Keith Olbermann: “Jail me if you must”

Well, Lord have mercy.

Keith Olbermann threatens civil disobedience in light of “federally-mandated insurance.” “Fine me if you will.  Jail me if you must.” Has he joined the Tea Party movement?

From his program last night:

KEITH OLBERMANN: Health care reform that benefits the industry at the cost of the people is intolerable and there are no moral constructs in which it can be supported. And if still the bill, and this heinous mandate become law, there is yet further reaction required. I call on all those whose conscience urges them to fight to use the only weapon that will left to us if this bill as currently constituted becomes law. We must not buy federally-mandated insurance, if this cheesy counterfeit of reform is all we can buy. No single payer? No sale. No public option? No sale. No Medicare buy-in? No sale.

I am one of the self-insured, albeit by choice. And I hereby pledge that I will not buy this perversion of health-care reform. Pass this at your peril, senators. And sign it at yours, Mr. President. I will not buy this insurance. Brand me a law-breaker if you choose. Fine me if you will. Jail me if you must.

This is getting good.  🙂

Posted:  12.17.09


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15 responses to “Keith Olbermann: “Jail me if you must”

  1. Ginger

    I’m starting to feel really creepy when I’m somewhat agreeing with Keith Olberman… LOL..

    Well, the only thing good I can see about passing this mess they have now is that maybe Keith WILL go to jail …willingly.. haha

    Can’t Ben Nelson see the handwriting on the wall? His goose is cooked if he votes for this. The left and right are becoming allies.

    Harry Reid is absolutely delusional. So is Al Gore…now Al Gore, he is one that is disintegrating before our very eyes.


  2. Mel

    Al Franken being a Senator is proof our system is corrupt and flawed. How can that creep be in the Senate? What is the matter w/ people electing him?!

    It is funny to see the rabid marxists HATING Lieberman – they’re unhinged and some are starting to see their Messiah is made of cardboard! Watching Obama get off the plane to the freezing weather/snow was priceless! I’m feeling pretty good about 2010.


  3. Ginger

    Copenhagen has melted!!

    Poor obama baby!


  4. Mel

    I am so sick of these frauds telling me Global Warming is fact – there are no facts. The so-called facts they used were made up! It’s all about money in the end except for the complete nutjobs who would follow Obama off a cliff. Obama could be blind and drunk leading them the wrong way on a highway at rush hour and they’d follow. I will never understand liberal thinking.

    They’re going to do the vote on healthcare on Christmas Eve, a bill nobody has seen but Harry. Yes, Ginger, that would be a great present if it doesn’t get passed….but I bet it does. The Dems are all corrupt in the end…hope I’m proven wrong.


  5. bellalu0

    I heard that if Ben Nelson votes no, then they will have to find a republican to vote yes. I wonder who wants to end their career in the senate.


  6. Mel

    The left is hating the healthcare bill – latest poll has 67% against it, would rather do nothing and Obama and Reid keep pushing, threatening and bribing votes. What Americans want are JOBS!

    And good grief, this climate conference was a farce! A 3-ring circus. Has Obama not read the emails from the whistleblower about how the liberal scientists fudged the global warming study?


  7. bellalu0

    “”More and more of Obama’s staunchest supporters, the same people who turned a blind eye to Obama’s deep character flaws, lack of experience, and brazen political dishonesty and deceit, are now complaining that he’s not what they thought he was, that this isnt change they can believe in. But it never was in the first place. It was clear to anyone who was paying attention, that “change you can believe in” was nothing but a slogan. Because he never did say what kind of change he had in mind.And if you asked a supporter they couldnt tell you either.

    Ed Schultz, Arianna Huffington, the people at The Nation, Matt Taibbi at Rolling Stone, and Michael Moore are just a few of Obama flag wavers now wavering in their support and scratching their heads saying “what happened”?””

    This is pretty funny.


  8. Mel

    hehehe…would be hysterical if the country wasn’t going down in flames! See where Iran took over an Iraqi oil field? What will the college professor do?


  9. bellalu0

    Take a look at this: Dean being called insane by Axelrod and irrational by Gibbs.


  10. Ms. M

    well one thing is for sure, alot of in house fighting underneath that “big tent”……….I always wondered how someone from nowhere blew the clinton machine out of the water….will party mean more than personal ambition? LOL LOL LOL



  11. bellalu0

    Well, so much for Ben Nelson.

    I had held out hope that there would be one in 60 who would actually listen to the people.

    61 percent of the American people do not want this bill passed. Where is our representative government? It’s a dark day when they thumb their noses at that many citizens.

    I think the democrat party is dead.


  12. Ms. M

    well Bella, I heard that word again, yesterday…can’t remember who but a Republican who stated if this bill gets passed, much of it will be REPEALED…..VIGILENCE REQUIRED COME 2010!

    We need to send to office, those persons who represent US & whose platform will be not about passing law but REPEALING LAW………….esp law that is NOT REPRESENTATIVE of a CLEAR MAJORITY which is the definition of democracy, majority rule……………………………

    chickens coming home to roost LOL LOL LOL


  13. Mel

    Just read how Ben Nelson was bribed for his vote. I am so disgusted but not surprised. These people should be in jail.


  14. bellalu0

    It is just too disgusting to talk about how it comes down to one person and how they are up there passing out money and favors as if the money is theirs to waste. They really should be in jail, especially Harry Reid.

    He needs to be evaluated.


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