the sad eulogy she gives the public option, as well as the cheerleading strategy of “you don’t know how great this bill is yet” that flopped earlier this week. It sounds as though she’s trying to convince both moderates and progressives to jump aboard the Titanic by describing the pretty deckchairs as the ship is sinking.


    SEE “you don’t know how great this bill is yet”

    Neither does Nancy, she is going to pass it for our own good, and she has said we all will have to wait for it to be passed so we can see what is in it…1/6 of the economy- at a cost of 2 trillion now? I have lost track of the cost….and something so personal as health care, that effects every single person, and tax paying citizen in this country…..and we have to wait till it gets passed to see what’s in it?

    NOBODY elected them to decide what’s for our own good – that’s NOT representation. There is something wrong going on….even politicians with their double speak, have to know this crap isn’t selling – working on us poor simpletons/SARC.


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