Chris Matthews: “The republicans kept their crazies in the closet”

MSNBC needs to maintain its own insane asylum and maybe let them out for an hour to do their news shows.

This from Chris Matthews is a riot.  I didn’t see this and  perhaps three or four people did, but on Thursday night, Matthews goes off the deep end comparing the republicans at the health care summit “an example of Pyongyang democracy – parroting their Dear Leader,” and saying the “crazies” were kept “in the closet.”

This is projecting to the enth degree.  Especially since his Leader is indeed the Dear Leader.

He’s off the deep end.  But wait.  I take it all back.  Judge for yourselves.

Chris Matthews, during a special post-health care summit two hour edition of Hardball on Thursday night, dissected the GOP strategy as one of keeping their “crazies” like Michele Bachman and Joe Wilson, “in the closet” and mocked that their “rehearsed” phrases made them sound like a “North Korean assembly” and exclaimed it was “an example of Pyongyang democracy, which is “What the Dear Leader told us to recite.”

It’s going to be really hard to wipe out the common sense and the facts – the truth – that the republicans put forward at the summit.

But look at this, a little truth seeps out and Chris admits Obama is a Saul Alinsky community organizer..
Posted:  02.27.10


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18 responses to “Chris Matthews: “The republicans kept their crazies in the closet”

  1. Bella,

    That’s how you can tell they are rattled, they are in tough shape, I don’t know if Nan is even equipped with the ability to pivot. I think Obama is capable but Nan and Harry, have painted themselves into a corner by pandering to their crazie fringe. Over Promising and Under
    Delivering is not going to get the job done.


  2. The reason he mentioned Michelle Bachman or Joe Wilson is because he wanted to use them as Bait for his broadcast. Chris Matthews has turned into a TROLL.


  3. bellalu0

    Yep, it is troll behavior, isn’t it. I have been trying to put my finger on it, and that’s it.

    When all else fails just attack attack attack. I can’t believe the gutter they have sunken into. One day, when sanity is restored, this will be looked back on as an extremely low point in “journalism.” The fourth estate has failed.

    I guess some of these people don’t care if they go down looking like fools.

    “Have the democrats become the party of cruelty?”


  4. bellalu0

    I didn’t want the republicans to go to the summit, but I was wrong. The democrats looked like little spoiled brats.

    Don’t they realize that the wave in the country is against them? And yet they continue to insult Americans.

    What is it? Death throes?


  5. Ms. M

    well now is the glass half empty or half full? OR if the repubs kept their crazies in the closet is that borderline freudian homophobe LOL LOL LOL OR does it mean the dems have their crazies out in plain sight? LOL LOL LOL


  6. bellalu0

    Haha, MsM, I do think it is double speak and means that they did pretty damm good, and made a lot of sense because only the sane republicans were allowed to speak.

    i was reading this artticle last night. I hope this is true.

    I cannot conceive of the idea that every single democrat is prepared to be defeated in order to pass this monster. Some maybe, but not all. There could be some heroes to emerge out of this if some of them stand up and stop this. Hey, if they are going to sacrifice their career anyway maybe some would rather go down as heroes instead of drones. I hope.


  7. bellalu0

    I read a comment somebody made that we should make sure they are afraid not only of losing in November, but that they are afraid to go home. lol.

    I have heard that Ben Nelson has been booed out of restaurants, etc., back home in Nebraska. Ha.


  8. THE NYT is already targeting Centrist Democrats.

    Wary Centrists Posing Challenge in Health Care Vote.

    What’s wrong with that headline? If the majority of people don’t want socialized medicine in this country, why shouldn’t the Centrist be applauded?
    Not described as a Challenge.


  9. From Bella’s link above.

    Now, the Speaker finds herself in the position of having to pass a bill she says she does not have the votes to pass.

    Without passing the Senate bill she can’t pass, the Speaker can’t do reconciliation. (See Sen. Conrad, above.)

    OK. Now, this next part is really, really important.

    The Speaker and the White House find themselves in this position because of Senator DeMint (R-SC). He insisted that Senator McConnell object to the appointment of the House-Senate Conferees, thus preventing a Conference on the bill.

    The inability of the Dems to have a House-Senate Conference then forced the Speaker to have a House floor vote on the Senate bill, which she can’t pass. And there the process has been stuck. Has not moved an inch since Sen. DeMint’s objection. It can’t, she does not have the votes.

    The Founders were F’n Geniuses “Separation of Powers”


  10. bellalu0

    Quote from Jim Demint’s blog:

    “”If President Obama and Democrats insist on ramming through this government takeover of health care that Americans have rejected over and over, then I’ll use every tool available to me in the Senate to stop it.””


  11. bellalu0

    From the NYT link above:

    “”Analysts like Mr. Wasserman say Ms. Pelosi’s best chances for no-to-yes conversions rest with Democrats who are retiring, because they do not have to worry about their political fortunes. So far, there are only three:

    Representative John Tanner and Representative Bart Gordon, both of Tennessee, and Representative Brian Baird of Washington.

    Mr. Tanner has told colleagues he has no intention of switching his vote, said one Democratic lawmaker who has spoken with him. And in interviews on Friday, Mr. Gordon and Mr. Baird sounded decidedly noncommittal.””

    Here’s three to watch. Pelosi will be strong arming them big time.

    Note: They may be retiring, but they still have to go home, right?


  12. Ms. M

    well Bella, I can’t get past that glass……..yeah they have to go home, but when do OUR “representatives” mix with the likes of the lowly except when they are trolling for OUR VOTE? imHO for the most part “representation” today is self centered elites who basically think they are better & smarter…….who knows many maybe going “home” to a foreign port paid for with off shore accounts…………LOL LOL LOL anybody see Damon in the “Informant”? based on a true story & while in the private sector, I believe this is how most people act, react & think when in POWER……….yeap he lost his job at ADM won’t give it away but if you got the time pretty good & informative watch on how the world works today…………..


  13. I was watching MTP I really miss Tim Russert.

    They had all these Democrats on and Eric Cantor (R) that’s fair right 🙂

    NBCU isn’t like a propaganda arm for the Democrats or anything ,and nobody has noticed they are carrying the Obama Administration’s water or anything LOL!

    They did bring up what happens if WE Democrats don’t pass Universal Health Care…if I was a NON Progressive Democrat…I would ask those on MTP “What’s this WE business Kimosabe” Giggling. I might have to use that for a blog post 🙂

    When it comes to people retiring, and their vote casting. They still know how history books work, and do they want their name with an Astrix beside it…this is the vote that took the Republic down?

    Yeah I don’t think they want to become social pariahs – social lepers?


  14. bellalu0

    High Preistess, is that the same thing as witch? lol

    Interesting: our leaders at WAR with the American people.

    God help us.

    Where is Mel? Hope you’re okay.


  15. bellalu0

    Ree, it was bound to happen. The KoolAid has turned poison.

    Will they drink it?


  16. It was bound to happen. The KoolAid has turned poison.

    Will they drink it?

    Bella, you have the title of a post right thar!


  17. bellalu0

    Ree, funny. I’ve been trying to put it together for hours now. I don’t know if I’ll get it done or not because I’ve got to connect where the “drink the KoolAid” came from. It’s been over 30 years ago now, but I can remember it like yesterday.


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