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Raw, red-in-the-face anger from MSNBC’s Ratigan

Anger in America?  Which one of these guys is demonstrating pure hatred, desperate to the point of crying racist to the tea party guy, not allowing him to get in a word edgewise to answer his question.  You know when it gets to that point, they are all out of logical arguments, with no ability to have a rational discussion.  Talk about extreme, he’s off the charts.

Which one isn’t capable of even listening to another viewpoint other than his own? Which one is angry?  Which one is the bigot?

Notice at the very beginning, looks like the previous guest was one of my “favorite” radicals, Mark Potok, from the Southern Poverty Law center. Didn’t see it, but I imagine he got a very warm welcome from Mr. Ratigan. See more about him at previous post. Instead of whispering “I see dead people” he whispers, “I see racists and right wing radicals.”

Looks like Ratigan and Olbermann could be placed in the same padded cell and watched closely.

Or does he just need to moderate his alcohol intake?


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