Time to stop blaming Bush, maybe we could get him back

This administration has from day one done nothing but cast blame on George Bush and the Bush Administration for any and everything that is going wrong.

Now even as late as yesterday, one full year into the Obama Administration, President Obama comes out and says there is a failure in the system “that has been in place now for years.”  He should have already changed it then.  He also said, “the information was not effectively dissiminated in order to get him on a no fly list.”  Well, I do believe Bush is in Texas, long since having returned to civilian life, so I don’t think he had anything to do with that.

Bush is like the phantom “Marsha” who comes in and messes up everything overnight.

Of course, Janet came out and said the “system worked” and we should be proud, but as soon as it became clear that many warnings were ignored, dots were not connected, balls were dropped, the system suddenly became somebody elses fault.   But I have to say that if he keeps working at it, he may become more and more like George Bush, which could only be a massive improvement.

When planes hit the buildings on 9/11 nobody had even conceived in their wildest imagination that this could happen, but now that we know how intent on killing us these people are, there is no excuse for the lax treatment of the issue this administration is giving it.

And even after the Ft. Hood massacre, Obama says we don’t want to jump to conclusions.  Jump to conclusions?  How much does it take for him to recognize reality.

It’s time Barack Obama stopped acting like a child saying “he did it first, it’s all his fault,” the type manipulation any decent parent would not allow their children to engage in.  But then maybe that’s all he’s got.

He’s had plenty of time to change anything he thought was wrong with the system, but in fact the only change he has made is to weaken not strengthen defenses George Bush had in place.  And even the best of systems require use of the system, adding information and up-dating it daily.  He is trying to release terrorists, not stop them.  He is still calling it a “lone extremist” and I am sure we are the laughing stock of al Qaida.  And he wants to bring terrorists to New York City to try them as common criminals, giving them constitutional rights that should be for U. S. citizens, not the enemies of our country and our constitution.

And what do we do?  The first thing done is this panty bomber gets assigned a lawyer who shuts him up.  So instead of trying to get him to talk and tell us if there are other planes in the sky ready to blow up, or trying to thwart any other plans in progress, we start giving him pain medication and planning his skin grafts.

Obama has been all over the world bowing and kowtowing to kings and princes instead of taking care of his number one responsibility, the safety of the American people. But then he considers about half of us to be bigger enemies than the terrorists.  Got to watch all these ex-military and tea party protesters, they may become radical or something.

And he can’t even be bothered to come off the golf course, just as he thought it was more important to give a “shout out” before he addressed the Ft. Hood killings, treating it almost as an afterthought.  No hearings on that yet.

And he still has about four more days in Hawaii.  And to top that off, the vice president is also off shore in the Virgin Islands.  You would almost think they are getting off the mainland in case the whole thing blows up.

How does it make you feel to know that the president and the vice president have both left the land mass known as the United States of America and are on tropical islands somewhere during what could be an attack or threat to the country?  Doesn’t make me feel too safe.  I would say it doesn’t matter, they can just stay where they are forever, but then that would mean that Nancy Pelosi would be in charge.  Think about it.  Our lives are in the hands of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and in the alternative, Nancy Pelosi.

God help us.  Could we just get a recount?  Maybe we could get lucky and John McCain won after all.

UPDATE: Believe it or not, Nancy Pelosi is also in Hawaii.. Can’t make it up.



Posted:  12.30.09 Update:  12/31/09


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10 responses to “Time to stop blaming Bush, maybe we could get him back

  1. Andy

    Yeah I want Shrub back like a pus-filled scabies rash.

    Remember 911? Shrub’s watch. Mission Accomplished!

    Hope President Obama has a great rest in Hawaii. He most certainly deserves it!


  2. redridinghood

    Saul Alinsky’s, “Rules for Radicals” should be required reading for everyone. I find it comical that so many people don’t realize how much their minds have been manipulated. The agenda was to smear Bush for years and now hide every story that makes Obama look bad. Ask the Bush bashers if they think that the MSM leans left and is bias and they will tell you YES. Then ask them why do they hate Bush?
    Most don’t even know why they hate him, they just do. Then tell them to connect the dots. Manipulated Propaganda.


  3. There has been a lot of brain washing BUT the Bush administration didn’t do a lot of push back. I think George W Bush predicted the political backlash building against the progressives, who are using the Democrats BRAND “Inducing BDS is after all a marketers deception”. I think Bush sacrificed McCain/Palin to cause a huge conservative backlash – a populist wave is moving across this country, and there is nothing Progressive aka Socialist about it.


  4. bellalu0

    Bush never lowered himself to answer the criticsm because I think he just believed in the freedom of speech. He made a lot of mistakes, but I certainly felt safer under his administration.

    Somewhere in there, the media bacame a mouthpiece for the other side and they played the ridicule card and the race card and did some major manipulation before most caught onto what they were doing. I have said before that it was the Imus situation that made me open my eyes. I was naive enough to think what I heard on the news was true facts. Since then, you can just about count on the truth being the exact opposite of what is pushed by the MSM.

    I really think their day is done though because too many people now know the game they’re playing. I have never before seen such an onslaught against middle Americans as I have seen this summer. It was not smart and it will in the long run be the death of the liberal stronghold.

    Did you see where Wikipedia had already reported Rush had died?


  5. Bella

    I read about it on other blogs about Rush and Wikipedia, what is wrong with some people, it’s like they don’t have a “Shame” gene. My daughter always tells me, everything goes back to low self esteem fix that and people behave better.


  6. bellalu0


    I am glad he is doing okay. I read he was engaged which I did not know. So I really hope he gets better and is happy.


  7. Mel

    Happy New Year, I guess…kind of depressed already about the state of our country! It is a good year to die as the death tax is on hiatis temporarily!


  8. bellalu0

    Happy New Year, Mel. Good to see you. 2010 has to be better than 2009, which was a doozy, topped off by the panty bomber. I have been wondering if the plane had exploded, if we would ever have known what caused it.


  9. bellalu0

    I am reminded of this plane that exploded in mid air. This could have been a bomb.



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