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Lou Dobbs for president?

Could be that Lou Dobbs is considering a run for president in 2012?  He hinted as much in an interview over the weekend.

It’s one of the discussions that we’re having,” Dobbs said to one of the anchors of WTOP radio. “For the first time, I’m actually listening to some people about politics.”

“We’ve got to do something in this country and I think that being in the public arena means you’ve got to be part of the solution.”


He has posted this statement on his website:

“More Independent Than Ever

The world’s first all-news television network is now a much loved part of my past, and it seems like just yesterday that CNN was only one of Ted Turner’s mad dreams.

I’m fortunate enough to be one of the band of renegade journalists who helped build and make Ted’s dream a reality almost 30 years ago. Since then the world and this country has changed mightily, so has television news, and so have I.”

Today on the Radio:

Joining Lou in the Independent Nation on Tuesday will be ANN COULTER. The syndicated columnist and New York Times bestselling author will weigh in on the decision to bring Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to New York City for trial and the latest on the nation’s health care debate.

Web-based terrorist hunter and former Montana judge SHANNEN ROSSMILLER will discuss the missed opportunities in the Fort Hood case as well as her own special brand of “cyber-counterintelligence.”

And MICHAEL TANNER, senior fellow at the Cato Institute, will talk about ObamaCare and how so-called “moderate” Senate Democrats like Ben Nelson, Mary Landrieu and Blanche Lincoln sold out for pork and party.

As always, Lou will take your calls to discuss the issues that matter most-and get your thoughts on where America is headed. Call him toll-free on the Independent Hotline at 877-55 DOBBS.

Posted:  11.24.09


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