REWIND: Obama’s first message to Republicans was, “I won”

This is just a clip of President Obama as he addressed the Republican retreat in Baltimore yesterday, or I should say as he lectured the Republicans.  As usual, this is being protrayed by the MSM with clips here and there in order to prove whatever point they are trying to make.  For anyone who did not see it live, please go to CSPAN and listen to the whole thing in order to judge it all in context.  The facial expressions are worth the price of admission.

“We have to think about tone.”

You mean kinda like this?  First message to Republicans  (Eric Cantor) was “I won.”  Emplied:  Get used to it.

Watch this video to recapture the tone that was set by the administration from the word go.

“President Obama listened to Republican gripes about his stimulus package during a meeting with congressional leaders Friday morning – but he also left no doubt about who’s in charge of these negotiations. “I won,” Obama noted matter-of-factly, according to sources familiar with the conversation.”

Prez Zings GOP Foe in a Stimulating Talk/New York Post, January 26, 2009.

So let’s tell the truth here.  It was the president’s responsibility to set the “tone,” to provide leadership. And he did.  It was not one of bi-partanship.  The democrats have the Senate and the House and the Presidency, and the tone was to get out of our way, “I won.”” Quote from Politico, January 23, 2009.

And now that the tide is turning, they want to mislead and rewrite the facts.  And that’s what the little summit was all about, to try to shift blame to the Republicans for this horrible failure of 2009, delivered by a complete democrat controlled Washington, D. C.

Not going to work.  We have a good memories.

And probably also to divert attention away from the backtrack on the Manhattan terrorist trials, which is good news, but also highlights the fact, once again, that the first reactions and instincts of the administration are flawed.

Is he giving the GOP the middle finger? Watch. Probably. He did the same to Hillary and McCain during the campaign. That’s the kind of guy he is, real classy.

If you can take it, here’s how MSNBC is playing this.

MSNBC Obama Love Fest.

Note:  Take a look at the Neilsen ratings and these three, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, and Chris Matthews are at the dead bottom of the ratings.   But they are in love and as has long been known, “love is blind.” That’s how it is, one will go to the ends of the earth to defend the object of true love.  Too bad nobody is watching.

Posted:  01.30.10


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76 responses to “REWIND: Obama’s first message to Republicans was, “I won”

  1. Ms. M

    we can only HOPE that the RNC is expending its energies on finding NEW candidates who will campaign on the planks of defending the CONSTITUTION they would be sworn in to DEFEND & to go to Washington to REPEAL “reform”…………..


  2. bellalu0

    Something is driving the democrats to drink? I’m just asking. I have to say it makes no sense to put a high speed rail from Orlando to Tampa. Crazy. Who wants to go from Orlando to Tampa?


  3. Everyone should read this article it is spot on!

    Hinkle: Talking Down to the Public Will Surely Work .

    James Carville bumper sticker “It’s the elitism stupid”

    Can Progressives Learn? I am beginning to wonder.


  4. bellalu0

    I can’t believe that James Carville doesn’t get it, but then maybe he is thinking ahead a bit. 🙂

    Say, 2012?


  5. How refreshing to have a president that is actually willing to dialogue with Congress. He has bent over backwards to be pi-partisan — to a fault. To the point that progressives such as myself are dissalusioned with his presdency. Yet right wingers continue to portray him — shockingly– as a radical.

    I didn’t take his comments as lecturing, jsut realistic. He has adopted many Republican points in his health care plan and there is no public option, as well as denail of insurance for pre-existing conditions. What is so radical?


  6. Ms. M

    KOS what is so wrong with our healthcare system that it needs to be totally revamped? Personally I don’t think we need a bureaucratic reinvent of the proverbial wheel here…..address what’s wrong & fix it but not at expense to those with good healthcare now……everybody is entitled to emergency healthcare now, its called an emergency room……a 2000 page bill is all you need to know in my book of what’s wrong with our “representation”….a broken campaign promise of total transparency & changing Washington & how it works (like no cspan cameras in those closed door sessions) gives me cause to pause………maybe you should rethink your position just a tad…..consumate politicos with lifelong aspirations to suck off the public tit regardless of their label or political stripe are a real hurrah now aren’t they? I gotta feeling you need to meet Jack………..HOW ABOUT JOBS? just like a bureaucrat, give em hellcare but screw the chance to work & pay for sh*t yourself…………LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL


  7. bellalu0

    I am trying to think of one promise that has been fulfilled or one experiment that has been successful in the past year.

    Let’s just go back to the very beginning, January 26, 2009, just a few days after he was sworn in, the president insisted the stimulus plan had to be passed right away. (Was passed and signed 2.17.09). Now, a year later, the unemployment numbers are worse, not better. I’d like to hear from one person who has been helped in their life by this stimulus.

    And to top that off, he said something at the gop retreat to the effect that he expected a “jobs bill” on his desk immediately. Jobs bill, another word for 2nd stimulus bill – they think we’ll just change the name of it and the fools won’t know the difference.

    Here’s a quote from January, 2009:
    “We are experiencing an unprecedented economic crisis that has to be dealt with and dealt with rapidly,” Obama said during the meeting.

    Republicans say the $825 billion price tag is too big a burden for a nation crippled by debt and that it doesn’t do enough to stimulate the economy by cutting taxes.

    Didn’t that statement turn out to be true?

    The first stimulus did not work. So we change the name and pass another one? That’s dishonest and manipulative.

    I hope the congress says NO.

    New Gallup poll 57 percent think the economy is getting worse.


  8. No bounce from State of the Union Speech.

    The President has been getting the worse advice since he took office. He has a PR problem. The majority of Americans are not kool aid drinking Obots.


  9. This 10 Question Nolan Survey tells you where you fall in the Nolan Chart. Your Political identity. I describe myself as an Independent who leans Libertarian and I came out in the Libertarian block near the bottom next to the Centrist. Looks like I was right in my description of myself. Although it looks like am more of a Libertarian than I realized.


  10. bellalu0

    I came out centrist/with the star in the upper righthand corner, leaning libertarian.


  11. Wow Bella, would you have identified yourself that way before you took the survey?

    I have always been for Centrist leadership for this country…they call us teabaggers huh? There is really nothing right wing or extremist about us….weird if this is the MSM pushing those talking points, they really do hate Middle America. Or they are too dumb to figure out where the middle resides? Scott Brown really changed all of that, he ran as an Independent Republican and won In Bluest Massachusetts.


  12. bellalu0

    Ree, that’s a pretty interesting survey. I’ve always been a pretty live and let live person. Was a democrat all my life until recently. But I don’t want the country fundamentally transformed. The foundations are excellent and should be left alone.

    I think the progressives and the left have just pushed too far. They misread us because we are for the most part silent, willing to go along.

    It takes a lot for middle America to get off the couch, but we are now awake and a force to be reckoned with. It is quite amazing how the tea party thing started – it is as true a grassroots movement as ever has been.

    I hope the republicans embrace the “teabaggers” and get the message because the two parties have had it all to themselves for way too long. I don’t think they quite know what to think with people actually watching what they are doing up there.


  13. bellalu0

    Speaking of the tea party movement, I just came across this article in the New Yorker. It’s long but a very credible depiction, and for once, not mocking. The author made the following observation:

    “”Liberals saw the activists as caricatures—mere tools of right-wing media figures like Glenn Beck. They were wrong.””

    Read more:


  14. anon

    “everybody is entitled to emergency healthcare now, its called an emergency room……a 2000 page bill is all you”

    Small little tiny thing that you conveinently ‘forgot’ to mention. Among many many others.
    A great many ER ‘patients’ are left, to die on the floor. A great many ER ‘patients’ are immediatly put into cabs at the ER and driven to the closest slum area and DROPPED OFF in the street! Whats that you say?? You’ve never heard of that??
    Karma. Karma baby, and it’s a bitch!


  15. Anonymous

    Its called survival of the fitest


  16. Ms. M

    yeap everyday I read or hear about people dying in American streets after being denied treatment at an emergency room…’s been dubbed (conveniently a “CRISIS”, along side every other “CRISIS” we are experiencing) LOL LOL LOL…… regards to AMERISCAM legislation being 2000 pages LONG, that is the result of the American populice being asleep at the switch & ALLOWING bureaucratic fatcats to keep their slothful place at the PEOPLE’S trough…….REPRESENTING special interests & NOT yours or mine. the way I see it we got 2 distinct forms of ENTITLEMENTS & the shrinking working middle class is NOW picking up the tab for both…..BUT you did forget to mention any reference to WHAT ABOUT JOBS? LOL LOL LOL…How about that NAFTA/GATT? signed into law by another “representative” of the working class, Billy Clinton…….LOL LOL LOL


  17. Ms. M

    & to me Karma would be voting for “CHANGE” & getting the same old, same old, except on steroids………..LOL LOL LOL


  18. MsM,

    From what I have read the hospital Michelle Obama was connected to was accused of patient dumping.

    So yeah Karma is a bitch 😉


  19. Do you believe that an unisured person can afford to get cancer?

    Please answer without lols. Doesn’t seem like funny to me.


  20. Ms. M

    or how about this karma comparison……esp. since I think the American dollar is only now worth 4 cents….& the only sector growing & on the move is the public sector that you are RICH if you make 125K (single) a year! & that you will get to foot the bill for hellcare & every other bureaucratic program that the ever expanding public sector declares a “CRISIS”…..uh huh & after the civil war you would have opened your door wide open to carpetbaggers & said with gratitude come on in & rape me civilly………LOL LOL LOL


  21. Ms. M

    KOS, you need to get up to speed here….LOL LOL LOL & realize I have a very dry sense of humor & do my very best at imitating the yokes that brought US this “new” mess……LOL LOL LOL ……I don’t think anybody can AFFORD to get cancer but I really KNOW nobody can afford to subsidize the ENTITLEMENTS being proposed by the “elites” in charge……….LOL LOL LOL & are those “patients” being dumped riddled with cancer or maybe stab or bullet wounds or maybe self induced drug overdoses? Maybe the problem isn’t hellcare…….maybe its inner city & gang related? hmmmmmmm I’m just a wondering here when we will hear the TRUTH! still haven’t uttered a peep on JOBS or CHANGE or TRANSPARENCY or 2000 page BILLS LOL LOL LOL you know what I think is funny? People who believe everything they hear as TRUTH LOL LOL LOL 2000 pages is funny too come to think about it…….LOL LOL LOL A healthcare CRISIS is when you & I are stepping over dead bodies in the streets in large numbers (ie epidemic) & I haven’t stepped over ONE yet……..LOL LOL LOL


  22. You have a very wry sense of humor. Other than the fact that you have no tolerance and empathy for poor people I can’t understand a work you’re saying.


  23. bellalu0

    There are two government programs in effect right now that provide care – medicare and medicaid. Designed to take care of the old and the poor, the most vulnerable citizens. Now, those under 65 are working and if they are not so poor as to be on medicaid, they are responsible for their healthcare and that of their families. Most people have insurance through their employers, but for those who don’t and don’t make enough to buy insurance, I think we should consentrate of these. Maybe the qualifications for medicaid should be raised slightly to a higher income bracket.

    I believe the results of the massive healthcare program will be that employers stop providing insurance for their employees and in the long run that means even more people without insurance.

    Medicare is something that has been deducted from salaries for as long as it has been in effect, with employers providing contributions to it as well. It is taken from your paycheck and is not a choice so for that reason the promise has been made that at 65 you get some degree of healthcare.

    But for the most part, the government is not there to provide charity, but to protect the country from enemies. Charity is a matter for churches or other organizations which operate on purely VOLUNTARY contributions.


  24. Wow, you must pine for those good old days pre-FDR when the average age expectancy was under 50. The money exists in this country as evidenced by trillions spent on needless wars. With mass un-employment it is nothing short of criminal to deny health care. The ol’ Reagan trickle down theories have been exposed for what it was — a sham.


  25. What makes poor people any more deserving of empathy than any other people? People are People. I am supposed to believe the poor, have some special designation as Human Beings. That they are more deserving of empathy, than any other people?


  26. Poverty the great class equalizer, pretty soon we can all feel sorry for ourselves equally.


  27. keithosaunders

    You must have been outraged 9 years ago when Bush turned a 250 million dollar surplus into a 9 trillion dollar defict. And Malkin has the nerve to complain about a 3.8 trillion dollar miltary laced budget? Now *thats* an LOL.


  28. bellalu0

    The country is going broke. Who then is going to provide healthcare or anything else? I don’t think the chinese are going to give a darn about our health.

    12.1 trillion national debt.


  29. Actually I didn’t like the Surplus KOS, because if you had been reading, this thread, you would have read where I stated, I am an Independent, who leans Libertarian. As an Independent, I believe in a Social Security Net for the most vunerable NOT a Welfare State. As a Libertarian, I believe in very small Government. Not a BIG GOVERNMENT creating CRIPPLING DEBT.


  30. Ms. M

    Ree, what I do know is that the KOS & everybody else that bought “CHANGE” as being a good thing probably reads their horoscope everyday, uses tarot cards, believes everything they hear, questions nothing except questioners, thinks they are doing a good thing in that exercise & has no interest in figuring out on their own what is in their best interests & really believes the govn’ts’ job is to take care of them……But I got to go read my TEA leaves NOW! LOL LOL LOL


  31. Ms. M

    KOS I got alot of empathy for all sorts of folks, you included……..I just don’t want the government being anybody’s nanny……in other words I don’t want them fighting for me I want the ability to fight for myself……..I’m not red, I’m not blue……..but I am conservative & believe in all things in MODERATION………LOL LOL LOL how about that NAFTA/GATT that single handedly disciminated the manufacturing base in our country, that was sold to bring others up to our standards…..ours are going down to theirs compliments of bureaucratic involvement in the free enterprise system……..LOL LOL LOL


  32. Ms. M

    & how about that Immelt, stating shipping all appliance manufacturing out of this country wasn’t such a good idea(under NAFTA/GATT)……..was back then, now that he is sucking around for “Green” GOVERNMENT Contracts it wasn’t such a good idea……ya know KOS you need to learn to question more, esp those that alledgedly “represent” US ……..LOL LOL LOL


  33. Ms. M

    IHO’s I actually have this deja vue feeling we’ve ‘conversed’ with KOS before…..LOL LOL LOL


  34. Ms. M

    KOS we got NO money……..we just expanded the debt ceiling by 1.9 ? tril for the GOVERNMENT to OPERATE……….we got a CRISIS alright it is TOO MUCH GOVERNMENT & they are the only sector in a free market place, expanding………LOL LOL LOL


  35. bellalu0

    This couple held by the pirates are dying.

    Not too much compassion being shown to them by Somoli pirates. All they want is the 2 million – no regard for life.


  36. bellalu0

    $800 billion dollar stimulus program that did not help and was mostly wasted was in 2009, and I believe Obama was president in 2009.

    His $3.83 trillion budget projects deficit of 1.26 trillion.

    At this rate we will triple the debt in the next 10 years.
    12.1 trillion debt x 3.


  37. Ms. M



  38. Ms. M


    Hey KOS do you realize the public sector in pay & bennies pays almost twice than the private sector? Do you know the difference between private & public sectors? LOL LOL LOL

    Going to hit the grow running, shovel ready jobs…….yadda yadda yadda LOL LOL LOL


  39. Ms. M

    line by line, line item veto, no more pork, going to change Washington more yadda yadda yadda, not making it up KOS just stating what I heard about TRANSPARENCY & CHANGE LOL LOL LOL


  40. Ms. M

    the tea leaves say CHANGE IS COMING! LOL LOL LOL


  41. Ms. M

    KOS in other words we have allowed a government to grow through croynism, & nepotism to proportions where it CANNOT sustain itsself & who believes its job is to CONTROL the private sector…..& when that happens you no longer have a republic, nor a democracy…….YOU HAVE JUST ESTABLISHED A RULING CLASS LOL LOL LOL Comrade KOS, welcome to the party LOL LOL LOL


  42. bellalu0

    Healthcare has been left in the budget.


  43. bellalu0

    Yep, we have already fought one revolution over that ruling class.


  44. bellalu0

    And they have in the budget 200 million to buy the prison in Illinois to house the terrorists. There’s a waste of money.

    Do you think somebody in Illinois is going to come into a little money?

    Try the bums in Gitmo.


  45. I ask you to be fair, ballalu. Given that you are concerned about the budget and deficit, were you not outraged that Bush not only squandered away the surplus (I understand you are not a fan of surpluses) but put us into massive debt? All I ask is that you be fair.

    Also: You sound like you are an intelligent person who has put a lot of thought into his or her opinion. Aren’t you a bit embarrassed to be aligned with someone us vacuous and inarticulate as Mrs M?


  46. Ms. M

    Bella, I’m surprised Colorado didn’t fight harder for the “privilege”…..(illinois jail) LOL LOL LOL


  47. Ms. M

    KOS LOL LOL LOL….just answer the questions poised to YOU! ARTICULATE your POSITION, you sure as hell know mine! LOL LOL LOL

    NObody here muchs defends Bush, his administration OR SPENDING! what inquiring minds want to know is where is the CHANGE? the TRANSPARENCY? the HOPE? One year & they are still crying and pointing empty fingers……..

    if you are going play with the big girls, give BIG answers! actually ANY KIND OF ANSWERS LOL LOL LOL so did that shooting meth vic have cancer too? LOL LOL LOL


  48. Ms. M

    & uh KOS don’t try any of that libtard “divide & conquer” bu!!sh*t around here………I play fair but not necessarily nice LOL LOL LOL


  49. Ms. M

    KOS I do NOT have to put alot of thought into my opinions as they are life lessons………LOL LOL LOL Don’t hate the messenger sonny for the message LOL LOL LOL


  50. Ms. M

    but if I did you definately would need help from a higher power! LOL LOL LOL In God I trust not the govn’t LOL LOL LOL


  51. Melsgo

    ahh shux we gots a reel live smarty-pantz liberal on board!!! Sooo excitin’ since we all be so stoopid.

    All the left does is BLAME IT ON BUSH, BLAME EVERYTHING ON BUSH like that is remotely helpful and/or an excuse for Obama being absolutely clueless, completely in over his head! His arrogance and naivety combined blind him from that realization and we’re stuck w/ this complete baffoon.


  52. Melsgo

    A great many ER ‘patients’ are left, to die on the floor. A great many ER ‘patients’ are immediatly put into cabs at the ER and driven to the closest slum area and DROPPED OFF in the street! Whats that you say?? You’ve never heard of that??
    Karma. Karma baby, and it’s a bitch!

    So how many have died and how many were DROPPED off? Please provide exact numbers backed up in FACT, don’t just spew the Olbermann vomit.

    Of course, people who are dying die in ERs and they were going to die no matter what. Not to mention, there are only so many beds and most filled with the illegal aliens. You bleeding heart liberals will not understand HOW MUCH WORSE IT WOULD HAVE BEEN UNDER OBAMACARE. Thank you Massachusetts for putting Obamacare where it belongs, in the cemetary.

    I’d like to see police posted at the doors of ERs to keep out the illegal aliens…but that wouldn’t be nice.


  53. Ms. M

    Mel, I honest to God don’t see the up side to being subjugated to a government…….LOL LOL LOL


  54. bellalu0

    #1: MsM is my friend from a long time back with many shared difficulties. But we overcame. And you could possibily learn something if you would just listen.

    #2: If all you can argue is our situation is somehow Bush’s fault, I guess it is to be expected since the president of the United States has not stopped using that juvenile excuse. But think about it. We can’t change anything that happened during the Bush administration. We have to proceed from today on and it does not produce anything positive not to move forward. In fact it is unproductive. That might have worked for a couple months, but the past year is pure Obama. And we got three years to go.

    What are we going to do now? And since Barack Obama is president at this time, he’s the only president we got. And he is making things worse.

    If you want to use logic, and at the same time keep saying it was the previous administration’s fault, then everything that Bush got passed on to him was Bill Clinton’s fault, and so on and so forth and you can take it back to the beginning of time if you want to.

    Every bucket must sit on its own bottom, so to speak.


  55. bellalu0

    Mel, he’s still got that healthcare in the budget he just submitted, so watch out. I guess he’s still going to push for it.


  56. keithosaunders

    Balou, I had higher hopes for you. I was reday to almost agree with you but you came up short on a big spot. He may have lied about receiving a hummer, but one thing Clinton did not do is leave a defecit. In that respect he was more conservative than Bush.

    Sorry but thanks for playing. Oh yeah, so Mrs M can follow along too….LOL.


  57. Ms. M

    KOS, Billy signed NAFTA/GATT………LOL LOL LOL, could I kindly have your thoughts on that piece of legislation that helped middle America into the ranks of the poor? LOL LOL LOL here, my little kool aid drinker, you are out manned & out gunned……..what am I suppose to follow? LOL LOL LOL ARTICULATE, ASSIMULATE but do not REGURGITATE! LOL LOL LOL


  58. Ms. M

    I am trying so hard not to come out with what I am really thinking! LOL LOL LOL but since the PC police do not reside here I just might hehehehe!


  59. bellalu0

    Well, I guess you don’t like logic, Keith. But don’t worry too much about me.

    You know I’m right. Can’t change the past, no matter what it is. But you can sure as hell mess up the future if you keep on repeating the same mistakes.


  60. Ms. M

    one word, sounds like two, starts with a d & has 9 letters, 4 vowels………LOL LOL LOL


  61. Ms. M

    I HO’s call me perverse but I haven’t had this much fun since we all met! LOL LOL LOL Keith stick around, you do provide comic relief in trying times for sure! LOL LOL LOL


  62. Ms. M

    Bella, not only are we hellbent on repeating the same mistakes we want to ESCALATE THEM! WHAT A LOL SCREAM! LOL LOL LOL


  63. Ms. M

    ps If I haven’t told you HO’s lately I sure do appreciate a place at the table & the fact you get my BULLIT POINTS! LOL LOL LOL


  64. What did the attacks of 9/11 do to the US economy? That happened George W Bush’s first year…what did Bill Clinton do about the growing threat of Alqeada terrorist attacks….we won’t ever know because someone went into the national archives, and shoved documents into their pants, and socks, and never returned those documents. George W Bush didn’t inherit an economy on the upswing, the dot com bubble burst.

    historical tunnel vision is convenient

    Howard Dean said about the Senate Health Insurance Reform Bill, Dean said, that it needed to be scrapped- that’s Howard Dean…I don’t know anyone further to the left than Howard Dean. The Bill Suxs ,they need to RESET, go back to work, and come up with something that will really do what it’s created to do – Reform the Health Insurance Market, bring down the price of health insurance premiums, and update antiquated Health Insurance practices in this country for example (Not Covering Previous Existing Conditions) and make health insurance more accessible to those who want to purchase health insurance. Not make the Insurance Companies richer by including an Individual Mandate, and turn the working poor into law breakers.

    MsM, It seems only people who watch Imus, can get the simple logic of The Government is not your friend, when it takes all your money, and leaves you with the leavings, and they take the best cuts for themselves. The deficit is so far into the red now, it reminds me of the question, I posed to Speaker of the House Queen Nancy Pelosi “Whatcha Gonna Do Mamma Now That The Roast Beefs Gone?” They picked our carcasses clean.


  65. Melsgo

    Now he’s back to Clinton, oh my. You cannot reason with a liberal, I have learned this in my own home!

    I believe Obamacare is dead….but yes, something still may pass. There is no support anywhere for it but that’s never stopped these people so yeah, when you have people who play by their own corrupt rules, you just never know.


  66. Melsgo

    Why are the Repubs so quiet? They should be shouting from the rooftops these days – Eric Holder should go, among other things….I have no confidence in either party.


  67. Mel, Makes you wonder if they ever intended to pass anything at all or was it just a big kabuki dance for us plebes?

    The I-Man reveals the only way Fmr. Tennessee Rep. Harold Ford Jr. will ever be on the program.


  68. bellalu0

    More good news:

    “Former state House Speaker Marco Rubio has now jumped to a 12-point lead over Governor Charlie Crist in Florida’s Republican Primary race for the U.S. Senate.”


  69. 10,000 Pennies is back, and explains just what the Spending Freeze would look like hint “not so spectacular it turns out”


  70. Ms. M

    Look I just never have particularly liked being called sucker & then telling me its candy! LOL LOL LOL


  71. bellalu0

    this is what Robert Gibbs said about Mohammad:

    “Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is going to meet justice and he’s going to meet his maker,” White House spokesman Robert Gibbs told John King on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday morning.

    “He’s likely to be executed for the heinous crimes he committed,” he added.

    Read more:

    Think about what he said here. They want this terrorist to be tried in a criminal court, with all the rights afforded an accused and yet they come out with statements like this, and Obama has said approximately the same thing. Now, you can’t have it both ways, because you can’t say things like this and pollute the trial as if there is not enough prejudice already out there. I mean, he gets the presumption of innocence, if he is going to be given constitutional rights. Also, if he wasn’t given his Miranda warning, no confession will be admissible. His lawyer is going to claim this first thing, and we’ll be lucky if the whole case is not thrown out. Is that what they want, maybe, because these men are lawyers and they know they cannot prejudice the trial by saying he is guilty and will certainly be executed before he is tried and while he sands cloaked in the presumption of innocence. But, of course, he should not get constitutional rights. He is an enemy of the constitution and the country.

    Something is wrong with this picture.


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