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Chris Matthews: “The republicans kept their crazies in the closet”

MSNBC needs to maintain its own insane asylum and maybe let them out for an hour to do their news shows.

This from Chris Matthews is a riot.  I didn’t see this and  perhaps three or four people did, but on Thursday night, Matthews goes off the deep end comparing the republicans at the health care summit “an example of Pyongyang democracy – parroting their Dear Leader,” and saying the “crazies” were kept “in the closet.”

This is projecting to the enth degree.  Especially since his Leader is indeed the Dear Leader.

He’s off the deep end.  But wait.  I take it all back.  Judge for yourselves.

Chris Matthews, during a special post-health care summit two hour edition of Hardball on Thursday night, dissected the GOP strategy as one of keeping their “crazies” like Michele Bachman and Joe Wilson, “in the closet” and mocked that their “rehearsed” phrases made them sound like a “North Korean assembly” and exclaimed it was “an example of Pyongyang democracy, which is “What the Dear Leader told us to recite.”

It’s going to be really hard to wipe out the common sense and the facts – the truth – that the republicans put forward at the summit.

But look at this, a little truth seeps out and Chris admits Obama is a Saul Alinsky community organizer..
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Keith Olbermann: “That’s your G.D. death panels, Sarah Palin”

(Either You Tube or Word Press is preventing me from embedding videos)

“Help. Help. Help. Help.  Ghouls and sub-humans, fiends.  It’s a life panel and damn those who call it otherwise to hell.  That’s your goddam death panels, Sarah Palin.”

The weirdest display I have ever seen:  Keith Olbermann’s special comment on the eve of the Health Care Summit.  He has used his father as the ultimate ultra sob story to promote health care.

I have known he is insane for some time now.

Only after seeing the democrat’s performance yesterday and all the emotional stories they told to try to sell their plan was I able to really appreciate this.  I am sure Keith got the talking points.

I don’t believe he was on last night.  My sympathies to his father and I hope he gets better.  I hope Keith is being watched.  He needs help.

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My take away from the Health Care Summit

MCCONNELL: Mr. President, we’ll now turn to Chuck Grassley.

GRASSLEY: First of all to clarify something. If anybody says that Medicare Advantage is a subsidy going to insurance companies, let me say what the statute says. The statute says that 75 — with a bid differential, where it goes — 75 percent goes to beneficiaries and benefits, and 25 percent to the federal government.

OBAMA: I’m sorry, Chuck. I just want to make sure. I don’t think that’s — that doesn’t sound right to me because that would mean 100 percent of it is going to either benefits or the federal government which means the insurance companies aren’t making any money.

GRASSLEY: 75 percent — 75 percent to beneficiaries and benefits, and 25 percent to the federal government.

From Washington Post transcripts.

This account adds this:

“At which point Obama turned to Vice President Biden and presumably said something along the lines of, “What the hell is he talking about? That’s 100 percent. The insurance companies don’t get any money for selling prescription drugs to seniors. Is he drunk?”

“Probably, Mr. President,” Biden threw his hand up in disgust.”

Now, I’m not sure this part really happened.  I didn’t see it or hear it.  It may or may not, but it’s kind of funny.

For some reason, this one exchange stuck in my mind out of the whole thing, and I watched it all.  There were many other things of note that were said, such as Obama making sure everybody knew that he was the president.  🙂  And, therefore, his time did not count.  The republicans made some very good points, points that were based in facts and not stories specifically designed to tug at the emotions, as the democrats did.

But what does Grassley’s comment mean?  I’m really not sure.

One thing I do know is that in order to be able to buy the prescription coverage D or the Medicare Advantage parts of medicare, you first have to pay the Part B.  In other words, you are not allowed to go straight to the Medicare Advantage, and just pay for that, you have to pay for the government Part B which you do not really need.  The government is collecting a premium and the insurance company is also collecting a premium.

I wonder how much money has been collected from every employee and every employer in this country since Medicare began.


One of the best speeches was given by Paul Ryan, from Wisconsin.

Obama took a whopping 119 minutes.

17 republicans spoke for 110 minutes.

21 democrats spoke for 114 minutes.

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What democrats said about the “nuclear” option in 2005

Are the democrats the biggest hypocrites on the planet?

This video is making its way throughout the internet.

Too funny.  Listen to the democrats and what they said about the nuclear option in 2005 during the Bush administration, including comments from our president, then Junior Senator Barack Obama and now Vice President Biden.  The same nuclear option they want to use in order to pass Obamacare against the will of the American People.  Hypocrites!

NOTE:  56% DO NOT approve of the health care being jammed through.  They don’t care what we think.  Talk about tyranny.


AGAIN:  They are defying the will of the people if they go through with this.

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What will happen to Fannie and Freddie? So you think Obama’s a socialist? (Update)(Update2)

Recently on The O’Reilly Factor:

The question is asked, “So you think Obama’s a socialist?”

Newt Gingrich says, “Sure.  Of course he is.”

Bill O’Reilly says, “I think he’s Lyndon Johnson on steriods.”

Listen to the whole exchange:

Here’s link to the interview:

Bill O’Reilly starts out by making this statement:  “Socialist? – [does that mean that] if he could, he’d take your house because that’s what socialists do?”

My opinion, I think he would without a doubt take total control of everything, including your house.  Valerie Jarrett makes a telling comment while discussing how simple-minded the Tea Partiers are, how they are in need of a brochure or phamplet to explain health care to them in terms they can understand :), she said, referring to health care –

“If he (President Obama) could do it unilaterally, he would have done it a long time ago, I can assure you of that.” [At 2:24]

I heard the President make a similar statement himself recently.  And I am sure he would, but that pesky congress keeps getting in the way.  I think Obama wants to rule, not govern.  What was it President Bush said?  “Dictators are fine as long as I’m the dictator.”

But back to houses:

Barney Frank, the chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, called Friday for a new system for providing money for home loans and the elimination of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

“I believe this committee [The House Financial Services Committee] will be recommending abolishing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in their current form and coming up with a whole new system of housing finance,” Mr. Frank said at a hearing on executive compensation issues. “That’s the approach, rather than the piecemeal one.”

While chief executives of Fannie and Freddie could be paid upwards of $6 million for 2009, the Obama administration has said they will cover UNLIMITED LOSSES through 2012.

I wonder why now suddenly Barney Frank wants to dismantle Fannie and Freddie.  Some believe they should be privitized and some think they should become full fledged government agencies.  The Obama administration is supposed to address their position when the budget is released next month.

“If he could, he’d take your house because that’s what socialists do.”  I think this was meant to demonstrate that since Obama was not taking any houses, then he could not be a socialist.

Freddie and Fannie already owns or guarantees about 31 million home loans, which is about half of all the mortgages in the United States.  Now, if Fannie and Freddie become federal agencies, then who would actually own these homes?

I would like to know why Mr. Fannie and Freddie, Barney Frank, is now advocating they be dismantled.

Something smells.

UPDATE:  Fannie Mae seeks ANOTHER  $15 billion from their UNLIMITED draw on the U. S. Treasury. (They’ve already gotten $60 billion since April.) Bloomberg.

UPDATE:  Here’s another article on Fannie and Freddie asking for more money. Friday Debt Dump/Newsbusters.

A comment left by Taqiyyotomist

on Gateway Pundit referencing this Friday Dump piece:

“”Jim, I don’t know if you’ve seen this:
“After the closing bell on Friday, just in time for everyone to stop paying close attention, mortgage behemoth and ward of the state Fannie Mae (“Fan”) released its fourth-quarter and full-year financial results. Its press release (PDF) informs us that its $74.4 billion loss in 2009 (inclusive of dividends paid to the government) followed a $58.8 billion loss in 2008. ”

Friday Debt Dump. These people who just lost, apparantly, four times as much money as Bernie Madoff embezzled, and three times as much money as Enron “lost”.

Madoff and Ken Lay are in JAIL. **

The people who did this are our president, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Franklin Raines, and a host of other looters who should also be sent to JAIL, and with a term length in proportion to those given to Madoff and Lay. If not more.

But no, they still pretend to run our country, while embezzling better than the best and most notorious embezzlers. Now Fannie and Freddie want another $15 billion.

And then there are the millions of people who took home loans that they lied about their income to get. Then there are the community organizers who convinced millions to do this. Then there is the entire social-service government sector whose employees, like ACORN employees, advise the poor on new and improved ways of lying on the forms, filling in all the proper fields with just the right lies.

This nation is due some serious justice. Justice is sorely lacking now. The embezzlers are in charge.””

**Note: [Well, Ken Lay was headed to jail but died before he could get there.]


See Previous Post

Also, Here and Here Sources.

H/T to KJ at You Have to Be This Tall Blog.

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54% disapprove president’s performance – 56% oppose health care

New Poll Out Today

Performance of the President – 54% DISAPPROVE.

Overall, 45% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the President’s performance. Fifty-four percent (54%) disapprove.

On health care – 56% OPPOSE health care reform plan with 45 percent STRONGLY OPPOSING.

Voters still strongly oppose the health care reform plan proposed by President Obama and congressional Democrats and think Congress should focus instead on smaller bills that address problems individually rather than a comprehensive plan.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 41% of voters favor the proposed health care plan, while 56% oppose it. Those figures include 45% who strongly oppose the plan and only 23% who strongly favor it.Posted:  02.23.10


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Senator calls for Climategate investigation by DOJ

Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) today asked the Obama administration to investigate what he called “the greatest scientific scandal of our generation” — the actions of climate scientists revealed by the Climategate Files, and the subsequent admissions by the editors of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Fourth Assessment Report (AR4).

Senator Inhofe also called for former Vice President Al Gore to be called back to the Senate to testify.

“In [Gore’s] science fiction movie, every assertion has been rebutted,” Inhofe said. He believes Vice President Gore should defend himself and his movie before Congress.


Senator Inhofe’s announcement today appears to be the first time a member of Congress has formally called for an investigation into research misconduct and potential criminal acts by the scientists involved.

See Pajamas Media Exclusive.

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