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Nine House members consider changing no vote to yes on health care

Nine House Democrats indicated in an Associated Press survey Monday they have not ruled out switching their “no” votes to “yes” on President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul, brightening the party’s hopes in the face of unyielding Republican opposition.

The House version of health care passed 220-215 in November, with 39 Democrats voting against it. Since then, defections, resignations and a death have taken away yes votes.

With four House seats now vacant, Pelosi would need 216 votes to approve the Senate-passed version, which replaces the jettisoned House bill.

In interviews with the AP, at least nine of the 39 Democrats—or their spokesmen—either declined to state their positions or said they were undecided about the revised legislation, making them likely targets for intense wooing by Pelosi and Obama.

Here’s the Nine to contact/watch

(there might be 10)

Brian Baird of Washington

Bart Gordon of Tennessee

John Tanner of Tennessee— these three are not seeking re-election this fall.

The others are:

Rick Boucher of Virginia

Suzanne Kosmas of Florida

Frank Kratovil of Maryland

Michael McMahon of New York

Scott Murphy of New York

and Glenn Nye of Virginia.

Kill this bill in the House.

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See Previous Post. It can be killed in the House and never make it back to the Senate. (Well, I guess if they change it, it’s a whole new bill, it would be going to the Senate for the first time.)  In any event, it can be killed in the House.

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