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Joe Stack’s daughter says father is hero but crash inappropriate and wrong

Joe Stack’s daughter says on  GMA that her father’s actions were “inappropriate” and considered her father a hero.

The daughter of the man who carried out a suicide plane attack against the IRS in Texas said she considered her father a hero for standing up to “the system” but said the attack that killed a government worker and injured 12 was “inappropriate” and “wrong.”

How could she say this, even in defense of a father?  We don’t even know the full story.  Maybe he made his own problems and maybe he legitimately owed the IRS taxes.  His “cause” may be totally bogus.  In any event, there is no cause or reason to run a plane in a building.  None.

I am surprised Mr. Stack’s daughter would defend her father in this way, but it is so, so predictable that articles such as this would appear that is trying to somehow link this man’s insane actions to the “patriot” sentiments in the country.  True patriots are not violent nor are they extreme and I reject the use of the word in conjunction with an act such as this.

And so Mark Potok weighs in:

He says, “Extremist groups are already aligning behind [Joe Stack], beginning to talk about him as a hero,” said Mark Potok, director of the Southern Poverty Law Center (above) which studies American militia and hate groups. “The growth of those groups has been astounding.”

A man named Joe Stack rams a plane into a building because of some personal grudge he has, and suddenly it is connected to an “extremist group(s).”  This is purposely misleading and dishonest. And Mr. Mark Potok is a flaming liberal who goes around searching for “hate crimes” and “extremist groups” and has little regard for the truth.  He has an agenda, and belongs in the same column as Media Matters.

See this for a little background and insight on Potok.

And I have to add that the mainstream media is totally complicit in trying to make someone like Potok into somebody who should be regarded as a legitimate spokesman, failing to inform anyone about his record of far left propaganda.

I don’t know where he is seeing all this “alignment” because I haven’t seen anything like that on the internet.  I guess he goes into the internet never, neverland.  If you go there, you might find all manner of trash.

Maybe he should go down to Alabama and see if Amy Bishop is with some group and why she shot and killed three people and wounded even more.

Could it be that these are crazy people in isolated incidents that will happen in life no matter what you do?

But while he’s investigating, I suggest he look into how it is that a Major in the United State Army was able to execute fellow-soldiers on a military base and further what he was even doing in the military, and how and why another man tries to blow up an airplane by putting explosives in his underwear.  What ideology and extremist group is involved here?

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