Giuliani for Scott Brown in Boston today (video)

Rudy Giuliani campaigned today with Scott Brown in the North End of Boston.

Scott Brown for U. S. Senate

A new Suffolk University poll shows state Sen. Scott Brown (R) has surged to a 50 percent to 46 percent lead over state Attorney General Martha Coakley.

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See Washington Post article for details on the poll Here.

Posted:  01.15.10


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22 responses to “Giuliani for Scott Brown in Boston today (video)

  1. Ms. M

    I sure HOPE Massachusetts gets it right & that is “cliff hanger” ends up to be the referendum of the people……..I sure wish these newscasters would get off their a$$e$ & go directly to the story & stop opining about why the sentiment is what it is & why Brown is raising 1 million DAILY…..we are reporting in Haiti aren’t we? If Brown wins this will be one helluva earthquake for the democratic party……………………………..LOL LOL LOL


  2. I don’t get this. There is nothing that has Changed about the way the Progressives are Governing. This worn out political ideology was 150 years old when FDR was trying to make it work….What change is Ed Schultz talking about? Change back to more Primitive times? I have said it before everyone needs to read Ayn Rand’s book The return of the primitive the anti industrialist. It’s all about the New Left aka Progressives the radicals from the 60s and 70s. So Ed Schultz thinks that Radicals = Change, not these radicals.


  3. bellalu0

    And if Brown wins, it’s because Martha was such a totally inept candidate who ran a bad campaign, and certainly not any reflection on the Great One.

    Pretty funny. They have no honor. Of course, that will all change and she will become Ms. Queen of the Hill if she wins, and will be a mandate for Obamacare. Oh, these people have no bottom.

    The only thing transparent about them is that you can see right through their tactics.


  4. bellalu0

    Coakley’s internal poll shows her behind.

    Now that cannot be good, that is, unless they can say Scott Rasmussen conducted the poll. LOL


  5. bellalu0


    “A new poll sponsored by Pajamas Media — and conducted by a Republican pollster — shows Scott Brown (R) with a commanding lead in the race to replace Ted Kennedy. According to the poll out today, Brown leads Martha Coakley (D) by 15 points, 54-39.”

    An “evil” republican poll. LOL

    We’ll see. We shall see, and very soon.


  6. Mel

    The Messiah is campaigning w/ Coakley today I believe…only place he’ll be welcome is the People’s Republic of Cambridge where all the moon bats reside…


  7. bellalu0

    I just noticed this:

    “A trend worth noting as well: 9 percent of voters say they’d already cast a ballot through absentee voting. Brown leads Coakley among this group 58-42.”


  8. Bella,Mel,

    The media keeps going on about registered Democrat Voters out number Republicans in Massachusetts but they don’t mention the people who identify Independent.

    Will the Democrat base come out, and vote in an off Presidential election? Will the Democrats come out for a non Kennedy, that apparently doesn’t know squat about the state of Massachusetts? I imagine which ever way this turns out the spin cycle is going to be applied to the outcome 🙂 BUT that a Republican is looking this good going into a special election, for the seat previously held by Ted Kennedy is telling, it’s really impressive. They are throwing everything at Brown they can, but it isn’t sticking. Rush said, wait till Monday there is something nasty coming. I think he meant nastier LOL! I still think Brown should go on Imus In The Morning, for a Charm Offensive.


  9. bellalu0

    Pick a target, polarize it, and demonize it. You can tell he teaches the Alinsky doctrine. The big bad banks, evil insurance companies – this is so below a president.

    I wouldn’t think the people of Mass. would be such sheep to the slaughter as to fall for this.

    In my opinion, he did not help her, making fun of Brown’s truck. Not just once but about 5 times. Uh…this from a man who travels Air Force One. He is just nasty and the most divisive person in the country. Too bad he’s also the president.


  10. bellalu0

    Please – not Wasserman/Schultz. I guess she’s on Fox because Shyster shouted her down on MSNBC.

    Why did she lose her 30 point lead? She almost lost her bearings with that one.


  11. Bella ,

    I didn’t watch the President stumping for Martha Coakley, how many others didn’t watch? As for making fun of Brown’s Truck…did he call him a bible thumping, gun hugging, stranger avoider? Nothing like reminding people of his elitist views and how many of the ordinary common people are suffering right now out of work who drive trucks?

    The Progressives can’t learn, they can’t be taught even to pretend, not to talk down to people or feign some kind of humility. They are just so much better than other Americans. You know those unexceptional Americans, like the ones down in Haiti right now, and the ones who have donated to Haitian disaster relief.


  12. I would watch tomorrow for Coakley to try and pull some dirty trick. The problem for Coakley by doing so she is going to look even weaker resorting to dirty tricks.


  13. bellalu0

    I am watching Bush and Clinton, and not once has either one of them been undignified enough to take pot shots. I just think a president should be above this campaign rhetoric. “Fat Cat banks” is not a presidential way of speaking. But what can you do, if a person does not know how to talk to the American people, far be it from a Bible thumping, gun totin’ person like myself to say anyting. Fat Cat banks and Brown parking his truck on Wall Street – trying to play the class card, or playing the class card without hesitation. It’s no wonder the country’s economy is not coming back with someone in charge who attacks private businesses. As I said, if he wants to get some of our money back, he should look to congress and their waste of money, and actually his own waste of money. They act like they don’t have to account for anything, while demonizing businss. It won’t work.

    I did notice that Ms. Kennedy tried to take Brown’s slam dunk for her benefit, saying that “it was not my husband’s seat, but the people’s seat.” I’ll tell you, if I had been wondering who to vote for, my mind would have been made up after that rally. And it would have been not to vote for Miss Priss Croakley.

    Obama was even pushing health care in church this morning. I guess he never heard of seperation of church and state.


  14. bellalu0

    Yes, Ree, does he not realize just how many people drive trucks? The man is out of touch with reality.


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  16. Melsgo

    Laura I is replaying Obama’s speech and boy did he sound pathetic.

    Drudge has Ed Schultz UTUBE saying if he lived in Mass, he’d vote 10 times and cheat his way to win!


  17. bellalu0

    Mel, I thought the speech was pathetic, too. The whole thing was so contrived. You could almost feel the tension – or was it fear.

    But in that speech he came across so immature.

    What is going on in Haiti? Things are not looking good.


  18. Melsgo

    Laura is talking about how ACORN is going to be out in full force tomorrow…I believe if Brown loses, it will be because the Dems cheated. It’s sad that this is what our country has turned into, where we can have Al Franken as a Senator via cheating.


  19. Melsgo

    I hope the snowy & cold weather in MASS today and tomorrow will keep the ACORN crowd home


  20. bellalu0

    Well, I think Jennifer Loven (AP) just made the sh*t list. Just what we have been saying – even before the election, I might add:

    Looks like she has become disenchanted since 2008:


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