Keith Olbermann: “That’s your G.D. death panels, Sarah Palin”

(Either You Tube or Word Press is preventing me from embedding videos)

“Help. Help. Help. Help.  Ghouls and sub-humans, fiends.  It’s a life panel and damn those who call it otherwise to hell.  That’s your goddam death panels, Sarah Palin.”

The weirdest display I have ever seen:  Keith Olbermann’s special comment on the eve of the Health Care Summit.  He has used his father as the ultimate ultra sob story to promote health care.

I have known he is insane for some time now.

Only after seeing the democrat’s performance yesterday and all the emotional stories they told to try to sell their plan was I able to really appreciate this.  I am sure Keith got the talking points.

I don’t believe he was on last night.  My sympathies to his father and I hope he gets better.  I hope Keith is being watched.  He needs help.

Posted:  02.26.10


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2 responses to “Keith Olbermann: “That’s your G.D. death panels, Sarah Palin”

  1. crosssection

    A great article detailing how Americans feel about the healthcare proposal…not the administration…isn’t that what it is all supposed to be about???


  2. Ms. M

    Crosssection, I heard a good one moments ago if you go to Monsters job site, huge #’s for employment in the healthcare industry………makes you go Hmmmmmmmmm! NO matter how you look at or even feel about hellcare NO bill should be 2700 pages long…………………….Has anybody even identified the REAL problems? Address those & draft readable, defineable, transparent bills that address the PROBLEMS….. have always felt we didn’t ever have to re-invent the wheel here……..which is the primary reason I am so skepticle of this alledged mandate…… question is where are the JOBS for that unemployment number? NOT only has the Washington braintrust crippled the American car companies, they are now going to “fix” Toyota…….back in the 80’s American companies studied the Japanese model of their worker, as their production was far superior to ours…….what came out of those studies was the undeniable fact pride in the workplace, & HONOR in a job well done………..come 2010 I HOPE that just about every incumbent is looking to the lobbying firms for a JOB & with new blood with HONOR they won’t be able to keep that JOB either……..


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