Democrats are hypocrites

Today, January 11, 2010:


The hypocrisy of the democrats is amazing.  It would be funny if their hypocrisy did not cause others to lose jobs, positions, and reputations.  Just shows you how the democrat party has absolutely no credibility.  If only everybody were treated equally…..

Wasn’t it Harry Reid who just a few days ago compared an opposition by republicans to the massaive health care plan to being equivalent to slavery?

And quoting Rodney King, “Can’t we all just get along?”

But it’s such a good thing Harry is not a talk show host.

Makes me wonder though if this isn’t somehow calculated to get the news cycle off the dim performance of the administration on the panty bomber.  In the past race has always been used to divert attention, because it’s a sure thing that it will.  And if you will notice, every time Obama gets in a bind, race somehow pops up to consume the airwaves.

Notable, too, is the speed with which Obama came out to “forgive” him and “close the book.”  I guess, even though it takes him 10 days to address the panty bomber, he can move pretty quickly when he deems something to be important enough to act.

Posted:  01.11.10


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38 responses to “Democrats are hypocrites

  1. Melsgo

    I’m done watching O’Reilly – haven’t watched in over a month. He’s a phony, only cares about his ratings.


  2. Melsgo

    But of course the Dems are hypocrites. Even so, I don’t believe Reid’s comments warrant his resignation. Story bores me to tears…wish the media would cover real news.


  3. MsM,

    It’s Tit for Tat, The Republicans trying to get even for Trent Lott resignation…you know the old saying that Generals are always fighting the last war…well our Politicians are always fighting over the last political battle.

    Although I don’t hear that much about the 2000 Election being stolen from Al Gore anymore….


  4. Ms. M

    Reid’s comments do not & will not be cause for resignation, because if I got it right, the comment of lightskinned no Negro dialect were made for political expediency……finding the “perfect” democratic candidate to get elected…….Harry summoned then Senator Obama to his office & “suggested” he run because the fear was the clintons were too risky, her polarizing & his piccadillos……….which in my mind should be what really p*sses off the voter……HOW ABOUT QUALIFIED CANDIDATES? & imHO that should be the f’g STORY…………no once again the republican “machine” will focus on the salacious details & not the IMPACT OF THE ACTION & IT’S EFFECTS……………….
    oh yeah & don’t we have another missing kid & another missing woman as NATIONAL NEWS lead stories ?
    DOBBS 2012 PULEEEZE……………..


  5. Michael Graham on the Special Election in Mass Jan 19th. Imus is on in Boston too. I wish Brown would go on Imus – the charm offensive works.


  6. Ms. M

    Ree, BOTH parties are a MESS & it is what I have been yammering about for over the last 20 ………this is about selfish, self serving elitists who will do whatever to keep their fat a$$e$ in those seats in the bawdy halls of Washington & then figure out how to payoff those that got ’em there (not you & me) while they write more laws they don’t even understand to enslave US & empower the SYSTEM…….Christ on a Cross don’t get me going………I HAVE BEEN SAYING THIS FOR THE LAST 20 YEARS & THIS IS WHY I LOVE THE TEAPARTY MOVEMENT……….IF ANYTHING AT ALL IS GOING TO change WE NEED QUALIFIED CANDIDATES FROM OUTSIDE THE LOOP & PREFERABLY THIRD PARTY CANDIDATES………….. & it really, really chaps my A$$ most VOTERS don’t get it……..time for

    can anyone say COLLUSION?

    DOBBS 2012


  7. MsM,

    Here is something from Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller on Al Sharpton absolving Harry Ried.

    Who knows better than I Ho’s what’s going on? I don’t think there is anyone better in the know than Imus Fans. I honestly don’t, we got it, and we didn’t lay down and take it. I still don’t think people pay enough attention to the demographic that listens to Imus In The Morning. Obviously Fox News Network figured it out:) I have been waiting for the Daily Caller’s debut it was yesterday, so it’s day two and this is Tucker’s post. I think Tucker Carlson who was also at MSNBC also pays attention to us.


  8. Ms. M

    well Ree, back in the day when we all met I maintained then & I really believe it NOW….Imus was a political “hit” & GE Immelt is going to do OK with those green contracts eh? He even went as far as saying NAFTA/GATT & shipping all appliance jobs to Mexico was a mistake………………………………………….LOL LOL LOL LOL

    DOBBS 2012


  9. Ms. M

    as well, if the electorate would get IT they would really start listening to guys like PAUL, NADER, NAGLE………three INDEPENDENT thinkers would I don’t believe have EVER BEEN BOUGHT, particulary with YOUR MONEY……………

    DOBBS 2012


  10. Ms. M

    who not would, I’m a little spooled up here……..


  11. Ms. M

    or maybe put another way, “am I in a forest? where are the trees”? LOL LOL LOL



  12. Melsgo

    Ms. M, enjoyed hearing your guy, Ron Paul, yesterday on Imus. He does make perfect sense. Haven’t heard much from Lou lately. They replay his radio show on the weekend so I’ll try to listen.

    I gave a small amount, wish I could have sent more, to Scott Brown’s campaign today – anything to get that seat in Massachusetts and stop the healthcare bill and the Dems control. Drudge has it on his website last night where Brown told Martha Coakley that the Senate seat is the people’s NOT KENNEDYS!. Teddy blew it by not resigning…..heeheehee


  13. Melsgo

    Seriously, if Scott Brown wins in Mass, that would just be too huge….I’m afraid to get my hopes up when we all know the Dems play dirty. Everyone I know up there is engaged on the right but the libs are not so much so we have to hope for LOW TURNOUT on the left…of course, they’ll probably bring in buses and pay the people from the projects to vote. Can’t blame me for being cynical….


  14. Melsgo

    I think I’m in love…


  15. Ms. M

    if the PUNDITS would STOP OPINING just maybe all kinds of things would turn out differently….I heard somebody say that the UNION VOTE could make the difference IF they realize their “CADILLAC PLANS” will be TAXED………..Christ on a Cross I am RETIRED & I KNOW IT………….& notice how everything these days seems to be in the balance of ONE VOTE? do not tell me there are not organized THINK TANKS planning all this CRAP (paid for of course with your tax dollars) that’s another reason I LOVE the TEAPARTY MOVEMENT……………..

    DOBBS PAUL & PAUL 2012


  16. Ms. M

    Oh & I want to weigh in on this thought Teddy wasn’t John Or Robert, if I recall correctly, Joe always thought him to be a bit of the dilettante when it came to the political arena……….& remember what happened to Caroline in NY……….nope people got to start connecting the dots & stop listening to the TALKING HEADS who report local news on a NATIONAL LEVEL……..Just the facts mam

    oh & I think I got it wrong

    DOBBS, PAUL & PAUL 2010


  17. It’s the People’s Seat! God Love YA Scott Brown. Stating the Obvious to the Oblivious LOL!


  18. MsM

    What about Bobby’s son, you know the guy who is all for cap & trade, he has led Global Warming Protest, and helps Chavez out with his free fuel for America’s poor which seems great on the surface. If you have looked on Drudge recently we all see the outcome of Chavez’s agenda.

    What were the two headlines on Drudge about Chavez devaluing Venezuela currency by 50% and something about limiting access to grocery markets?

    Socialism is a great idea until you run out of other people’s money.

    Bobby Kennedy’s son a bit on the pink side LOL!


  19. Ms. M

    well Ree, I often think that the generation leading US today, particularly those cashing in on the family name & legacy don’t get it, will probably never get it……….I just hope the VOTERS are starting to get it……..time for CHANGE in NONAMES & NOT CONNECTED…..& I do think Steele is getting it, RINO’S aren’t either apparently…………


  20. Melsgo

    Let’s not pretend Teddy K was a saint – he was a drunk party boy playboy (up until he married again a few years before he died) who left a woman to drown because he was driving drunk and didn’t want to get in trouble.

    I’m listening to WRKO (Boston station, Howie Carr Show, my old fav) and he talking about the lines for absentee ballots in MA…Brown will be interviewed later, he’s been on almost every day.


  21. “Absentee ballots” I remember in the Upstate New York seat Dede RINO conceded to Hoffman, the Absentee ballots got to be a big thing.

    Speaking of something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

    Note: “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark” is used to describe corruption or a situation in which something is wrong.

    Northwest Flight 243 from Amsterdam had problems before landing in Detroit today. My husband is leaving for home tomorrow, he will be getting home on Friday, guess what flight he will be on….Northwest/Delta same thing. The Panty bomber was on Flight 253 from Amsterdam on Christmas Day.


  22. This appears to be a Progressive Modus operandi by hook or crook.

    Remember Dede wouldn’t let go, and then she endorsed the Democrat candidate.

    Could Votes Already Cast for Dede Scozzafava in NY-23 Swing the Election There?


  23. Ms. M

    just tuned in to Shep where the discussion is Conan O’Brian & kids getting hit & run in LA…..any NATIONAL NEWS that affects all of US? needless to say tuned right back OUT…..on a national level of broadcasting why not some non stop reporting of MA election which will affect all of US? How about that unemployment statistic? How about where’d 700+ billion go?


  24. Melsgo

    Ree, happy to hear your hubby is coming home! He’ll be fine…probably safer now than before.

    White House: Obama ‘strengthened America’ in first year… these people are delusional! Is he living in the same country?!


  25. Mel,

    I sent him an email I said, if you see anyone acting hinky just jump em and stomp em LOL! So I hope no one starts doing the Pee Pee Dance in flight GRIN.

    Meanwhile Martha Coakley declares Afghanistan Terrorist Free! If she wins after this statement OMG WTF?


  26. MsM

    Deirdre was on Imus this morning discussing the Boriken Center. She posed a similar question how come Charlie Rangels district hospital couldn’t get any of the Stimulus Money? Boriken Center is up to 4 Million Dollars now but they need 13 Million. Now lets divide 9 million into almost 800 BILLION dollars for a much needed hospital in Harlem more than that amount has been lost plain wasted by the way they handed the Stimulus money out. Looks like there isn’t anything those poor people in Harlem have to offer the Democrat Party.


  27. Melsgo

    Ree – don’t underestimate the idiots in Massachusetts (I’m married to one)…seriously, they’re born to vote Dem, it’s in their DNA… but like I said, we got Weld and Romney elected so there is reason to be hopeful. Brown is on the radio and is full of common sense, sounds like a regular guy.


  28. Mel,

    Has Brown gone on WTKK?

    I was checking out Imus Truth, haven’t been on the thread in so long it’s up to 13,876 🙂 It’s the thread that won’t die LOL!


  29. Melsgo

    Not sure, I listen to Laura I and Howie Carr on WRKO. I was just reading his Bio, didn’t know he was married to a TV reporter that I used to watch when we lived there.


  30. Martha Coakley sounds like she needs more Cow Bell.. Hey Martha, Don’t Fear The Reaper 🙂


  31. Melsgo

    Where’s Bella?? Ree, thanks for the sweet post on Facebook!

    I just got off the phone w/ my mother-in-law in Boston and as predicted, she is against Scott Brown. She said she was happy I didn’t live there anymore to cancel out her vote…no hope for life-long Dems!


  32. bellalu0

    I’m holding my breath for next Tuesday.

    Go Brown.

    Have you noticed how Obama runs from the press when he finishes speaking?. He can’t wait to get out of there and hasn’t answered any questions in a long time. Wonder why that is. lol


  33. Melsgo

    Obama hasn’t had a press conference since July! He’s such a phony fraud and nobody calls him out.

    I’m holding my breath for Brown too. Dems are running attack ads night and day against him but people I know are so engaged and ready to fight. Of course, if the Dems start busing in ACORN workers and other dirty tricks, they’ll steal it like they did in Minnesota.


  34. bellalu0

    There is some poll out that has Brown ahead, can’t remember what his number was, but her’s was 46. They do play dirty in every way, from trying to destroy people to counting the votes until they win. I keep telling myself that at least we are better off now than we were back before the election when many seemed to be unaware. This would be a moral victory even if they hold up the results. And thank goodness middle America is now awake.

    We’ll soon see.


  35. Melsgo

    The talking heads say it’s supposed to be a victory that the race is even close but I WANT TO WIN!!


  36. bellalu0

    Me, too. Close is not good enough. We need a strong voice in the Senate. I get frustrated how one vote from one state so often controls the whole country.


  37. Melsgo

    Only 37/38% would vote for Obama again which means he’s lost a lot of people who voted for him.


  38. Melsgo

    Obama is heading to Mass to stump for Coakley – desperation is in the air….


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