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Bunning goes against the grain

The headline should read:  Barbara Boxer and Senate democrats ignore Pay Go law.


I have been thinking about this Jim Bunning issue and the way it has been presented.

The democrats and their mouths, the mainstream media, have tarred and feathered Mr. Bunning and made him out to be a demon.

(I just searched on the word “Bunning” and here’s what comes up top of the list.)

Bunning’s abrasive behavior spans career

– CNN – 11 hours ago

Sen. Jim Bunning was called one of the nation’s five worst U.S. senators by Time magazine in 2006 and as a baseball player became one of the few pitchers to anger…

See what I mean?  I hate to even put this up and  help them spread it, but it is so illustrative.  I’ll bet you will be hard pressed to find anything about the other side of this story.

They lie and play deceitful games, and the MSM is now trying to ruin or smear him, as they will any person who does not toe the line to the accepted liberal spin.

I watched part of this vote on CSPAN.  Apparently Bunning was expecting that the, what was it, 10 or 20 billion dollar “jobs” bill would be modified by his amendment that reduced a tax exemption somewhere else (on the printing business, something to do with “black liquor.)”

“U.S. Senator Jim Bunning issued the following statement after Senate Democrats used a procedural gimmick to oppose the Bunning amendment that would have paid for the unemployment extension legislation and other federal programs.”

See his website to see more about his position and the democrat hypocrisy.

I don’t know why he relented and voted yes on the bill.  Because the democrats voted down his amendment.  So the bill is not paid for, but goes to the deficit.  This only a few days after Obama/democrats pounded their collective breasts with the Pay Go bill.

So Bunning got all the flack, all the bad press (which he made easy by adding fuel to the fire with his elevator incident.) and I didn’t see any republicans stand with him.  Well, maybe one toward the end.

But I ask you, have you heard one word about the fact that the democrats took a point of order and did not allow his amendment?

This is the important part.  The part where they violated or ignored the Pay Go bill they just passed a few days ago, and did not pay for the unemployment bill, but added it to the deficit.

By the way, it was Ms. Boxer (do not call me ma’am) who brought the point of order and led the way to the defeat of the amendment.  Haven’t seen her name in the spotlight.  Haven’t seen her name in the CNN headlines going back over her entire career to find anything negative.  Nope.  It’s pick a target, attack, and distract.

So when you heard president Obama say he was so proud of the Pay Go bill and how it was going to stop the overspending, he was being deceitful.

The same dishonesty is at play with every.thing. they. do.  The same dishonesty is at play with the health care bill, especially.

You will hear that Bunning voted against the Pay Go bill.  Doesn’t matter – it passed and now they are obligated to go by it.  What is really hypocritical and dishonest is the fact they passed it with great pride and fanfair but now don’t abide by it.

Someone  said it is an understood fact that this will happen and they all know it, so it is smoke and mirrors to fool the people.

It wasn’t a filibuster either.  It never got to the floor.  It could have, but the leader of the Senate did not bring it up.  He just wanted to slip it through to cover up the fact they were so soon not abiding by the Pay Go law they just passed.  It was called a filibuster, but technically it can’t be a filibuster unless the bill is on the floor.  The way I understand it, Reid wanted unanimous consent and Bunning refused to go along with this, demanding the rules be followed.

See more here.

There’s another big problem here.  Unemployment is naturally an emotional issue, which they play to the max, but they could probably have cut the congress’ liquor bill and cut back on their travel per diem and made up the difference.

Why?  Because they are thieves and they want to play that boo hoo card.  There are plenty of ways to cut the spending without cutting money that goes out to the people, like the unemployment compensation does.

They build fountains and conduct surveys and build airports and roads in remote places, and all manner of other unnecessary things.  I wonder how much of this kind of trash was in the jobs/stimulus bill.

Oh, and another thing, the medicare doctor fix is hidden in the jobs/stimulus bill, so it won’t be charged against the total cost of the health care bill.

And what is the reason that is given when asked why this all goes on and you will hear “because that’s just the way it works, worked this way for years, just politics.”  What kind of reason is that?  It’s time that it is stopped, and if they really want to cut back on spending they could begin today.  But they continue with the tricks and the lies, even as the country sinks further and further into financial trouble.

Bunning explains his position in USA Today.

UPDATE: Just heard about this – SIX times more coverage of Senator Bunning who did nothing wrong, to coverage of Charlie Rangel, Democrat, who violated House ethics rules with his trips to the Caribbean, among other things like converting rent adjusted housing for his own personal use, I believe at least 3 units, and for a long time.

This is ABC, so not to mention MSNBC’s coverage, particularly Rachel Maddow  who was obsessing on it.

Posted:  03.04.10  Updated:  01.07.10.


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