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Chris Matthews: “The republicans kept their crazies in the closet”

MSNBC needs to maintain its own insane asylum and maybe let them out for an hour to do their news shows.

This from Chris Matthews is a riot.  I didn’t see this and  perhaps three or four people did, but on Thursday night, Matthews goes off the deep end comparing the republicans at the health care summit “an example of Pyongyang democracy – parroting their Dear Leader,” and saying the “crazies” were kept “in the closet.”

This is projecting to the enth degree.  Especially since his Leader is indeed the Dear Leader.

He’s off the deep end.  But wait.  I take it all back.  Judge for yourselves.

Chris Matthews, during a special post-health care summit two hour edition of Hardball on Thursday night, dissected the GOP strategy as one of keeping their “crazies” like Michele Bachman and Joe Wilson, “in the closet” and mocked that their “rehearsed” phrases made them sound like a “North Korean assembly” and exclaimed it was “an example of Pyongyang democracy, which is “What the Dear Leader told us to recite.”

It’s going to be really hard to wipe out the common sense and the facts – the truth – that the republicans put forward at the summit.

But look at this, a little truth seeps out and Chris admits Obama is a Saul Alinsky community organizer..
Posted:  02.27.10


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