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Mysterious spiral of light preceeds Obama to Norway

Obama Poster in Olso, Norway.
Obama Poster in Oslo, Norway.

A mysterious spiral of light has appeared in northern Norway one day before President Obama arrives to give his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech in Oslo. The spiral has baffled experts who do not believe it is related to the Aurora Borealis. Speculation that it is a rocket launched by the Russian Northern Fleet has been denied by Russian authorities. Similarly the Norwegian military has claimed no knowledge of any rocket launches in the area. There has been speculation that it may be some exotic weapon system, the opening of a space-time portal, or even UFO activity. Obama’s arrival in Norway on December 10 to give his acceptance speech only adds to the mysterious appearance of the lights. Is it a pure coincidence or is it in some way related to Obama’s upcoming speech?

“We saw his star in the east and have come to worship him.”  🙂

Mystery solved?

(Just somehow reminded me of the scene below)

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Obama defends himself as he accepts peace prize

It’s just impossible to express how embarrassing this speech is.  I couldn’t listen to much of it actually, but as I am looking over the transcript, I see that it is extremely long, way too long, and the main theme seems to be the president trying the justify how the anti-war candidate has become the war president – and as he puts it, it is a “profound issue.”

I wonder if the committee has regrets as to their choice.  Not too much applause in that crowd of stone faces.  Quite a contrast to the cheering masses he is used to.

I don’t think he had any choice but to send more troops to Afghanistan, and I agree that he should have, but he would have been wise to give a very short speech, accept the award on behalf of the United States, and come on home,  instead of going all the way back to the first man on earth.  Don’t laugh, he really did.

Quote:  “”These questions are not new. War, in one form or another, appeared with the first man””

And he has yet to make a speech without pointing out our mistakes, and this one was no exception.  He is right.  We have made mistakes as a country, and our biggest mistake thus far is electing him as president.

See all 4200 words.

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