The KoolAid is now poison, will the democrats drink it?

I’m not sure who initially attached the term “drinking the KoolAid” to the Obama campaign.  The tragedy is that now the campaign has become the administration.

And it is getting serious. Nancy Pelosi has basically asked the democrats to sacrifice their careers on the altar of “Comprehensive Health Care.” Saying the following:

Lawmakers sometimes must enact policies that, even if unpopular at the moment, will help the public, Pelosi said in an interview being broadcast Sunday the ABC News program “This Week.”

“We’re not here just to self-perpetuate our service in Congress,” she said. “We’re here to do the job for the American people.

But the American people do not want it and if they do this reconcilition, she knows it is an end to many a legislative career.  They will be voted Out.  Poll after poll shows they are going against the will of the people, with about 80% disapproval of the Congress.

She is asking them to “drink the KoolAid” for what she and the Obama Administration perceives to be the greater good.  Will they do it?

Some 30 years ago, the progressives of San Francisco embraced Jim Jones and his People’s Temple and vice versa.  He was associated with many familiar names like Jimmy Carter, Mondale, Former Mayor of San Francisco, Willie Brown and others.   See how San Francisco liberal elite was captivated by Jim Jones.

“It was raw politics. He was able to deliver what politicians want, which is power. And how do you get power? By votes. And how do you get votes? With people. Jim Jones could produce 3,000 people at a political event.”


“Before he became infamous for leading 913 people to their deaths [by instructing them to drink a KoolAid mixture laced with poison] in the Guyanese jungle, the Rev. Jim Jones was the darling of San Francisco’s liberal establishment — a man who could spread the wealth to all the fashionable charities and, at a moment’s notice, marshal thousands of followers for a good cause.”

He for the most part enjoyed a fawning press as well, although some were sounding warnings and alarms but apparently nobody listened.

“The Rev. Mr. Jones had just completed what were said to be two resuscitations of parishioners who had either fainted or gone into catatonic stiffenings in the general excitement.”

Faintings?  Sound familiar?

There are parallels.

He offered his people The Great Utopia, providing shelter and health care, food and they were good but too gullible people.  They wanted to be cared for and provided for.  He offered them sustenance but delivered death.  He promised them Utopia, but delivered hell.  They called him Father, and even thanked him as they were drinking the poison.  See this You Tube just to prove that this was for real and not some opinion or wild story. and Warning:  It is very disturbing to listen to but what happened, happened. (I see You Tube/Google is “protecting us” by making it difficult to get to these.)

The American people do not want a Father figure.  We would prefer freedom to provisions.  We prefer life to death.

Do we have any democrats who for the sake of honor or even for pride want to go down in history as heroes for saving America?

Words of Wisdom:  If we don’t learn from history, we will repeat it.  The definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Posted:  03.01.10


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54 responses to “The KoolAid is now poison, will the democrats drink it?

  1. Bella,

    We are going to find out if we have anyone left in the Congress with a conscious.

    One way or another Congress is going to get a House Sweeping next November and if it is full of Socialized Cult Members, they are going to feel their power leaving.

    The same thing that happened to George W Bush’s tax cuts will happen to this Legislation. Using reconciliation it will last 5 years, unless it is voted on again and renewed. Everyone starts paying for it immediately, but the effect of the bill doesn’t start for 4 years that means it’s got a shelf life of a year at which time it expires. In the meantime it can be repealed or they can block it by not funding it…all kinds of legislative maneuvers, can be used against the MOST UNPOPULAR LEGISLATION I can remember in my life time.

    So what are the Democrats really sacrificing for? The President will be hurt politically if some kind of Health Insurance Reform isn’t passed. So yes this is all about the Kool Aide.

    They could actually pass some real reform that people want, but this isn’t about the American people. This is about a Progressive Power Grab.

    They are in trouble politically, big trouble…but I think George Soros is pulling their strings, and they can’t propose real bi partisan legislation.


  2. I don’t feel sorry for any of them Evans of Newsweek blames us not the Politicians….uh huh there are what 535 of them and 306 million of us but we are wrong.

    Most of these politicians are in some corporation’s pocket special interest. Look at the infulence George Soros has had on our Domestic Politics…So Evan Thomas can pull at his hair and scratch at his face beat his chest. The truth of the matter is this is what all these D.C. Politicians can expect when they make a DEAL WITH THE DEVIL.

    Newsweek is so in the RED financially and metaphorically it’s mind boggling that they can’t get that “People Turned Away”


  3. Lemmings…there is a Darwin Scenario going on here, when a species can’t adapt, nature phases it out. I really think the Progressive Wave Has Crested probably even before Obama was elected. Barack Obama is their final Hurrah.


  4. bellalu0

    “The Obama Way” has just brought it all to a head. As I see it, people may have disagreed with what was going on previously, but just kept silent.

    Well, silence NO More. It has now been revealed in a big way what the end game is of the Progressives, and it is a Deal With the Devil, indeed. I see, it as a Starwars fight now.

    And as I read The Congress is at WAR with the American people. New Poll: 80 percent disagree with their Congress.

    I’ll have to read what Genius Evan Thomas has to say. I thought once he was on the right side. I wonder if he has another job lined up, once this one collapses.


  5. bellalu0

    Oh sh*t. I just clicked on the Newsweek link. I can’t read it. The title (“Congress is not broken, we are”) alone has made me furious. Who the hell does Evan Thomas think he is?

    WE are broken? NO.

    Maybe he thinks he will get a job as Czar of Propangada. The little basterd.


  6. bellalu0

    Just heard the White House continues to think we are a bunch of imbiciles.

    They have changed their wording again.

    From nuclear option – to reconciliation – now to “up or down vote.” And, of course, it’s all the same damm thing.


  7. bellalu0

    And High Priestess Pelosi is saying to the democrats: it won’t hurt a bit, just drink it down, relax, have courage.


  8. Jersey McJones

    The “American people” want healthcare reform. Many of them are frightened by the scare tactics of the Right, but if the congress can get 30+ million people covered, they may take a small hit in the short-run, but in the long the American people will be better – as will the Democrats. Pelosi and Obama are not stupid. They know this is true. Just watch that Recovery Act money as it pours out to the American people this year. It’s going to “work.” When it doesn, the Democrats will be in a much better position.

    We’ve run into a real problem in America in recent years: not enough government. Not enough regulation, not enough taxation, not enough government investment. It’s time for the corporate sector to be held to the social compact, for the wealthy to start paying their due, and for the government to start spening our tax dollars here at home rather than abroad fighting unnecessary wars. If we do those things, we can turn this country around. If we don’t, than we continue down the sam failed path we started down some thirty years ago.

    Face it, guys – everything you’ve believed in for the past thirty years is wrong.



  9. bellalu0

    Well, JMJ, surely you jest.


  10. Ms. M

    JMJ what did that signing of NAFTA/GATT do for this country signed into law in 1994 by billy clinton? HMMMMMMMMMMMMM? Maybe more Americans need hellcare cause they lost that manufacturing based job that was the envy of the world? Now Toyota in trouble too? So who was NAFTA/GATT good for? maybe those greedy corps the clintons love LOL LOL LOL


  11. Who is Evan Thomas describing? We didn’t live like there was no tomorrow and max out dozens of credit cards. And buy a $400,000 house. And a whole bunch of other people didn’t do that either. But he wants to blame Americans. Truth is the majority of Americans who did not cause the present mess are still being penalized. The big spenders caused the mess, we get to clean it up.


  12. Anonymous

    OMG JMJ already drank the kool-aid. Hey JMJ take a look at europe. Is that what you want here?


  13. Jersey McJones

    Ms. M, NAFTA (and GATT and MFN for China, etc) has been an UNMITIGATED DISTASTER for this country. But if you are fool enough to believe that Free Trade is somehow a partisan Democrat issue, than you are truly living under a rock. Both the mainstream, establishment GOP and the Dems are fully behind Free Trade. GHW Bush would have signed the same bill had he been reelected.

    Know your history. Christ! It wasn’t all that long ago!

    Yes, anonymous, I would LOVE to have what they have in Europe! Didn’t you ever wonder why EVERY DEVELOPED NATION ON THE PLANET HAS SOME KIND OF UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE EXCEPT FOR US??? We’re the stupid ones.



  14. bellalu0

    We have a system in place, i.e., medicare and medicaid, one for those over 65 and the other for the poor, which is now going broke in a few years but has a relatively small amount of people on it in comparison to the population of the United States.

    Now how much money is it going to take to add the entire nation? The whole thing is based on a lie. How much, in addition to social security and medicare, is it going to take to support this monstrosity? I have yet to understand how it is medicare is going broke and yet we can finance a program 100 times bigger. Everybody is already paying medicare – it’s mandatory. How much more will they need? I dont’ trust the government to administer it either. They lie when they say it will be deficit neutral. They lie when they say care will not be reduced in quality.

    There is nothing basically wrong with our medical care. It is, in fact, the best in the world. Why do we want to reduce the quality of care in order to take care of a relatively few? We could take care of the working poor by allowing more to qualify for medicaid. We dont’ have to dismantle everything we have in place.

    If taking care of the uninsured is the problem, get them insured and leave the rest alone. That seems to be the reason that is being pushed with all the sob stories that are told. No facts, just sob stories.



  15. Ms. M

    Hey Jersey, welcome to the party, little late cause you would KNOW how I feel about the “two parties” & I know my history pretty well my friend…..I realize anyone of the scallywags would have signed NAFTA/GATT but billy clinton the pres of the working man’s party DID SIGN IT which in my retired UNION pt of view makes it EVEN WORSE & now that hellcare instead of JOBS is the focal pt of this adm of the working class my “cadillac plan” will be taxed at some pt by the braintrust called the democratic party… want univeral healthcare vs the ability to pay for it MOVE……all I ever have wanted living in the land of “opportunity” is the ABILITY TO PROVIDE FOR MYSELF & I DON’T BELIEVE THAT IS THE ROLE OF GOVERNMENT


    • Jersey McJones

      Ms. M, you have a convoluted logic going here… You’re union, right? Well, if the government didn’t step in and protect labor rights, you would NEVER had been even given the chance to join a union! And Republicans are completely against unions! And Clinton was Blue Dog – a CONSERVATIVE Democrat. Of course he signed NAFTA! Was there any doubt he would? Only those on the far right and far left are against “Free Trade.” It’s one of the few things we have in common.

      I don’t like the tax on plans either, but they do have one upside – they will force the provdiers to offer lower cost plans. Truth be told, these “Cadillac” plans are just lining the pockets of insurance CEOs and shareholders. And remember, the unions had to bargain away your salary to get that plan in the first place. So, you’re paying for it. Wouldn’t you rather pay less, get the same coverage, and earn more (well, if you were still working…)?

      And if you’re retired, THE GOVERNMENT IS ALREADY PROVIDING FOR YOU! If you live long enough, you’ll get far more back in SS and Medicare than you ever paid in! Depending on where you live, because you are retired, the government may be subsidizing your property taxes, and other costs of living as well. The government is negotiating your (non-prescription, thanks to the sleazy GOP) healthcare expenses. The government is insuring your savings and sheltering from taxes some of your investments, if you have them.

      Whether you like it or not, the government is there for you. You just don’t seem to want it to be there for anyone else. And if you think the Righties care a whiff about union people like you, then you really do live under a rock!



  16. bellalu0

    NEWS FLASH from Media Matters:

    “”Right-wing blogs have attacked White House economic adviser Larry Summers’ statement that heavy snowfall in February may distort the unemployment data for the month. In fact, economists reportedly say that snow can cause a temporary decline in employment and distort job statistics.””


    Ya think?
    “economists reportedly say” there’s the crucial part.

    If that be true, now that the weather has cleared up, all will be well.

    Truth be told, things are getting worse not better since the Wonder took office. True. True. True.


  17. bellalu0

    Do we want the progressives who hate our guts in charge or our health care?


  18. Melsgo

    JMJ needs to head over the England and enjoy the healthcare…where patients are left unattended in halls to die, others have to drink water out of flower vases while laying in their own waste. And they’re a small country compared to us! Imagine our 300 million plus all the illegals and we’ll be lucky to get mediocre care.

    I’m going tomorrow to my wonderful doctors to get my check up, blood work and mammogram… the works! I love my insurance, don’t mind paying for it. I will pay more for it if it means keeping the govt out of my life.


    • Jersey McJones

      This is a lie. First of all, people here get left to die all the time. Secondly, England is a rather porr example, because they have a two-tier system, where the wealthy get private insurance and everyone else gets public inusurance. Finally, the people the English are healthier than us! They live longer! They have lower infant mortality rates! So, this is just a lie.

      Look, you just gave away how you really feel. It’s the ol’ “I got mine so $%#@ you” position. Like Galbraith said, “The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.”



  19. Melsgo

    Bella…did you hear Megan McShame calling Tea Partiers racists?! She calls herself a pro-sex conservative progressive or some such bs.

    I love that Rick Perry beat the Kay BH in Texas.


    • Jersey McJones

      You want proof that the teabaggers are racist?

      1. Why are they only now, and so suddenly vocifierously, complaining about things that have been going on for over a generation?

      2. Why are they all old white, rural and exurban people?

      3. Why do they use all these vague slogans like “I want my country back?” Back from whom?

      C’mon. Get real. These people just hate the fact that the president of the United States is a black man named Obama.



  20. bellalu0

    He is saying that people who can’t afford insurance will get tax credits.

    Tax credits? That does not help anyone and it takes a fool to think that it does. If you think there are sob stories now, just wait until this goes in. Tax credits do not buy groceries or pay rent.

    This from people who don’t pay their own taxes, and fly around the world on tax money, drink thousands of dollars worth of liquor, and then keep the left over per diem because it’s “only a few hundred dollars.”

    Plus anything the government is going to give you, it will take your life’s blood from you first. That’s If you qualify. And the problem is you wll have to fill out papers, go to them on your hands and knees to see if some bureaucrat deems you qualified. Then try to call them and ask a question. Just try it. If you’re lucky you get a recording. Then it’s wait, wait, wait, and then you get another recording referring you somewhere else. If you think an insurace company is bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet. How many new agencies do you think this will require? With every citizen in the United States trying to get through to them???

    Who believes that any money they collect will actually be there anyway? They spent all the Social Security lock box money. If they had not, we may have enough money to keep it going. And I just wonder how much money has been collected from every employee and employer in the country since July 30, 1965 in medicare deductions.


    • Jersey McJones

      Bella, you do know what a tax credit is, right?



      • bellalu0

        Mac, in terms of a tax credit with reference to the health care bill, the bill that’s not a bill yet, it has not been explained what it really means.

        In reference to other things, say, the tax credit for first time buyers to buy a home, you have to file to get it. You have to PROVE that you qualify for it, which you should. I heard there is already fraud in this.

        My point is, the working poor or whatever you want to call them, those who do not qualify for medicaid, will be required to buy insurance and I think paid for by payroll deduction. If they get any credits for this, it will be at the end of the year by getting involved with the IRS and proving they are qualified. Probably many, many papers involved here. For the entire previous year, they have had to meet expenses, minus whatever is taken as a payroll deduction to pay for the insurance. So they don’t have that extra money to live on for the year.

        The way I understand it, you wil be able to buy insurance in a private manner, but you’ll have to prove to the IRS that it is an APPROVED insurance. Bottom line is it is requiring everbody in the USA to buy insurance or face fines and/or jail.

        This is way too much control by the government, and unlike most everything now, exept to pay taxes, there is no other program anywhere comparable to or as far reaching as the proposed health care monstrosity. Too much loss of FREEDOM.

        I read through one of the bills being considered and it gives almost total control of many things to the head of Department of Health, (Sebelius). So we don’t have any idea what she will decide. There was even something in there giving power to the Department of Justice to decide something. There’s a lot of junk in there. And, again, there is no bill at this time.


  21. bellalu0

    Mel, I didn’t hear Miss McCain. She was probably on some channel I don’t watch too much. She’s just like Paris Hilton. Child of entitlement who has never done anything and knows if she talks progressive crap the MSM will drool all over her.


    • Bella Meghan McCain has been whining about turning the Republican Party into the Hedonist Party for sometime. Although she would probably have to look up definition of Hedonism. But Bill Maher wouldn’t need to 😉


  22. Ms. M

    well, Perry most likely will be Gov, again (4 terms now) Kay will stay in Washington & my understanding is Texas teapartiers wanted Medina……so is that status quo or what? & if people are waking up how in all that is holy is Spector leading in Pa?


  23. Ms. M

    housing tax credit, friend got denied reason, couldn’t verify address….lame & pathetic lies…..


  24. bellalu0

    You say you got a real solution
    Well you know
    We’d all want to see the plan
    You ask me for a contribution
    Well you know
    We’re all doing what we can
    But if you want money for people with minds that hate
    All I can tell you is brother you’ll have to wait

    You say you’ll change the constitution
    Well you know
    We’d all love to change your head
    You tell me it’s the institution
    Well you know
    You better free your mind instead
    But if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao
    You ain’t going to make it with anyone anyhow
    Don’t you know know it’s gonna be alright [x3]
    Alright [x7]


  25. I was very disappointed to see how badly Medina fared. And she was the only candidate worth having. Now we got Perry for four more years and he fell into this position in the first place.

    We are paying $11,000 a month to rent him a place to live for years while the Governor’s mansion is restored. I wonder why the state didn’t just buy him a house. The owner is probably some crony. Why did I even ask?


  26. Ms. M

    in other words, they always want US to believe the lessor of two evils, isn’t so badddddddd….LOL LOL LOL


  27. Ms. M

    HC, the opiner beck did NOT help her cause one bit……..for lent I am swearing off MSM LOL LOL LOL


  28. Ms. M

    can anybody answer me this: How do the teapartiers support Palin who supports the status quo? I think I know the answer, I’ve only been yammering about it since we all met, over a little indescetionary phrase that put the kabash on a little thing called FREE SPEECH! LOL LOL LOL


  29. HC, the opiner beck did NOT help her cause one bit……..for lent I am swearing off MSM LOL LOL LOL

    Ms. M; Word is that not only is Beck a big Perry supporter, remember him at Alamo with “Populist” Perry, but Clear Channel Radio Stations support Perry and Beck is involved with them. He set Debra Medina up.


  30. bellalu0

    They should have collected a lot of money by now for social security.

    The Social Security Act was signed by FDR on 8/14/35. Taxes were collected for the first time in January 1937 and the first one-time, lump-sum payments were made that same month. Regular ongoing monthly benefits started in January 1940.

    Idiots and theives have been in charge. They think the money is there at their disposal, fly here, fly there, party, party, party.


  31. bellalu0

    I notice that Perry is incorporating tea party language in his statements. He has been smart enough to worm into it, use it to his advantage.

    Sometimes I just say What? to Beck.


  32. Ms. M

    see stuff like that is what confirms my greatest suspicion & fear…..the “two parties” greatest fear is the formation of a viable third party & that MSM corparate lackeys will say whatever to ENSURE THE STATUS QUO………….yeap swearing off Beck for sure with his history lessons & hawking the message thru PAID admission due to US having to SACRIFICE LOL LOL LOL

    Bold fresh tour was anything but BOLD or FRESH….more like SAME SH*T DIFFERENT DAY….LOL LOL LOL


  33. bellalu0

    Bunning was pretty good, saying things that needed to be said because the democrats are the biggest hypocites in the world, but then I learned this was his last year. So would he be doing anything or has he done anything so far? No.

    Good case for four year term limit.


  34. Ms. M

    Bella, how are they funding expanding extended out of work benefits? I thought that was the deal for Bunning to give his vote?


  35. bellalu0

    You know, I don’t know because his amendment did not pass, the dems voted it down. It was something about reducing tax credit on “black liquor”, something to do with a paper mill.

    So let me think…..I’m thinking it wasn’t paid for, because the democrats would’t vote for it.


  36. bellalu0

    Comment made by McJones:

    Quote: “”You want proof that the teabaggers are racist?

    1. Why are they only now, and so suddenly vocifierously, complaining about things that have been going on for over a generation?

    2. Why are they all old white, rural and exurban people?

    3. Why do they use all these vague slogans like “I want my country back?” Back from whom?

    C’mon. Get real. These people just hate the fact that the president of the United States is a black man named Obama.””



    I’m going to jump in on this one, being a teabagger myself and a defender of the tea party movement:


    1. It takes a lot to motivate busy working people. It took something like the very first bail out, and followed by massive government bailouts and government intrusion that was the last straw. That got a lot of people’s attention. This was a true grass roots movement with no leader. Still does not have a leader.

    2. White, rural and exurban? I’ll give you that one. Although there are lots of young people, to say otherwise is just not accurate. There are some blacks. Don’t know what you mean by rural, but about 99 percent of America is rural so you would expect that a lot of middle America would be rural. It was and is open to all, come one come all.

    3. Signs saying “I want my country back.” I sure do. Back from the progressives, liberals and RINOs. Watch the 2010 elections. I’m not alone.


  37. Ms. M

    all this retired union dog has to say is this, most people are pretty complacent & will take just about anything, but people are coming together because they are tired of the LIES of both parties……NO democrat for the worker & the middle class should have ever signed legislation that shipped their job OVERSEAS & the voter has done hit the tolerence wall esp after “HOPE, CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN & TRANSPARENCY”………………….I just happen to be about 20 years ahead of the crowd cause when billy signed NAFTA/GATT that did it for this WORKER……….& I will reinerate I DO NOT WANT THE GOVERNMENT DOING ANYTHING FOR ME, I WANT THE GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO DO FOR MYSELF…………all pts simplified, but life & choice is NOT THAT COMPLICATED except when FOOLS, CHEATS, LIARS & THIEFS ARE PUT IN CHARGE, & LEMMINGS BELIEVE THEM………LOL LOL LOL


  38. Man in Quebec Canada was taken to court for trying to purchase Private Health Insurance it went to their Supreme Court. So in Canada you have to use the Governments health care unlike England where you can use the Governments or buy Private insurance.

    There is no way Americans will put up with Socialized Health Care.


  39. Jersey McJones


    From what I understand, you would only be required to buy insurance with your own money if you have it to spend. Look, I don;t like the mandate either. It’s a Republican idea, ya’ know. They just suddenly changed their minds about it. I don’t even think it’s constutional. The only thing constitutionally mandated of the public is that they be counted in the census, and even that’s only a conferred responsibility.

    There’s a few things I don’t like about these bills thus far. But everything I’ve seen is still much better than what we have now.

    As for “approved” insurance, we have that now. So, I don’t know what you’re complaining about. All the states have insurance company coverage requirements, and the state with the lowest requirements, Texas, has the worst healthcare. Conservatives are in a race to the bottom as usual. I don’t think they’ll be happy until we turn into another Somalia.

    As for the teabaggers:

    1. “It takes a lot to motivate busy working people.” These are not motivated busy working people. These are people with too much time, and hate, on their hands.

    2. “…about 99 percent of America is rural…” What??? Man, you teabagger really do live under rocks! 99%??? I got news for you, sunshine… The urban outnumber the rural in thios country by 3 to 1.

    3. “Signs saying “I want my country back.” I sure do. Back from the progressives, liberals and RINOs. Watch the 2010 elections. I’m not alone.” the only way the GOP WON’T win big in 2010 is if they nominate a bunch of teabagger screwballs. Mark MY words.



  40. bellalu0

    Haha — If didn’t know better, I’d think you were prejudiced against the teabaggers.

    They are wonderful people. Oh, oh, I should have said We are wonderful people. 😉


  41. Ms. M

    I’ve gone to several rally’s of AMERICANS peacefully assembling who are heartsick that this NATION UNDER GOD has been dissected into SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS…..let me reinerate, NO ONE GROUP OF CITIZENS RIGHTS SHOULD SUPERCEDE ANOTHERS……IN FACT THERE SHOULD BE NO DIFFERENTATION BETWEEN ANY GROUP OF AMERICAN CITIZENS PERIOD……….make no mistake those in need of help should be helped, those of US that do NOT want help should NOT HAVE TO GO ALONG FOR THE RIDE……..this country should be based on FREE CHOICE WITHOUT GOVERNMENT INTERFERENCE………teabaggers for the most part are NOT RACIST but I do feel the GOP is trying to subvert & co op the movement……dems are not even smart enough to acknowlege it LOL LOL LOL


  42. teabaggers for the most part are NOT RACIST but I do feel the GOP is trying to subvert & co op the movement……Dems are not even smart enough to acknowledge it LOL LOL LOL

    That’s the God’s Honest Truth.


  43. Ms. M

    & Ree, IN GOD I TRUST!


  44. Jersey McJones

    There is no God.

    You’d all die like diseased rats in the streets were it not for the government.

    The Teabaggers come in a variety of intellectual and moral shapes and sizes, but you can be damned sure that a LOT of them are just plain ol’ racists.



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