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Keith Olbermann: “That’s your G.D. death panels, Sarah Palin”


(Either You Tube or Word Press is preventing me from embedding videos)

“Help. Help. Help. Help.  Ghouls and sub-humans, fiends.  It’s a life panel and damn those who call it otherwise to hell.  That’s your goddam death panels, Sarah Palin.”

The weirdest display I have ever seen:  Keith Olbermann’s special comment on the eve of the Health Care Summit.  He has used his father as the ultimate ultra sob story to promote health care.

I have known he is insane for some time now.

Only after seeing the democrat’s performance yesterday and all the emotional stories they told to try to sell their plan was I able to really appreciate this.  I am sure Keith got the talking points.

I don’t believe he was on last night.  My sympathies to his father and I hope he gets better.  I hope Keith is being watched.  He needs help.

Posted:  02.26.10


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