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Democrats are hypocrites

Today, January 11, 2010:


The hypocrisy of the democrats is amazing.  It would be funny if their hypocrisy did not cause others to lose jobs, positions, and reputations.  Just shows you how the democrat party has absolutely no credibility.  If only everybody were treated equally…..

Wasn’t it Harry Reid who just a few days ago compared an opposition by republicans to the massaive health care plan to being equivalent to slavery?

And quoting Rodney King, “Can’t we all just get along?”

But it’s such a good thing Harry is not a talk show host.


Makes me wonder though if this isn’t somehow calculated to get the news cycle off the dim performance of the administration on the panty bomber.  In the past race has always been used to divert attention, because it’s a sure thing that it will.  And if you will notice, every time Obama gets in a bind, race somehow pops up to consume the airwaves.

Notable, too, is the speed with which Obama came out to “forgive” him and “close the book.”  I guess, even though it takes him 10 days to address the panty bomber, he can move pretty quickly when he deems something to be important enough to act.

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