Sarah Palin puts William Shatner in his place (Funny)

Sarah Palin turns the tables on William Shatner last night.

Love it!!

See pictures on her Facebook page.

Quality video here.

Posted:  12.12.09


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3 responses to “Sarah Palin puts William Shatner in his place (Funny)

  1. sandysays1

    As wild Bill walked off, did I hear a faint whisper? “Beam me up Scotty!”


  2. bellalu0

    POTUS: “Getting that first big kid, 10-speed bike – that’s always special,” Pres. Barack Obama said of his favorite Christmas gift from his childhood. “I remember that one.”

    “FLOTUS said hers was a metal dollhouse with plastic furniture: “I remember I really didn’t know how to set up a house so I had all the furniture lined up along the walls as opposed to nestled around the fireplace,” she said. “But I loved that little doll house.”

    “She also admitted to having had an Easy Bake Oven.”

    And Bo gets a stocking. However, there is some debate on whether or not the girls get any presents for Christmas. He once said they didn’t, to teach them some limits.

    All as related at the WHITE HOUSE to Queen Oprah.

    Don’t worry about a thing. We have a genius at the helm and all is well with the world.


  3. Hold on they get each other gifts but not their kids? That’s the oddest thing I ever heard. So the kids are taught not to celebrate Christmas? Do they go to church for Christmas? I mean if they are trying to teach them non materialistic giving at Christmas why do they give each other gifts?

    I enjoy Christmas because of the kids if it weren’t for them I don’t know that I would be so involved in the holiday traditions. I enjoy them enjoying the Christmas Season.


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