Glenn Beck: Arianna Huffington is Media Matters after a couple drinks (Video)

“”ARIANNA HUFFINGTON, FOUNDER, “HUFFINGTON POST”: Aren’t you concerned about the language that Glenn Beck is using, which is, after all, inciting the American people. There is a lot of suffering out there, you know. When he talks about people being slaughtered, about who is going to be the next -“”

I didn’t actually see this event where Arianna made this comment.  And not too many did, as evidenced by the graph.  🙂

They keep taking these videows down.  I have trouble keeping up with them, but if at all possible, I’ll find another one and put it  up.  I am leaving the deleted one on here just to show how many videos You Tube/Google, or whoever it is, don’t want anyone to see.  (Or for what reason would they take them down? )

I love Glenn Beck.  Yesterday he took on Ms. Huffington responding to her claim that he called for people to be slaughtered and that he incited the American  people.  As is his style, rich with sarcasm, he crushes Arianna, referring to her as Media Matters after a few drinks.  🙂  (And I don’t mean actually crushed her body as under a steam roller or something, but figuratively speaking)  You wouldn’t think you would have to point that out,  but you do.

But, yeah, she is afraid the American people will be Incited.  That’s Us. The American people.  I wish people would stop saying the words, “American people” claiming every dumb thing they do or say is for us, when they frankly don’t give a damn about the American people.  But they are so worried about us being Incited and all, and so worried we don’t understand things, not even after it has been repeated umpteen dozen times.


But, of course, Glenn did not mean a literal slaughter which he proves without any doubt in the above segment.  I think the biggest problem is that Arianna, and others who think as she does, have absolutely no sense of humor.  And maybe, just maybe, they sell us a little short as well.

An.y.body would know he was talking about the economy.  Well, I would think anybody would know.  Glenn Beck is a comedian, and a good one at that, and a very talented man, as well as being a truth teller. It goes without saying some people just can’t handle the truth.

There’s a transcript of the video on the Newsbusters website if you prefer to read it, but the video really captures the “tone” and is quite funny to boot:

Read more:

Just for fun, here’s an example of some recent love speak from another network.  You know, the one that flat-lined on the chart.  I wonder if Arianna has been able to catch any of this “incitement” lately?!?  Glenn Beck don’t hold a candle to this spew.  Just sayin’. 🙂

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15 responses to “Glenn Beck: Arianna Huffington is Media Matters after a couple drinks (Video)

  1. Whats this about I was reading this on Chickaboomer. I checked the ICN link Mourning Joe is in fourth place in it’s demo behind HLN….how did that happen? Spud speaks:)

    Both CNN and MSNBC were down vs. Jan 2009 so not much to say there. CNN was keen to continue to rub MSNBC’s face in it over dayside I’m going to check my fire for the time being. No, I haven’t hit my head. MSNBC dayside did a reboot last month, which only just completed this week. You have to give them a pass for the time being as they work to right the ship.

    But what’s going on with Morning Joe? A fourth place demo finish behind HLN is not a good sign for an established program like this.

    Anybody got any ideas whats different?


  2. I put up a post about David Brooks alleged conservative commentator for NYT because I don’t know anyone that agrees him about anything.


  3. This is in response to Joeremi – whoever. Bella you know the commenter.

    libertyandjustice Says:
    February 2, 2010 at 4:40 pm

    Duh…. Maybe Imus in the morning!

    You must of been kidding!


  4. FBN We report you decide Good News Or Bad News?

    Toyota Silver Lining.

    Dear Taliban we have the repair fix for your Toyota – shim this.


  5. Ms. M

    well my first thought on the Huffingtons’ claims that Beck is an incitor was this……..Huffington did author a book titled “How to Overthrow the Government” while Beck authored “How to Argue with Idiots”……LOL LOL LOL

    not only do elites like Huffpo think we are stoopid, they also believe if they say something long enough we will believe it………or forget what their past positions were…….LOL LOL LOL


  6. bellalu0

    Oh, my, MsM, I did not know she wrote this book about overthrowing the government. Here’s what Barnes and Noble synopsis said about her book:

    “”Our patience has run out, says Arianna Huffington. It’s time to overthrow the government. Huffington’s call to arms will strike a chord in fed-up voters everywhere–Americans eager to throw out the two-party system, clean up campaign finance, rewrite tax law, get rid of stale incumbents and stale ideas. What the Boston Tea Party did in 1773, this book will do today: show us all how to take back our government. “”

    OMG, she’s a teabagger!! Choice. “Taking back our country” that’s what I’m talkin’ about. LOL.


  7. Ms. M

    Bella, one would think “investigative reporters” would at least bring up her “epic”…….LOL LOL LOL anybody up for emailing Beck? Like I have stated many times….My memory is pretty darn good LOL LOL LOL


  8. Arianna is a teabagger “She wants to take back our country” Boy that sounds so familiar.


  9. bellalu0

    Barack Obama is so funny – pronouncing corpsman as corpseman. Three times!! LOL.


  10. Glen Beck said yesterday, that the Progressives are so unpopular now with their policies, watch them TRY and morph into Populist. After reading this on Newsbusters, I think Beck might be onto something. Btw, I know the difference between fascism and populism so do most Americans….just sayin 😉


  11. bellalu0

    They just don’t quite know what to do with this Tea Party movement. They have gone from drooling angry mobs to the genteel rich.


  12. Melsgo

    I’m taking my son to Glenn’s Rally for America in August – Bella, are you going? We’re going to go up a few days in advance so he can see the sites.

    Gotta love the global warming…massive blizzard hitting DC!


  13. Ms. M

    I advocate for IHO’s to attend a teapartyexpress event…….I believe they are starting up again in April…….this is the bus tour that I believe started the whole movement……..not only will you feel apart of something POSITIVE, what you learn will give you HOPE…….PLUS the show is fantastic! I know I will be attending again! Great time, great PATRIOTS from all walks of life, questioning individuals FED UP with NOBODY listening or addressing their concerns!


  14. Allahpundit blogging Medina for a the possible tea party candidate for Texas Governor.

    Not just any generic Democrat either. Debra Medina, businesswoman and “tea party acitivist,” 41; Bill White, mayor of Houston, 38.


  15. Mel

    You all, were represented at the tea party convention.

    The mainstream media is the enemy,” declared Bob Bunting, a retiree from Hilton Head Island, S.C., attending the convention with his wife, Nancy Bunting. “You are for socialism and Barack Obama.”…


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