A look back at the Shoe Bomber, Richard Reid

Spokesmen for the Administration and other democrat voices have been quick to compare the Shoe Bomber, Richard Reid, with the Panty Bomber, trying to mitigate Obama’s lengthy delay in addressing the American people with regards to the attempted bombing.

As I have said, if he keeps working at it, he can be just like Bush..

I thought the Shoe Bomber case deserved a quick review. In so doing, I was reminded that during the summer of 2009, the Obama Administration LIFTED the Special Security Measures on Reid in response to a Hunger Strike by Reid.

So below I have a link where you can read the comments of Reid and the Judge when Reid was sentenced to a life sentence, and also something about the hunger strike of Reid in March, 2009.

Reid: ‘I am at war with your country’

Friday, January 31, 2003 Posted: 11:10 AM EST (1610 GMT)


Richard Reid
Richard Reid

(CNN) – The following is a partial transcript of Thursday’s court hearing in which Richard Reid was sentenced to life in prison for his confessed plan to try and blow up a jetliner with explosives he had hidden in his shoes. The exchange is between Reid and Judge William Young.

See transcript of Reid’s remarks and the sentencing and remarks of the judge Here.

Here’s the last statement of the judge and Reid before he was escorted out to serve his sentence:

JUDGE: See that flag, Mr. Reid? That’s the flag of the United States of America. That flag will fly there long after this is all forgotten. That flag still stands for freedom. You know it always will. Custody, Mr. Officer. Stand him down.

REID: That flag will be brought down on the Day of Judgment and you will see in front of your Lord and my Lord and then we will know. (Whereupon the defendant was removed from the courtroom.)

Flash forward to the year of 2009. The Shoe Bomber went on a hunger strike in March of 2009, resulting in the Special Administrative Measures being lifted by the Obama Administration.

The Obama Justice Department has withdrawn the “special administrative measures” imposed at the federal prison in Colorado against “Shoe Bomber” Richard Reid, the jihadist who tried to blow up a trans-Atlantic flight in 2001.Special administrative measures (SAMs) are security directives, renewable yearly, issued by the attorney general when “there is a substantial risk that a prisoner’s communications, correspondence or contacts with persons could result in death or serious bodily injury” to others.” …

“So the would-be suicide bomber went on a hunger strike and got results: a cave-in from the Obama Justice Department.”

“Detainee policy in the Obama/Holder Justice Department is now being shaped by former Human Rights Watch lawyer Jennifer Daskal, who thinks incarceration is tantamount to torture.”

UPDATE:  Zacarias Moussaoui 51427-054 is serving a life sentence at Federal ADX Supermax prison in Florence, ColoradoRichard Reid 24079-038 also at ADX Florence, a Supermax prison in Florence, Colorado. along with Ramzi Yousef 03911-000 is at Supermax.

Nice.  They get to “fellowship.”

Posted:  01.03.10


October 5, 2010

On Tuesday Faisal Shahzad, the unrepentant Times Square bomber, joined at least 35 terrorists in America who will spend the rest of their lives behind the high walls of a super-maximum security prison in Colorado.

His life-in-prison cellmates – although they may never have any personal contact with one another – include Richard Reid, the so-called shoe bomber; Ramzi Yousef, the mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing; and Zacarias Moussaoui.

I’m not sure where the panty bomber is at this time.  Probably still getting his skin grafts.  The Ft. Hood killer?  I guess he’ll end up in Colorado also.

Shahzad and Reid both said publicly at their trials that they were at war with us.   Prisoners of war?  Prisoner at war.  35 plus of them and does anybody think they are not plotting and scheming against the country from prison?  I think we should take no prisoners.

Update:  10.21.10


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46 responses to “A look back at the Shoe Bomber, Richard Reid

  1. Ms. M

    Well, well, well, if 2010 isn’t already looking up for US……….heard Dodd will be retiring, Gov of Colorado, declaring himself one termer, Co. AG will be joining fed law suit against hellcare….very NICE & really quite predictable when you commit political suicide & put party before personal ambition…..NOTE: hillary didn’t hehehehe…..yeap lot of bodies going to be under that bus & they will wear out their pointing digitals if stupid enough to try to get re-elected……..

    ON THE FLIP: Steele is almost sounding like a party head……..note to Stein, take than 12 step approach one step farther, admit the party of fiscal conservancy got drunk on the kool aid, misappropriated massive amounts of taxpayer money & VOW never to do it again & make the word REPEAL the cornerstone of your campaign……….gotta go get me some green tea yall!


  2. Mel

    Problem w/ Dodd quitting is that now it’ll be hard to flip CT when he was sure to have been beaten. You know Obama made him withdraw.


  3. bellalu0

    I got a good laugh out of Obama’s “I will not tolerate fingerpointing.” Hahahaha.

    Nah not from the biggest fingerpointer of all time.


  4. Warner Wolf is calling the Rose Bowl for Alabama but isn’t Imus a Texas Long Horn Fan? I know Paul Begala is a Long Horn Fan….Well good things come to those who wait 😉


    Roll Tide Roll!


  5. Mel

    Bella, warming up down there? It’s freezing here and I hate it. I used to think I missed the snow after moving but now I realize how nice weather has improved my lifestyle!


  6. bellalu0

    Mel, it’s freezing and there’s no warming in sight. It’s not too many tmes that it is in the low 20’s for a number of nights as it has been and the 3 day forecast says it will be there for the next three nights at least. And with highs in the 40s and 50s. At least we’re not buried in snow.


  7. bellalu0

    Should somebody be fired?

    Yes. The president.

    He set the tone, couldn’t even use the word terrorist, his first reaction was it was a “lone extremist”, let’s not jump to conclusions when an army officer murdered soldiers in the name of jihad = trying to blame somebody else always blaming somebody else.

    And now today he finally parroted “the buck stops here,” only because the evidence was so overwhelming that even two weeks of searching with a fine toothed comb, they couldn’t find any way to blame the Bush administration, he finally took responsiblity.

    It makes headlines and everybody is swooning because he at last did what any president would and should do without even a second thought.

    Notice how he couldn’t even look straight into the camera, always side to side, side to side. Who is he addressing? It says a lot when somebody can’t look you straight in the face.


  8. Ginger

    Obama’s words yesterday were flat and really I don’t believe a word this man says. He is a liar through and through. “The buck stops here” line was so mechanical and don’t you know he wanted to just gag on it?!

    That Massachusetts election coming up is gonna be very interesting. I think the election is the 15thh of Jan. or close to it. Oh, wouldn’t it be great if Scott Brown wins! I just joined as a fan of his on facebook and will probably send him a few bucks..not much, but a little. I just don’t know how else to help right now..a dollar here, a dollar there to help..they add up.

    How’s that global warming working for everybody? It was 3 degrees here last night! We’ve had snow on the ground since Christmas Eve. It was nice Christmas, but it’s gettin’ kind of old now.

    Have ya’ll seen the website “frozen gore”..the ice sculpture with hot air coming out of it.. it’s in Alaska..funny!

    Richard Reid – I thought it was a mistake to give him a criminal trial.. these criminal trials for these terrorists involves some kind of perverted thinking beyond the pale. Let the military have them.


  9. Mel

    Bella, my gf is in Naples and they’re even cold there. My son wanted to do his Science Project on Global Warming (public schools are big on this propaganda, indoctrinating the kids early) and I told him my money would not be spent on that BS! It almost snowed here last night…I live on an Island and it never snows..global warming, my arse.

    It is comforting to know so many are like minded and feel the same way about this failure of our gov’t and the direction they’re taking us… but where the heck are our leaders on the conservative side?! I just read that McCain said ‘Obama is leading an extreme left-wing crusade to bankrupt America’…hello?! I guess it’s a start but this is the same man who wants to pass the global warming nonsense that will bankrupt the country further. Just about everyone I know is disgusted w/ our leadership but who the heck do we have to lead us out of this mess?


  10. Mel

    Job numbers out and is anyone actually surprised they’re awful?!!


  11. Mel

    Bella, how do I get a picture up by my name?


  12. Ms. M

    well gals, I really do think if “global warming” doesn’t destroy US first (of course) that 2010 is going to be much better than 09! ImHO, I am of the belief that the 360 degree assault on the working class is turning out to be a bit of a “circular firing squad” for the party in control, er maybe, in charge, er the majority party……….I’m pretty sure the rest of the Nation is not all that into Chicago politics……& I am of the mindset those upcoming midterm elections are going to bring back some assemblence of a “2 party SYSTEM”……anybody campaigning that makes REPEAL their main plank in their platform has my vote, furthermore a campaign donation & on a local level whatever other support I can give, caucus participation, petitioning, you know good old fashion stumping!

    I heard where the R’s sent letters to Pelosi & Reid regarding Hellcare being televised on CSPAN, if nothing else a good reminder to the public in which it “serves” another broken campaign promise……….yes I believe good things are happening & even the media is starting to do their JOB……..but honestly, if I hear one more lead story about missing persons, personal mayhem, “singers” croaking to dictators………I think the public should bombard them with give US the news that pertains & affects all of US & not the same rehash of panty bombers or sniffers for that matter……….all kinds of things are happening with NO reporting……..ah well baby steps are a start! Later ladies!


  13. Mel

    Anyone feel like calling??? If a conservative can win Kennedy’s seat, it would be HUGE! He’s neck and neck w/ the Dem nominee….


    Democrats anxious over a once-safe seat
    (New York Times) Martha M. Coakley, the Democrat running for Sen. Kennedy’s seat, had seemed so certain of winning the special election on Jan. 19 that she barely campaigned last month …


  14. bellalu0

    Mel, you can sign up at wordpress and it should give you a page where you can insert a photo for your account. Just check “username only” in you don’t want a blog.



  15. Mel


    I am so disgusted in the RNS. Scott Brown can win in Mass and Steele and the Repub Party are doing nothing! I am so sick of the Repubs.


  16. bellalu0

    Alleged president just gave another speech. He’s back in his element with more conviction about solar panels than he had about the terrorist. Bottom line is if you get on an airplane, you’re on your own.

    I hear Abdul is charged with attempted murder and they will try to get info by a plea bargain offering him something less than life imprisonment. Is that 300 charges of attempted murder?

    My opinion – he should be facing a firing squad. Or show him some mercy and waterboard him.


  17. bellalu0

    We are clearly coming across as wimps and plain stupid. We better start acting like we are at war – he finally admitted we are but he still wants to try them in a criminal court. Ridiculous.

    Cavuto is just showing a comparison with Bush and Reagan – our present president calling themj a “nimble adversary.”


  18. melsgo

    yeah, a picture of my beautiful beach!

    Obama coming out 2 weeks later yesterday was stupid, especially when he didn’t fire anyone. He’s in way over his head. Always nice to post what we’re going to do about security so all of our enemies can read too.

    Jobs numbers were terrible again- is anyone surprised?


  19. melsgo

    I guess the picture isn’t coming up yet.


  20. bellalu0

    I see your picture!! Looks great.

    Oh, he’s taking action on the economy throwing money at green jobs.


  21. melsgo

    just heard BO used a teleprompter for yesterday’s speech so it was just another stage show. And the guy gets to plead innocent in our court. It just keeps getting worse every day with this President


  22. melsgo

    Yes, the beach here is gorgeous – come visit! Green jobs to sell stuff nobody wants or can afford, all based on the fraud of global warming. The job numbers were awful and just wait until all the seasonal people get laid off.


  23. bellalu0

    UPS has already laid off a bunch of people.

    Just before Christmas they were bragging about how many they were hiring.

    You know, I was just thinking, the senate spent more time working weekends and working late nights and working Christmas Eve trying to push that damm HC bill and I don’t know of one minute they have worked overtime to address SECURITY.

    And we find out the head guy Michael Leiter was on a ski vacation – and the WH is defending him because the BIGGER story is that Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Nancy Pelosi were ALSO on vacation.

    We’re on our own here people.


  24. Ginger

    Mel, your avatar looks good. I don’t have a photo anymore because I cancelled American Ruby. I’ll have to open a new account.. at least for a picture and maybe some writing but I have a hard time keeping up with a blog.

    Have you all ever heard of The Right Perspective radio show? It only comes on Friday nights as far as my understanding, but they do replays on talkstreamlive and also you can listen to archives. It is basically broadcast via shortwav, but has been picked up on the internet. I think it’s also sometimes called the Frank and John Show…they are local-from Queens and Staten Island. I’m getting kind of hooked on it..a couple of older guys, who have those new york accents and tell it like it is…they remind me of a couple of guys from a black and white gangster movie sitting in the back room of a nightclub, venting about the times..ha.. I totally envision them in black and white.. ha

    Check out The Right Perspective in yahoo search.

    It was 5 degrees here last night!


  25. Ginger

    Bella, you are right.. we are on our own…this is a true test of the strength of the American people and who is really in charge — them or US.


  26. bellalu0

    Ginger, I’m thinking this weather may just be a little message from above addressing this so-called “man made” global warming. 🙂

    I never heard the program you’re talking about but I’ll have to see if I can find it. I have never gotten into the radio all that much but the tv news programming is so bad I have been looking for an alternative.


  27. Ginger

    Bella, I’m an official radio talkshow addict now!

    My favorites at present are

    Mark Levin
    Tammy Bruce
    Laura Ingraham
    Sean Hannity
    and now The Right Perspective…

    I listen to Savage sometimes and also Monical Crowley…my head is spinning.. ha

    There is a black conservative radio host…Jesse Lee Peterson..who is interesting…he’s not really a great speaker but he has lots of common sense. He is also a minister. He has been on Hannity before. He has a show out of California and I started listening to him after he had subbed for John Ziegler (whose show is dufunct now..Ziegler did the pro-Palin documentary.


  28. bellalu0

    Good thing Harry is not trying to buy a football team.


  29. Is Boston Up for another Tea Party?


    I think Scott Brown has a chance, if he wins it won’t be because of RNC backing.


  30. Blago: I’m Blacker Than Obama


    I have really missed Blago nice to see him surfacing in the news…..


  31. bellalu0

    It’s so funny to watch the democrats defending him. Now, if he were a radio talk show host instead of the Head Democrat Senator, Al Sharpton would be out demostrating with his merry little band of paid protesters demanding he be fired.


  32. Ms. M

    i maybe mistakened but listening to an interview (Sirius) with Steele, he maintains his position is that the GOP (my terminology) is in TROUBLE because of RINO’s & that the Republican party has got to get closer to the teaparty movement instead of the teaparty movement getting closer to the republican party & I also heard (another broadcast) that Steele is not the man for the job….imHO, Steele is getting it & those who want sh*t to stay just the way it is aren’t……anybody want to weigh in? As well, another broadcast was bashing my hero RON PAUL for calling our foreign policy what it is……we are occupiers,……… British Empire, well the sun doesn’t set on it more does it? I have stated it before & I will say it again…..inHO the GOP has an opportunity on a platium platter, the old guard really seems to be content with biz as usual…………they need to GO(P)…………………


  33. This is interesting because they say a lot of the Democrats who have choosen to retire and not run for re election in November based their decisions primarily on their inability to raise money for their campaigns. It doesn’t look like Scott Brown is having the same problem. This was posted on Hot Air comment.

    OT: Scott Brown’s MoneyBomb Monday so far as raised $430,713.17.

    NOW is the time to DONATE if you have the means!


  34. Imus hasn’t been playing Levin Rants lately for all who are experiencing Levin Rant Withdrawls like Me:)


  35. Let’s First Start With This A Hole Called Steve Schmidt LMAO.


  36. bellalu0

    Why do these people who are smart enough to run the country are dumb enough to pay money for Schmidt and his kind to give them advice.

    If the GOP does not take this opportunity and let Steele lead, they are going to squander the best opportunity of the century. It is amazing to me how blinded they can be. I don’t think many if any in Washington understand what the tea party is all about and how strong it is. I almost think the democrats get it more than the republicans because they have not stopped running it down along with Palin since the beginning.

    I agree with Steele. And Mark Levin, too. How much more disasterous could it be than the McCain campaign.


  37. Bella

    I have been thinking of a Steele post al la Maureen Dowd’s Obama is like Spock…so than does that mean Michael Steele is like a Major Payne?

    Oh And Look What Brown Can Do.



  38. Maureen Dowd always telling us how much President Obama is like Spock…uh huh Spock was the result of an inter species marriage
    and he was an Alien to planet earth he was born on Vulcan to a human mother…..just saying why does Maureen think making these comparisons are helpful? I mean is she calling Obama a Space Cadet Or Better Still A Brother From Another PlanetLOL!

    How Would A Spock Vs Major Payne match up turn out? Major Payne on Empowerment is Micheal Steele a real Major Payne to the Progressives and the RINOS?


  39. Obama and Spock both do have Big Ears…


  40. Ms. M

    so does geitner………LOL LOL LOL, you’d think those big ears could hear what those they alledgedly represent want………….LOL LOL LOL


  41. Melsgo

    I am beyond excited about Brown in Massachusetts…it would be a miracle but we did elected Mitt Romney so there’s reason to be hopeful. I’ve been emailing my friends in Boston and ALL are pumped to vote for Brown, are all very engaged.

    Still hating the cold weather….God’s way of telling us Global Warming is a fraud…imo.


  42. MsM. Mel,

    The Republicans seem to be handicapping themselves, when it would take so little effort on their part to support their Candidates, who actually have a chance at winning. What do the Republicans really want? RINO water carriers?


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