Free Credit Report dot Com (videos)

I love these commercials.  The Rockstar one below is my favorite, at least so far.

All of them (I think) are on the below video.  Very, very creative.   They can get into your mind and you can’t forget what they are promoting.  A lot of bang for the buck for a 30 second ad.  So many commercials are good and you remember the commercial, but not the product.  Not these.  In fact, sometimes you wish you could get that tune out of your head.   I’d love to see somebody do an interview with whoever creates them.

There’s supposed to be a pirate hat somewhere in each one of them.

(Note:  I don’t think it is really free but maybe.)  🙂


Posted:  01.21.10


Filed under Human Interest, Humor, Trivia

8 responses to “Free Credit Report dot Com (videos)

  1. Bella

    This is my favorite commercial right now. I love when the baby says let me show you my shocked face.


  2. bellalu0

    Ree, very cute. I hadn’t seen this one.


  3. haha.. that’s cute (E-trace)..I might put that one on my facebook page.. LOL


  4. sorry.. “trade”…can’t spell or type tonight


  5. That baby is too cute 🙂


  6. I love this video.. you may have already posted it,but it’s worth a repost!


  7. The company that puts out those adorable commercials ( is being sued.


  8. Tiger Woods “Turning Japanese” Tiger pulls a Toyota. Wants to apologize to those who would buy the products he would like to keep endorsing.
    The Vapor’s Turning Japanese.


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