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Huge rating for O’Reilly/Sarah Palin interview


NOV. 19, 2009



FOXNEWS BECK 2,730,000



FOXNEWS SHEP 2,078,000


CNNHN GRACE 1,018,000

CNN KING 980,000



CNN COOPER 585,000

Nielsen TV Ratings Data: ©2009 The Nielsen Company/From Drudge Report

The viewers are speaking.

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Sarah Palin is driving the liberal media into a frenzy

Enough already

Stop the Abuse

I opened my compuer this morning to a prominent article on YAHOO about Fox News somehow airing crowds of Sarah Palin fans that were not necessarily from the book tour, but from some previous meetings during the campaign.  The headline read “Fox News Again Accused of Misleading Video.”

Well, I have absolutely no way of knowing if this was done intentionally to mislead or if it was a mistake made by someone in the lower ranks who maybe was just in error.  I do know that Hannity was man enough to apologize for one such instance.

Then along at the very end of the piece, the author, Brett Dykes, said this:

Barely a week into Palin’s blitz to promote “Going Rogue,” media coverage is becoming its own story. Fox News rival MSNBC caught heat last week for using altered images of Sarah Palin on the air, for which they later apologized. On Wednesday, Yahoo! News reported Newsweek’s defense of their latest controversial cover, which Palin herself blasted as “sexist.”

If – and I’m saying if – Fox News deliberately used the wrong footage, which I am not at all convinced of, it is nowhere close to being as agregious as the obviously deliberate acts of altering images by using photoshop and actually stealing a cover from a sports magazine to place on the cover of Newsweek.  Both of these blatantly meant to demean and sexualize.  There’s malice shown here that seems to be typical of the liberal media coverage of this woman.  Also, AP has dispatched 11 reporters to “fact check” her book.  Eleven people to fact check a book which she has every right to write, just as almost every other public figure has.  Has anybody done a fact check on, say, Barack Obama’s books?  Hardly.

I, for one, have had it with the extremely negative media coverage that has been leveled at Sarah Palin.  One reason is, that it seems to be entirely acceptable to bash her as a woman, and treating her in ways that would never ever be done to a man.  It is setting women’s rights back – no, I don’t think the treatment of women has ever been to this degree of disrespect.

So as a woman, I am protesting this treatment.  And, no, not any woman has been so brutalized before.  Not one.

And as far as being smart?  I am positive she is smart enough not to order a terrorist trial in the middle of Manhattan.  I am positive she is too smart to be afraid to label Major Hasan a terrorist or at the very least a traitor.

It is decidedly dumb to make a statement like Chris Matthews made in defense of Major Hasan, to quote, “Well, it’s not against the law to call al qaeda, is it?”  Now, that folks is dumb.  Yeah, it surely might be againt the law for a Major in the United States Army to be communicating with al qaeda.

But I am positive that Sarah Palin is smart enough not to push a health care overhaul that all the polls show the American people do not want.  I am positive that she would be smart enough to use the natural resources we have in this country rather than continuing to buy from our enemies.  I know she would be smart enough to make a decision on Afghanistan and not leave our troops there hanging out to dry, because she would be smart enough to listen to the recommendations of the general she chose and put in charge there and send more troops.  And I am sure without a doubt that she would be too smart to bow down to kings and emperors. I know she would be smart enough to uphold the dignity and sovereignty of the United States of America.

Posted:  11.20.09

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