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Health Care Vote and Reconciliation simplified

In a nutshell as I understand it:

  • The Health Care Senate bill is now in the House.
  • It has to pass the House in order to go back to the Senate.
  • This thanks to Jim DeMint.
  • There can be no “reconciliation” until the bill passes the House.  That takes 218 216 votes.
  • Pelosi is now muscling to get those votes.

The 60 votes we keep hearing about is in the Senate. The reconciliation process would require only 51 (actually 50+ Joe biden).

They are actually ahead of themselves.  Unless it gets through the House of Representatives, there CAN BE NO reconciliation or “up or down” vote (as they are now calling it)  in the Senate.  I think all the media talk about the Senate vote at this point is a distraction, a tactic, to get our eyes off the ball.

There’s still time to contact Congressmen in the House.  It can be stopped there.

Pray to God it is stopped IN THE HOUSE.

See The Hill.

“Pelosi also confronts a difficult whipping mission to get the 218 votes.

The question of whether the healthcare reform would permit federal dollars to be used for abortion services remains unresolved. Up to 20 Democrats could bail on the bill over that issue, according to Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.), an outspoken critic of abortion rights.

Thirty-nine Democrats voted against the House bill, most of them centrists. Many favor the Senate measure, but the negative political climate for Democrats and the public’s mixed view of the healthcare debate have centrists anxious and even disinclined to back the legislation.

Reid has to keep his own conference in line. Democrats need at least 50 votes, with Vice President Joe Biden casting the tie-breaker, but that could be a challenge.

Although all 57 Democrats and the chamber’s two independents voted for the Senate bill, Reid risks losing votes. One wild card is Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark.), who has a tough reelection campaign under way.”

I understand Pelosi is working on three representatives who are retiring.  Can’t remember their names right now – two from Tennessee and one from Oregon, I think.  I’ll check on this.  Here we go:  Representative John Tanner and Representative Bart Gordon, both of Tennessee, and Representative Brian Baird of Washington.

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