Casey Anthony defense shifts suspicion to meter reader

Roy Kronk is shown here making a statement back in December of 2008 after he found the body of Caylee Anthony.

On Thursday, November 19, 2009, the defense attorneys for Casey Anthony questioned Kronk in a deposition held at the State Attorney’s Office in Orlando behind closed doors.  See the story in the Orlando Sentinel.

The defense and their investigators have also interviewed two of Kronk’s ex-wives and his son.  His ex-wives are not making him sound too good, but then I guess that’s how ex-wives can be.  The interesting part to me is that his son said Kronk called him before Thanksgiving telling him he had found the child’s body and to watch, he was going to be on tv.  It was not until December 11 or so that the body was actual found, but then he had called the police previously and did not get proper response.  As I remember though he had been out to that site at least four times.

Transcripts of interviews with Kronk’s two ex-wives, son, and a longtime live-in girlfriend’s daughter depict the former meter reader as an untrustworthy man willing to resort to violence. No police reports or other supporting documentation were provided.

Ex-wives Jill Kerley and Crystal Sparks said Kronk physically attacked them. Sparks said she called police, but could not remember if she sought a restraining order. Kerley said he used duct tape to hold her against her will.

Both ex-wives said Kronk tells tall tales.

“I don’t think he would know the truth if it hit him upside the head,” said Kerley, who was briefly married to Kronk in the early 1990s.

Kronk’s son Brandon Sparks said his father told him before Thanksgiving 2008 that he found Caylee Anthony‘s body and would be on television. Brandon Sparks shared the news with his wife.

“We both didn’t pay any mind, though. We both thought it was far-fetched,” Sparks said.

Casey Anthony, 23, is charged with first-degree murder in the death of daughter Caylee. The toddler was reported missing in July 2008.

I have thought there is something just not adding up about this guy from the moment I found out he had been out there to the spot so many times.  Plus because it’s odd that he was the only person able to find the body even though the area had already been searched by amateur and professional searchers.  That’s just my opinion, of course, but it is not surprising that the defense is now seizing on the opportunity to cast suspicion on him, because he is suspicious.

See another article and video of an ex-wife’s statement Here.

For some background on Roy Kronk, see previous post here and here.

Posted:  11.22.09


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4 responses to “Casey Anthony defense shifts suspicion to meter reader

  1. Hilde

    We all have our own Opinion in this Case. Mine is, I am thankful Mr.Kronk found Caylee’s Remains.
    Any One who has been following this Case from the Beginning would know All the Evidence is pointing straight to the Person sitting in Jail for over a Year now, charged with the Murder of her own Daughter.
    It doesn’t matter what will be dug up in Roy Kronk’s Past, it has nothing to do with Caylee’s Death or his Involvement in her Death.
    It is a desperate Attempt from Casey’s Defense Team to establish reasonable Doubt by pointing the Finger at some one else.
    Mr. Kronk doesn’t deserve this, I don’t care if his Personality doesn’t suit Every One, this is going too far.
    The State will present All the Evidence at Trial and
    Caylee’s Voice will be heard loud and clear!
    There will be Justice for Caylee in the End.


  2. It’s because of people like you that cause other people to look away and not get involved. I realize you are entitled to your own opinions as am I, however, if it wasn’t for Roy Kronk that little girls body would still be thrown away like she was trash. God knows her own family didn’t search for her body because she was still alive according to their theories. Those people know exactly what Casey is and they know exactly what she is capable of. They don’t want to see her go down. Don”t you realize when Casey is found guilty it also puts them in a bad light showing their failure as parents. Instead of getting Casey help early on they just chose to keep making excuses for her behavior. Hence, here we are today, a beautiful little girl has been murdered and her mother is going to spend the rest of her life in jail.


  3. Laci St. John

    Casey Anthony should know by now that NO ONE believes her Zanny the Nanny story. Since she is going to lie …. anyway….why not tell a more convincing lie that will save her life? Such as: she and her mother got into violent fight, she leaves with where to go…calls boyfriend who said she could go over but not Caleigh…she had been using chloroform to “babysit” Caleigh while she partied…so decided to inject Caleigh, placed duct tape over mouth in case she woke up, placed her in trunk for the night. Sometime in the early, early morning, she sneaked out of boyfriend’s apartment to go check on daughter..found her not breathing…panicked…starting concocting story. She knew her mother would be livid over her gross child neglect. The next few days were frantic…trying to come up with believable story that her mother would accept. She borrows shovel from neighbor to go bury her daughter…had problems carrying this through. She remembers empty lot where she buried her pets as child. She drew heart on duct tape like she did for her pets. She sealed body in bags. While family asleep during the night, she goes and dumps daugthers body, figuring the water in the area would cover it and it would be well decomposed and unidentifiable by the time discovered. Then she made up the Zanny the Nanny story thinking this would be convincing enough for her mother……Wouldn’t that scenario be more believable….such a confession from Casey Anthony would spare her the death penalty…get her back into “the good life” in a few years, and warrant her mother’s forgiveness.


  4. When they found the car, WHY weren’t cadaver dogs used????

    Why weren’t they used during the hunt for that baby?

    DNA doesn’t go away. There would be some of the Mother’s DNA on some of that material.

    I believe the Mother WAS involved. NO ONE goes without reporting a missing two year old without good (illegal) reason.


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