Rockin’ Scott Brown Rally – Worcester, MA yesterday (video)

Scott Brown Rally

Mechanics Hall

Worcester, Massachusetts

January 17, 2010

Wow.  I haven’t been watching every minute today, but I haven’t seen this on tv.  They broadcast live the Coakley rally yesterday.  Hardly fair, is it?

Posted:  01.18.10


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21 responses to “Rockin’ Scott Brown Rally – Worcester, MA yesterday (video)

  1. This and Patrick Kennedy came out and endorsed Martha Coakley but he got her name wrong….

    This reminds me of the Brady Bunch, It’s always Marcia! Marcia! Marcia! GRIN. In fairness to Martha – Patrick Kennedy. has been through rehab for multiple drug and alcohol related dependency issues. Could be he fried some of those synapses.


  2. Progressives have to be some of the most inept folks on the planet. Obama bashes Brown’s truck…Brown’s GM Truck. Who owns a Big chunk of GM thanks to Obama?


  3. bellalu0

    Following the Blame Bush logic, then everything that happened during the Bush Administration was really Clinton’s fault. I mean, poor Bush, he worked as hard as he could to fix it.


  4. Mel

    I am so worked up about this election – you just never know what will happen in Mass and I’m going to be so devastated if Brown loses!


  5. Mel

    I know the polls have Brown up but I won’t believe it until I hear Brown giving his acceptance speech….


  6. bellalu0

    This is the last segment of the Glenn Beck Show yesterday for anyone who didn’t catch it. It’s pretty good in laying out the liberal hypocrisy. I just love his reactions.


  7. Melsgo

    Enjoyed that as I miss Glenn’s TV show. He’s quite the entertainer. I heard the left was calling Brown dumb…a JAG…State Senator…he’s a man of the people and they hate it. Brown was out meeting Boston sports fans which Martha Marcia thought was disdainful. Martha has always been a political hack, never had to work for anything. I am beside myself for this day to end already, cannot wait for the results in MA!


  8. Ginger

    I’m so excited about this election too, but cautiously. I’m getting nervous about the conservative talkers being so confident…before the election…well, I just hope they know something I don’t know, and I hope they are right. Even if Brown’s win doesn’t stop the health care bill, it still sends a huge message, and from Massachusetts of all places! I’m so proud of them and I’m usually mad at them.. lol

    Laura I. was hinting today that “Bloynovich”..)Spell?)…is being courted and/or teetering toward being the 60th vote if Brown wins..?..has anyone heard anything about this..I probably don’t have the info right. I don’t know anything about him, and sure as heck can’t spell his name…oh what a Benedict Arnold if he does this!


  9. Melsgo

    Ginger, I’m getting nervous that everyone is too confident. I’m going to be sick if he loses.

    I’m listening to Laura too – Ohio Senator Vlonovich (sp?) RINO is going to be the Dems vote if Brown wins. Another Repub turncoat traitor.


  10. bellalu0

    Well, they are wringing their hands on MSNBC – who’s to blame? what happened? They are pretty shocked. A beautiful thing to watch.

    Funny. Chris Matthews can’t say it’s because it’s “below the Mason Dixon line,” which is his reasoning most of the time – just another southern state. I mean, this is Kennedy’s Massachusetts, for goodness sake. It’s just that the astroturf is voting.


  11. Ginger

    I’ll relax tomorrow, and like Mel, if Brown loses, I’ll have a sick headache for two days like I did when O won!! Give us a break, Lord! Let’s turn this ship going to hell around!


  12. Ginger

    Have ya’ll seen the Massachusetts Miracle video? ..It’s great.


  13. Melsgo

    No…I’ll google. Please lord let Brown win big or they’ll cheat their way to a win! I’m worried because remember the NY race that everyone said the conservative would win and the unions came in and won it for the Dem….


  14. Melsgo

    Listening to Howie Carr and people have called in regarding some dirty tricks they’re seeing…just want this over already and for Brown to win!


  15. Melsgo



  16. bellalu0

    Paul Begala said Obama should give him an elbow under the hoop.

    Nasty democrats. lol


  17. Ms. M

    told ya 2010 was going to be a better year….think I might just go out & buy me a GMC truck……….the people spoke tonight, are the washington hacks listening? doesn’t really matter does it? midterm elections also coming & incumbents got to be pi$$ing themselves…….& after I buy that GMC truck I just might fill it with teabags! LOL LOL LOL LOL

    oh & ladies I went t& checked out the graveyard site & boy is it quiet tonite LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

    I still think a good strategy for midterm elections is for all to register Independent…….hmmmmmmmmmmm I say!


  18. Ginger


    The Massachusetts Miracle


  19. Melsgo

    Brown could be President…perfect family, military man, etc.


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