Wrong reactions, bad decisions

There are so many intances of this administration being off the mark that it would be impossible to mention them all.

Here’s a few of the worst in my opinion:

If there was ever a time when the president should have been outraged, it was the killing of the soldiers at Ft. Hood by one of their own.  Not only one of their own, but one who is a high ranking officer charged with a duty of counseling soldiers. I think this was one of the worst, if not the worst, acts of treason in history, and obviously an act of terrorism and yet the president gave a tepid “don’t jump to conclusions” response.

Then we have the panty bomber on Christmas Day and another slow response and reluctance to call an act of terrorism what it is.  He had betowed on him constitutional rights and then the plans for his skin grafts began. He was with AQ, he said he was with AQ, and even Osama bin Laden has since claimed him.  It took, what, four speeches before the president admitted the connection to AQ.  First reaction.  Wrong reaction.

Then we come to the decision to try terrorists in New York City, buying a prison in Illinois to put them in, the funds for this being included in the budget proposal just submitted to congress. In the case of Shiek Mohammad, at least three members of the administration – Holder, Robert Gibbs, and even the president himself – have declared him guilty and are assuring everyone that he will be executed – will meet his maker and pay for murdering innocent people and so forth.  Good.

But wait a minute.  The reason given for trying him in a criminal court, bringing him to U. S. soil and giving him constitutional rights, is to show the world the exellence of our criminal justice system, the presumption of innocence being a very key element of the system.  He is presumed to be innocent and yet the White House has already declared him guilty and, in fact, have executed him before the trial is held.  What’s the old joke? “we’re going to execute him once we give him a fair trial.”  It just becomes ridiculous at some point.

And, last but not least, the visual of members of the Supreme Court, being insulted and reprimanded by the president and then having the members of congress who surround them all jumping up and applauding him for doing so, is just stunning and chilling.  The arrogance of these people is jawdropping.  Here you have the executive and the legislative branches of the government ganging up to disrespect the judicial branch.  It does not matter that they disagreed with the recent decision of the court, the president standing there
as head cheerleader at the State of the Union address, intimidating the court  (or maybe it was a Saul Alinsky ridicule), is just a perfect example of the kind of leadership he has provided.

This is not even to get into the unprecedented spending and the submission of the new 1.6 trillion dollar budget — after the president says, the federal government cannot “continue to spend as if deficits don’t have consequences,” saying it is unacceptable to act “as if the hard-earned tax dollars of the American people can be treated like Monopoly money.”

It’s like one continuous Saturday Night Live skit.  You only stop laughing when you remember it’s for real.

Posted:  02.02.10


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4 responses to “Wrong reactions, bad decisions

  1. Ms. M

    Bella, couldn’t agree more & that is just the short list…….I’m tired of the “great speaker” label too……he never does what he advocates….he doesn’t speak, he reads… I’m sure he doesn’t write what he reads & I just don’t have a clue what he believes in….he won’t look anybody directly in the eyes when he speaks, rather down his nose…..I can only take small doses of his talking pts. cause here in realityville we kinda call it BU!!SH*T……LOL LOL LOL


  2. bellalu0

    Give ’em hell, JUDD.


  3. President Obama, to host a televised bipartisan health care meeting February 25th.

    Rep Thaddeus McCotter On Cavuto 9 February 2010. Sitting in for Neil Cavuto, Charles Payne, asks Rep McCotter.

    “Is the GOP up for this, are you going to take the bait.”

    Thaddeus McCotter responds “I certainly don’t think we should take the bait.

    GOP not goin there.



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