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Rachel is spinning Harry Reid’s comment by not mentioning it – makes me DiZzy

Round and Round like a top.

Just disregard the “hot” part in this vid. I’m talkin bout the Abracadabra part.

I clicked on the Rachel Maddow show last night just in time to see this segment she did on race.  This is a perfect example of twisting a story and actually in my opinion it is just dishonest.

(Most everyone has MSNBC blocked so for those who don’t watch, this may be interesting.)

The real story, of course, was the fact that Harry Reid played the race card big time on the floor of the Senate when he compared opposing or questioning this monstrosity of a healthcare bill he is pushing to somehow supporting slavery. More Here.

It is and was a ridiculous comparison to make to somehow put slavery on the same level as insurance reform to begin with.  One may not believe it if not for a video documenting it.

Apparently the GOP, or somebody, has put out an ad sort of making fun of his statements, which I think should be made light of,  which has folks saying they just must be a racist because they oppose the healthcare bill.

Reminds me of a Jeff Foxworthy joke.  “If you don’t love insurance reform, you just might be a racist.”

It has long been a joke now that every time anyone opposes anything this administration does, if all else fails, reach down real deep and bring out the race card.  It’s an old and tired tactic/antic.

But Rachel takes it to the ultimate in this segment on race and did not even MENTION the fact that it was Harry Reid’s racist statement that percipitated the response ad.  This was a crucial part of the story and it makes no sense to leave it out, except that is if you want to get attention off the absurdity of the Democrat Senator from Nevada, who has a 37 percent approval rating in his own state right now.

I put up the statement first and then the Maddow segement second – oh, the drama.  Spartacus?

These people have no bottom.  There’s nothing left to do but laugh.

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